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Human Sexuality

Lets Talk SEX

The Ugly Truth
Todays world is exposed to a lot of
things SEXUAL. Sexual thoughts,
sexual ideas, sexual feelings, sexual
embodiments, SEX, etc.
But often times we fail to ask or
understand something as trivial as
What is Human Sexuality
Is it a boy or a Girl?
A question so often asked even when we are
still in our mothers tummies.

But I guess its about time we

discuss it in a light of a more
scientific basis and sociological
Where things get Sex-y
Sex and Gender
Sex is a biological characteristic. Determined from
birth. There are only two sexes- Male and Female:
Any other deviation from this is rare and subject to
special studies
Whilst Gender is the social, cultural and
psychological aspects of maleness and
femaleness. Gender is defined through
social interaction. When thinking of the
gender of a person, we think in terms of a
continuous line from the most masculine to
most feminine
Gender refers to female roles
and masculine roles. Society
has developed expectations
as to the kind of behavior
each sex is supposed to
These roles may differ in
various societies, even in
dress and movements the
sexes differ in spite of the
When Sexy is Fierce
Unfortunately Human society is full of
experiences of Inequality of the
Gender stereotype refers to the
assumption that one sex (the male)is
superior to the other (Male
This is also called Sexism which is
very much objected by Feminists
When Things get Horny
Sex Behavior is learned: Without learning
anything about sex humans would not
know how to make love. This negates the
popular belief that sex comes naturally.

Only animals are

born with sex
instinct which
makes them
copulate in a certain
way at a certain
Human being do not possess sex instinct but
only sex drives. Whether when, where and how
the sex drive is exercised depends on the
socialization of the individuals.
Human beings
determine the ways
and methods of sexual
behavior they will
adopt depending on
the ways approved
and accepted by their
particular society
or culture
Love your siblings. But not too

Incest is a Sexual Taboo

Incest is sexual intercourse between close
relatives such as a father and
daughter,mother and son and between
In the Philippines relatives up to third degree
relations are prohibited to marry by law.
So why is it Taboo?
The Biological Explanation
Because of our inborn instinctual
natural reaction AGAINST sexual
relations with our close relatives
Incest results in physical
degeneration in the offspring. In-
breeding does not necessarily cause
biological defects but it intensifies
the inheritance of traits
The Sociological Explanation:
To expand family interest and power thereby
exogamous relationships are encouraged
To keep the family intact incest taboo is
necessary. If father and daughter cohabit,
the mother and the siblings may be jealous
or agitated by such behavior and cause
them to be resentful
It may also cause a great deal of confusion
in the family concerning relationships
The Sexual Revolution
We didnt become wilder we
just became more open
In the 1960s Western society underwent
what is called the Sexual Revolution.

The sexual revolution does not mean

Americans have gone wild. Rather it means
that people now show more tolerance for the
behavior of others, that the double standard
is on decline, that sex is seen as recreation
as well as a means of procreation and that a
quality of relationship is as important as its
legal status
The Philippines has not been
spared by the sexual revolution.
Nudity can be seen in
advertisements and television,
theatres, movies. There is pre-
marital sex, single parenthood, the
querida system, Bold stars,
pornography and pornographic
paraphernalia proliferate and is
Pre- Marital Sex
Simply put is sex before marriage. The
sexual revolution has brought out the open
relationship between two people who are
having sex relations outside marriage.
Although the Philippines has a norm
against pre-marital sex as it is considered
morally wrong. But even though if the
country has not accepted fully the situation
its is a practice often made under secrecy.
Marital Sex
Is the best relationship where sexual
intercourse is done under very
favourable circumstance. The couple is
relaxed and there is an absence of
stress, fear and guilt. Love and
affection ideally should be the basis of
sex where satisfaction is generally
Before, married couple often saw sex
as a mean of procreation but now it is
more often seen as a means of
recreation and physical and biological
Extramarital sex
Is popularly called adultery or infidelity.
Adultery is cohabiting between couples
one is or both of whom are married to
other people. Society is more strict on
adulteresses than adulterers
Adultery is on the part of the wife
while concubinage is on the part of the
Extramarital sex is basically a form of
deception carried on in secret and
charged with guilt and tension filled
Post marital sex
Refers to sexual activity of the
divorced, separated or widowed of
both sexes. Often the widowed
remarry because sex per se is not
enough to dissolve loneliness specially
in an empty home when the children
may have started their own families.
Is Love truly genderless?
Homosexuality although tolerated in many
societies like the Philippines, is still
considered by many as morally wrong like
as some countries like England. Public
displays of affection is socially condemned
and subjected most of the time to
harassment. In Philippine society the fear
that any family member is a homosexual
Many common terms used are gay, queer,
queenie, bakla, x-men, tomboy, lesbian,
binalalaki etc.
Causes of Homosexuality
Biological Theory
Homosexuality is in-born
Hormones are imbalance
Homosexuality is just natural as
allergies and left handness
The Psychiatric Theory
Homosexuality is a form of mental
Homosexuality is developed by
outside stimuli and experiences
The Sociological Theory
Homosexuality is conditioned
Homosexuality is a choice,
preference and not pathologically but
socially conditioned
Is the voluntary suppression of ones
sex drive. A state of being unmarried.
Exemplified by priest and nuns with
their vows. Since we are endowed with
free will and self-determination they
can choose to suppress or disregard
their sex drives mostly by sublimation.
The grim reality of sex peddling
The Bad Sex
Prostitution in the Philippines seemed
to have undergone an interesting
pattern between the opposed value
of health and morality in one hand
and economic interests and sexual
desires on the other.
Existing during the Spanish period, it
was perhaps during the American
regime that it was tolerated to exist
in Manila
Considered one of the oldest
professions in the world. It may be
defined as the actual
misappropriation or profanation of
sex for gain or profit. Ever since, the
practice has been considered evil.
The existence of the practice in any
society is the interpretation as a
symptom of an alienated society
It is called social deviance, a break
from the norm in society. Economic
need, early sexual experience, and
an environment which erodes morals
contribute to its existence.
The Changing Types of
Pimps and their wares
Sauna and bath house fronts
Child abuse/ Paedophilia
Human Trafficking
Causes of Prostitution
Desire for a sexual outlet
Easier Way of Living
Sustainable living condition
Effects of Prostitution
Chances of demoralization, state of
dereliction for the person are great
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Lowering of standards of morality
Dereliction of society as a community
In Summary
The world today is sex conscious yet
not aware or properly informed. Most
college students and other adults still
need to understand human sexuality
more scientifically and not base their
knowledge alone on assumptions. I
hope we were able to allow you to
learn a thing or two and fill the gap
with reliable information
Thank You!