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am Introduction;

silience group

Sr. No Designation Name

1 Project Manager Mr. Faisal Qayoom

Project Coordinator Osama

3 Sr. Manager Finance Mr. Ameer Ali

Manager Finance Abdul Maalik
Marketing Manager Saeed Ahmed

6 Manager Communication & Coordination Abrar Malik

Manager IT Adnan
oject Description
First time in Pakistan

Gwader Development Authority introduces

High tech modern Restaurant

Nexter is Technology based Restaurant

Decorated with aquarium based interior design

erfect place for tourism and attraction with hygienic
Have you ever visited?
Have you ever Experienced?

A and Resilience Group introduci

the most innovative restaurant
in the history of Pakistan.
Project Initiation
Project Charter
Nexter Restaurant

General Information
This Charter focuses on project Nexter Restaurant. This project sponsored by Gwadar Development Authority and assigned to Resilience

Project Title: Start Date 01/03/2017

Nexter Restaurant Close Date 31/09/2018

Project Manager: Phone: Email:

Faisal Qayoom 0333-7087354 Faisal.qayoom@yahoo.com

Executive Sponsor: Phone: Email:

Gwadar Development Authority +92 86 9201010 info@gda.gov.pk

Document Version: Updated Date

1.0 15/02/2017
Project Initiation
Project Charter
Nexter Restaurant
Business Case
Project Team members and their Designation
Purpose of the Project:
Team Member Designation To exploit opportunities for business created by the CPEC
Business expansion and growth
Innovation and modernization in food industry of Pakistan.
1. Faisal Qayoom Project Maager
Financial Benefits:
High Profits and Return on Investment
2. Osama Project Coordinator
Increased sales
Business expansion and growth
3. Ameer Ali Sr. Manager Finance Breakeven within 3 years due to target customers which is
elite class

4. Abdul Maalik Manager Finance

Non-Financial Benefits:
Capturing and increasing market share
5. Saeed Ahmed Marketing Manager Competitive advantage with unique idea of the restaurant
Customers loyalty
6. Abrar Malik Manager Communication and Coordination
Place of attractiveness for tourists
International standard restaurant for the citizens

7. Adnan Manager IT
Project Initiation
Project Charter
Nexter Restaurant
Statement of Work (SOW) Enterprise Environmental factors
Project Scope Human Resource Requirements
Category No. Of humans required
Situation / Problem / Opportunity
Supervisors 3
Undertaken to exploit an opportunity after the CPEC. Mechanical Engineers 2
CPEC opened the door for business in Pakistan IT Engineers 3
The economic activity in Gwadar will increase Technical Engineers 2
It creates an opportunity to establish an international standard Construction Labor 30
restaurant which serves the needs of foreigners, tourists, and
Painters 5
professionals in the country.
Architectures 2
The technology and aquarium based restaurant is unique and
first restaurant in Pakistan Electricians 6
Project Goals Lawyers 2
Total 65
Increase economic activity in the city
Attract highest number of customer Regulations and government policies:
Increase profit and sales for the sponsors
Regulations by food inspector gawader
Regulations by Gwader Development Authority on construction of the
Facilitate customer with hygienic food
Establish an international standard restaurant in the city
Regulations by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCR)
Attract tourist with its unique design
Labor Laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Risks and Dependencies
Unsaturated Market
Dependency on suppliers.
Has potential for growth
Environmental risks may cause delay in project execution
Low number of standardized restaurants
Dependency on GDA management for approvals
Increased economic activity due to CPEC
Legal formalities
High profit earning in the future
Deadlines and time constraints Moderate purchasing power of the citizens
Project Initiation
Project Charter
Nexter Restaurant

Organizational Process Assets

Project Policies and Guidelines

1. Project is to be completed within one and half years.

2. Project starts on 1/03/2017 and expected to be completed on
3. The GDA needs to deposit funds for the project in Resilience
Group account on quarterly basis.
4. There will be weekly team meeting of the group for the progress
of the project.
5. The project manager will update GDA management about the
progress on monthly basis.
6. The workforce will be outsourced from Nrecruitment.
7. Any additional change in the project other than the agreement
will have separate cost and charged by Resilience Group.
8. GDA and Resilience Group are required to follow the agreement
9. Any external resistance in executing the project will be solved by
both the parties (GDA and Resilience Group) together.
10. Resilience Group is not responsible in delay of the project due to
Project Initiation 1. Sponsor/Owner/shareholder
Stakeholders Assessment (Gwadar Development Authority)
Stakeholders Analysis: 2. GDA staff, managers and management team
Key 3. The Project Team (Resilience Group)
4. The Customers
Elite Class
Professionals and Upper Middle Class
5. Suppliers
6. Banks
7. Government
Tourism Industry of Pakistan
Food Inspector Gwadar
8. Local Residents
9. Media
Project Initiation
Stakeholders Assessment
Stakeholders Analysis:
Stakeholder holder with their influence on project and level of
No. Stakeholders
interest: Power/Influence Interest

