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Conserving Energy

By Becca, Sasha C. and Avani

The Problem

The school district is having a money crisis

and would like to cut back on daily
expenses. Your class has been ask to
propose ways the school could save money
on energy costs. What would be some
reasonable suggestions?
How Much Money is Being
Spent on Energy?
Lighting the school uses the most energy, 26%. Cooking uses the
least amount of energy, 2%. Heating uses 14% and is surprisingly more
than cooling,13%. Office equipment is 6% but computers are only 3%.
Refrigeration uses more energy than cooking.

In 1953 the greatest amount of money has been spent on energy.

The size of the school is 340,797 feet long and 1,566 students. The
electrical usage is 4,249,920 and 287,400 natural gas usage. The
energy cost is 400,034. In 1991 the least of money has been spent on
energy. The size of the school is 27,275 and 330 students. The
electrical usage is 368,800 and 35,017 natural gas usage. The energy
cost is 46,681.

The benefits of renewable energy use is little to no global warming

emissions. Also it will improve public health and environmental quality.
Next a vast and inexhaustible energy supply. Third jobs and other
economic benefits. Fourth there will be stable energy prices. Last a
more reliable and resilient energy system.
What can we do to
conserve energy?
The biggest energy wasters involve losing hot and cold air through windows,
doors and openings. Placing air right seals around doors and windows and
plugging in cracks or unused opening will help alleviate these energy wasting

Making the switch to energy efficient light bulbs reduces by energy

consumption by about 75%. These bulbs can have a usable life that is up to
10 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

So often, energy is wasted by powering rooms or areas that are not being
used. We could turn of anything that uses energy after were done using it
and we could use things that use energy less often.

Adjusting the thermostat by only a couple of degrees can make tremendous

impact on energy consumption when you are attempting to heat of cool an
entire school. Try turning the thermostat down two degrees in the winter and
two degrees up in warmer months. Using a fan could also help.
Energy Conservation
Efforts by Sample Schools
Where are we getting our

Solar energy is an energy that is present in

the sunlight. Solar energy is used for
electricity, heating, and cooking. Also
electricity is used for generating electricity
with solar cells or heating engines, and to take
salt away from sea water. Plants convert
energy from the sun into chemical energy.
Our letter

Dear Principal,
We should conserve energy because it is not
in our school budget. Our plan to save energy
is to turn the temperature down during
evenings and weekends. Also, turn off lights
during the evenings and weekends. Another
idea is to turn of cooking supplies and
computers. That is our plan.

Becca, Sasha C., and Avani