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* ISTE Standards

Jessica Cooke
EDU 214
Elementary Education
Creativity and Innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking,

construct knowledge, and develop innovative
products and processes
using technology.
* Apply existing knowledge to generate new
ideas, products, or processes

Bubble Us Movie Maker

Brainstorming with
concept mapping. Software that allows individuals
to create and edit their own videos.
Students can construct
brainstorms and flow
Students create videos their to review
charts to group together
and elaborate on existing knowledge.
and ideas, show cause
and effect.
* Create original works as a means of personal or
group expression

Inspiration Microsoft Office

Software that offers
brainstorming and analyzing in Students can create
serval ways: via concept publications, slide show
mapping, graphic organizers, presentations, and charts to
plots and graphs, mind express their work in their
mapping, and webbing . own words.
Students can create concept
maps to brainstorm and show
their thinking methods.
* Use models and simulations to explore complex
systems and issues

www.discoveryeducation.com PhET Simulations

Website that offers virtual tours by Website that provides simulations and
browsing by subject, grade level and
theme. demonstrations to elaborate on many
different subjects such as science,
Students can be shown taken to
different locations around the world math and reading.
without leaving the classroom.
Students can use simulations and
demonstrations provided to elaborate
on lessons such as science.
* Identify trends and forecast possibilities
Bubble Us
Lucid Charts
Software that creates a
Students can create ideas and group variety of charts and
them together and make flow charts diagrams using both
through concept mapping to identify print and pictures to
and categorize thoughts and
conclusions. visualize cause and

Students at lower grade

levels can use lucid
charts with pictures to
help elaborate on their
ideas and thought
* Communication and

* Students use digital media and environments to

communicate and work collaboratively,
including at a distance, to support individual
learning and contribute to the learning of
others. Students:
* Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers,
experts, or others employing a variety of digital
environments and media

Edmodo Pinterest
Application that allows
A social media site like individuals to create
Facebook where students and boards that contain
educators can communicate videos, pictures and
with each other using discussion blogs that can be share
boards, links, photos and other with others following
media they wish to share with posts.
one another.
Students can create
their own boards and
share them with fellow
* Communicate information and ideas effectively
to multiple audiences using a variety of media
and formats

YouTube allows Explain Everything
individuals to upload and
share video to multiple
Application for both teachers and students that
Students can find
information from videos
supports creating tutorials, animations and
that have previously presentations.
been uploaded or create Students can become teachers
their own video with by sharing their knowledge and
their ideas and with fellow classmates.
information they wish to
* Develop cultural understanding and global
awareness by engaging with learners of other

Skype provided video and phone
calls that can be reached all over Website that offers global
the globe. awareness for students k
Students can communicate 12. Schools from around
with other classrooms around the the world can post
globe to get a better
understanding of different information on what they
cultures. are learning and projects
they are working on . This
website offers classrooms
around the world to bring
their ideas together and
share them with one
* Contribute to project teams to produce original
works or solve problems

Edmodo Google
Groups can be created for Google offers slides, drawings, calendars,
students to collaborate and sheets.
together for projects. Students can share and save information
they have stored on google with other
* Research and
Information Fluency
Students apply digital tools to gather,
evaluate, and use information. Students
* Plan strategies to guide inquiry

Interactive Whiteboards Concept Mapping (bubbleus)

Students can draw and write
out their strategies and Students can brainstorm they
collaborate together how to ideas before a project and
come to conclusions for can revisit their brainstorm to
inquiries and strategies add or edit previous thought
during lessons. generated.
* Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize,
and ethically use information from a variety of
sources and media

- Free test generator that offers multiple Brickflow
questions types, automatic grading and detailed
- Application that allows teachers and
students to create presentations using
content collected from social media.
* Evaluate and select information sources and
digital tools based on the appropriateness to
specific tasks

Ask kids My movie maker

A search engine that
allows students to Software allows students to
research age create their own videos and
appropriate information edit existing videos.
and outside links.
* Process data and report results

