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Melissa Bain
Edu 201
1635 First Latin Grammar School is established in MA

1635 First free school in VA but most southerners are homeschooled by

parents or tutors

1636 Harvard College is the first higher education institution in the US

1779 Thomas Jefferson proposes two-track educational system
the laboring and the learned
1790 Free education for poor children
rich people will pay
for their childrens
1820 First public high school opens

1829 MA passes a law that makes public schools free to all children

1857 The National Teachers Association is founded in PA

1867 The Department of Education is founded

1909 First Junior High School Opens
in the US
1919 All states have laws providing funds for transporting children to
1954 Segregated schools are abolished

1975 Education for all Handicapped Children Act becomes law

2001 No Child Left Behind Act is signed into law

2003 The Higher Education Act is amended making it easier for low and
middle class students to receive funds

2009 Common Core State Standards are launched

2010 Many teachers are laid off due to
recession and there are many budget cuts
2011 President Obama makes changes to the
No Child Left Behind Act to make it more
2014 President Obama signs the 1.1-
trillion dollar budget bill helping to
restore some of the education budget
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