1 Sponsor/Owner/shareholder 5 5

2 The Staff/Managers 5 4

3 Resilience Group Team 5 5

4 The Customers 5 3

5 Suppliers 4 4

6 Banks 2 3

7 Government 5 3

8 Local Resident 4 2

9 Media 3 1

10 Competitors 3 5
Project Initiation
Stakeholders Assessment
Stakeholders Primary
Sponsors: (GDA) 3. Stakeholders:
Resilience Group Team 5. Suppliers 7. Competitors
Interests Interests;
Financial Interests Safeguard their business
Enhance Goodwill & credibility Earning money or profit
Decline of their market share
High profit margin Business growth& future Future agreements
Decreased revenues and profits
Good return on projects. Business growth
Affected customer loyalty
investment Profit and revenue Establishing profitable
Concern of survival, growth and
Business growth and Effective team management and relation
expansion team building with Resilience group
Threat of liquidation
Low operating cost Increased Learning.
Increased sales
4. Customers: 6. Government
Targeted customers:
Non Financial Interests (Food Inspector Gwadar, PSQC, Tourism
Foreigners and Tourists
Industry, GDA)
Elite Class of the society
Customer satisfaction Interest:
Upper middle class of the
advantage Safeguard the interest of the citizens
Branding Protect people from adverse effect of the
Goodwill project
Customer loyalty Make sure wellbeing of the people who execute
High quality products & services project in the field
2. The
Innovative and luxurious way of Establish regulations to make sure that the
Staff/Managers having food at the projects are executed in the ethical way
restaurant Increase currency inflow in the country
Satisfaction of needs Earning by imposing taxes in the project
International standard restaurant activities
Project Initiation
Stakeholders Assessment

1. Banks 2. Local Residents

Place of tourism
Increase sales, revenue
Pride and honor of having international slandered restaurant in their city
Increased customer base
Availability of high quality and hygienic food
Increased deposits
Bank spread (difference in borrowing
and lending rates of financial
3. Media

Interest in our project except the focus on the developments in Gwadar and CPEC.
Project Planning
Scope Planning
Technology Based.
Less human resources
High quality and hygienic food
PSCQA certified food items
Aquarium based interiors
Customers book orders via screens attached to
ATMserving tables
facility for customers to pay bills on their
for cash payments and queries or
Order booking screen contains a list of food items
and prices
Elevator system for food delivery.
Elevators attached bellow the serving table & operated from
kitchen in the basement
Project Planning
Scope Planning
Work Breakdown

(Tree Structure)
Project Planning
Work Breakdown
Scope Planning 1.1 Nexter

1.1.1 Agreements
1.1.4 Labour
1.1.5 1.1.6 1.1.7
Site Preparation Interiors Technology Services

Purchasing Construction Construction Personal
Decorations Legal
Materials Labor Computers
Nrecruitment Purchase Land

GDA Aquarium Architect
Painters Colors Programs
Clear obstacles
for construction
Other Engineering miscellaneous Engineers Roofing ERP Modules
PSQCA materials Hotel
Electrical Management
Electricians Lightings
Equipment Network Accessories
Air Conditioner
Electric Lights & Architectures
Internet Other
electric Supervisors
Automation &
Project Planning
Scope Planning
What will be done and who will be working?
1. Milestones

1. Project Charter Approval

2. Project Plan Completed
3. Land acquired
4. Technology and Material Imports
5. Complete building construction & interior
6. Complete Project Execution
7. Project Close
Project Planning
Scope Planning
What will be done and who will be working?
2. Deliverables

1. Hygienic and high quality food

2. Luxurious restaurant for international
3. A place for fun and gatherings
4. High return on investment for sponsors
5. Technology driven restaurant
Project Planning
3. Project Scheduling (Gantt Charts)
Scope Planning
Execution and Control
Corrective Actions Report
Nexter Restaurant Corrective Actions Plan
Problem: Poor quality Raw material provided by the supplier.