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Explain Everything
Word www.explaineverything.com
Students can create Students can create
charts to input data
presentations to fellow
and report results via
classmates to show data
Microsoft Excel and
collected and continue their
publish their results
understanding by reviewing
using Microsoft Word.
knowledge with classmates.
* Critical Thinking,
Problem Solving, and
Decision Making
Students use critical thinking skills to plan
and conduct research, manage projects,
solve problems, and make informed
decisions using appropriate digital tools
and resources. Students:
* Identify and define authentic problems and
significant questions for investigation

Infotopia Microsoft Word

Students create reports with

Alternative safe search information on how problems were
engine for students identified and define the answers to
setup so students can questions from investigation.
navigate more
efficiently when
researching information.
* Plan and manage activities to develop a solution
or complete a project

Microsoft Office Edmodo

Students can write and chart Groups can be created
their progress by using Microsoft
allowing students to work
excel and Microsoft word for
together and collaborate on
* Collect and analyze data to identify solutions
and/or make informed decisions

www.Sciencebuddies.org Infrotopia
Students can research and
Website that offers project ideas analyze subjects searched to
and project guides along with apply and make informed
blogs to aide in obtaining decision on a what they have
information via collaboration found.
and experiments.

Students can utilize Science buddies

by asking questions and researching
possible projects that can be performed
to apply and make an informed decision
on a subject.
Use multiple processes and diverse
perspectives to explore alternative solutions

Students can use different search
Students can locate
engines applying different applications
information needed
and software to explore new
on any subject using this
knowledge on a subject.
search engine.
* Digital Citizenship
Students understand human, cultural, and
societal issues related to technology and
practice legal and ethical behavior.
* Advocate and practice safe, legal, and
responsible use of information and technology

Website that provides
articles, posts, Website offers articles and
discussions, and videos to posts from others on how to
educate teachers and handle and recognize
students on many cyberbullying.
different topics on using
technology safely in the
* Exhibit a positive attitude toward using
technology that supports collaboration,
learning, and productivity

Encourage students to
Students can use digital sources and
presentation software to show their continue use of such
understanding of a subject and integrate sites as edmodo to
technology into their evaluation.
keep in contact and
collaborate with
fellow classmates as
they advance in
* Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong

Mouse Create
Students can review what
they have learned via Allows students to
multiple applications and
create and build skills
software through
needed for 21 century
presentations, written
learners by integrating
reports and media sites.
technology into their
* Exhibit leadership for digital citizenship

Teachers can have Students will utilize

students research technology in a
new websites and constructive and safe
software and report manner throughout
on the benefits and their education,
how to use such learning proper
technologies. technology etiquette
and applying and
expanding their
knowledge while using
* Technology
Operations and

Students demonstrate a sound

understanding of technology concepts,
systems, and operations. Students:
* Understand and use technology systems

Microsoft Office Students will be required

to use technology in all
Students will use Microsoft subject areas, whether
Office for a variety of tasks, new applications or
from word publishing to software one already used
presentations to apply their to continue their
knowledge and understanding of knowledge of integrating
the software. technology.
* Select and use applications effectively and

Students will exhibit Students will be tested on

their knowledge of their knowledge of
using applications applications thru tests
during and after evaluations.
* Troubleshoot systems and applications

- Students can use the search - Students will apply
engine to find solutions to previous knowledge of
systems and applications that technology to solve
are temporarily not working issues when
properly. troubleshooting is to be
applied by the user.
* Transfer current knowledge to learning of new

Students can search for new

Through out a student's applications and software that
academic career and could be applied to their
beyond they will always research.
need to adapt to the
continuing change in
* Reflection
Integrating technology into the classroom is an important task
that teachers need to implement. 21century learners need to
be prepared to use technology in their lives for future jobs
and other tasks that require technology through out their
lives. Students need to be aware and comfortable with using
and learning new methods from use of applications and
software available to adapt to the constant change in
* Resources