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Who in this culture dances?

-A group. Men and Woman dance. Man wrap a four to six meter
long Chadra or a silken cloth around the wrist along the coat and
the headgear.
-Kurtas, long shirts are worn as well.
-Women wear a Ghagra, a long skirt with Dupattas, colorful veils.
What Are the Specific Dances Danced?
Its about symmetry, speed, balance, grace and fun.
Bhangra is not a single dance, it actually also encompasses
vocal singing and instruments.
Individualistic Or Collective
Collective because of the group dance. Both females and
What is the Significance
of the Group

One of the most significant traditions of Punjabi culture. It

symbolizes imagination, talent, potential and charisma of
Punjabs people.
Dance description
4 main dance moves

Meaning of movement
Values and cultural norms
Dance space
Clothing and makeup
Music and sound
Instrument used
Chanting and singing
Oppressed or Privileged?
This group has been
oppressed in America
Oppression has affected their
culture, but not the dance
Evidence of discrimination
and how its changed their
exists today
Evolution of Cultural Expression
Not due to discrimination
What had been lost?
Dance celebration
Dance evolution
Male only dance
Westernized (hip hop)
Contribution and Acculturation
Contribution to American culture
Bhangra music is used in American artists soundtracks

Though Bhangra has evolved into more than just a form of

dance, Indians still see it as an expression of culture
Conclusion and Appreciation

The energy, the music and the synchrony.

The impact its had on music today.
We all appreciate our culture, and we appreciate Navi.
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