Origin Bricks &

Resolved by Osama
Found by Construction
Event Date 05/Jan/2018
Event While working on the construction of the building, supervisors and construction
Description staff noted that the bricks and concrete supplied by the supplier has poor quality
and may create problems in the future. They inform the project team and its
found that the supplier has provided poor material on a high cost.
Action Taken Supplier is immediately informed and threatened the legal proceedings.
Resulting the poor quality material called off and supply of the material for what
they have charged.
Long Term Agreement with the supplier is reviewed and proper check and balance system
Corrective is established to ensure the quality of material is up to the standards.

Reviewed by Faisal Qayoom Signature

Execution and Control Project Progress Report
Nexter Restaurant
Project Progress Report (Version 1.0)
Contents: This Project Progress Report contains the
following topics:
Topic See Page
Previous Period 22

This Period 22

Planned Next Period 22

Document Revision History

Revision date Previous revision Summary Changes marked

1st Oct 2017 1st July 2017 Project Plan and work breakdown Planning phase is
structure has been established to crucial for the
ensure the successful execution of success of the
the project. project.


Faisal Qayoom 25/07/2017 1.0

Director General GDA 29/07/2017 1.0

Distribution This document

has been
Execution and Control Project Progress Report
To provide details of the current status of the project
Analyze that whether Nexter Restaurant project has progressed as expected and planned.
TO highlight the issues and risk updates on the project progress and indicate the next period plans.

From: 1st July 2017 To: 30th September 2017
Previous Period

In the previous period kick off meeting with the organization was held and project charter approved by the sponsors.
The Resilience Group had a kick off meeting and project stakeholders has been identified in order to move forward
towards the planning phase.
The previous phase was smooth and no rick or problems is faced by the group.

This Period

The project scheduled for this period is to establish the project plan and develop a work breakdown structure.
Resilience group team after kickoff meeting in last period, started working on the planning phase.
The team decided project scope, product scope, work breakdown structure, milestone and deliverable for the period.
The project team has also established project schedule for the monitoring and controlling of the project activities.

Planned Next Period

Next period of the Nexter Restaurant progress is expected to achieve first milestone which is approval of the project.
Agreement with the suppliers and start of the construction phase is also part of the next phase.
Project Closure Project Closure Report
Nexter Restaurant
Project Closure Report
Version 1.0
Topic See Page
Objectives of the project 25
Deliverables 25
Deviations and Changes made to the Project Plan 25
Costs to implement Project 25


Name Signature Date Version

Faisal Qayoom 25/07/2017 1.0
Director General GDA 29/07/2017 1.0

Distribution This document has been distributed

Name Date Version

Chairman GDA (CM Baluchistan) 05/Oct/2017 1.0

Chief Secretary Baluchistan 05/Oct/2017 1.0

Director Finance Business Intelligence (GDA) 05/Oct/2017 1.0

Project Closure Project Closure Report
The purpose of project closure report is to provide detailed information about how well the project is completed compared to the
expected results mentioned in the initiation document.
Objectives of the project
Exploit business opportunities created by CPEC.
Attract highest number of customer and tourists with unique design restaurant
Increase profit and sales for the sponsors
Facilitate customer with hygienic and high quality food
Establish an international standard restaurant in the city
Business expansion and growth
Gain competitive advantage with unique restaurant
Earn goodwill and customer loyalty
I. Hygienic and high quality food
II. Luxuries restaurant for the international community
III. A place for Fun and gatherings
IV. High return on investment for the sponsors
V. Technology
Deviations andbased restaurant
Changes made to the Project Plan
Deviation and impact:
Issue of poor quality material by the supplier creates 10 days delay for the execution phase to be started
This can leads to delay in the project close out.
Details of changes and impact:
Overtime pay system was launched for the timely projection completion and recover the 10 days delay time.
SOPs has been established and quality check teams are formed to ensure the quality of the materials.
Costs to implement Project
The expected cost to implement the project was expected to be $ 300,000.
Hard construction costs was expected to be $ 116,858 while the soft construction costs was estimated $183142.
The actual cost of the project is $ 297,000. The Resilience group have use contingency cost $ 10000 effectively. The contingency cost help the project team
compete the project within limit of the project cost and prevent any losses.