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The Golden Peacock National

Quality Award
Instituted byInstitute of Directorsin 1991, now regarded as a
benchmark of Corporate Excellence worldwide.

Total Quality improvements in manufacturing and service

organizations in India

Stimulates and helps organizations to rapidly accelerate the pace

of consumer-oriented improvement process. Public and private
All sectors of industry and commerce
Government and Semi-Government departments
Trade and professional associations
Educational, Service and Research Establishments
The Golden Peacock National Quality Award would be given
separately for manufacturing and service sector organisations,
under the following categories:

Normal Categories
Large Enterprises (LE) - 251 and above Employees
Medium Enterprises (ME) - 51 to 250 Employees
Small Enterprises (SE) - up to 50 employees

Special Categories
Education, Training, Research and development, Testing &
Service Sector covering Tourism, Transport, Couriers, Hotels &
Hospitality, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Professional
consultancies, Financial Institutions.
Government Organisations, Undertakings & Services.

Private and public sector operating in India may participate in the

Golden Peacock national quality award.

The decisive factor for eligibility is that the operations of the

applicant must reasonably correspond to all the Award criteria

The operations of the applicant must be carried out independently

This must be documented, for example, in the annual report,

organisation plan or equivalent.
Rules & Regulations
Awards Council reserves the right to alter the Award Scheme
Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process
GPA Framework:
designed to help explore organizational beliefs and strategy
Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process
designed as a guide for management system excellence through self-assessment and ext
Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process

Evaluation Team comprises experienced, managers and specialists

Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process

Evaluation process recognizes a variety of conditions under which an organization

Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process
Site Visit:

These are organized to verify that written submission truly reflects organizations s
Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process

In case of well contested important awards, the jury may only short list the finalists
Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process
Feed Back Report:

At the conclusion of the evaluation process, a written report incorporating the eval
Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process
Presentation of Awards:

The presentation of awards is normally held during national and international confe
How companies are accessed

The Golden Peacock Award
Benefits to the Organization

Build their Brand Equity

Award winners can use the Golden Peacock Award logo for one
year on all their corporate stationery which evidences to all its
customers and suppliers the highest accolade claimed by the
Company and personal recognition worldwide
Preparation helps to inspire and align the entire workforce and
rapidly accelerates the pace of their improvement. Even if they
don't win the award, the feedback from the self-assessment gives
a key input to strategic planning process and puts on way to
achieving world-class status.
Identifies critical process that need improvement
Identifies organization that excels in the process
Develop benchmarking, best practice
Provide guidance
Stimulate companies to improve quality and productivity
Institutional Award Winners
Designed to increase
awareness throughout the
European community and
businesses, of growing
importance to their
competitiveness in global
2 types
European quality prize
This distinction is awarded annually by the European foundation
for Quality managementto the organization that is the best
proponent in Europe of Total quality management

In India, This award is better known as CII-Exim award and is

managed by CII TQM Division (CII Institute of Quality ) with Head
office at Bengaluru.

Many things are common between Malcolm Baldrige award and

the CII award.

Both are having the scores from 0-1000. Roughly the score is split
50% for enablers or processes and 50% for results. Many criteria
are similar like Leadership, strategic planning etc.
Award Winners
Few awards.

The first EFQM Excellence Award ceremony took place in Madrid in

1992, in the presence of the King of Spain. Since then, a wide
range of organizations measured their progress on their journey
towards Excellence, aiming at the highest level by applying to the
EFQM Excellence Award.

City of Glasgow College Prize Winner in Sustaining

United Kingdom
Outstanding Results
GC Europe Prize Winner in
Leading with Vision,
Inspiration and
Coca-Cola Iceek
Turkey Finalist
Supply Chain
Bosch Security Finalist
Systems, S.A

Demonstrate that their tqm

approach has contributed
significantly in satisfying
the expectations of
customers and employees
Assessm Based on customer
ent satisfaction ,business
results, processes,
leadership, people
satisfaction , resources,
people management, policy
and strategy and impact on
European Quality Award Business
Excellence Model

The EFQM Excellence Model is the most popular

quality tool in Europe, used by more than 30 000
organizations to improve performance.