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By Matthew Flanagan
I am doing my campaign for St rococo's hospice, this is to raise money for a
charity that has helped my family out in the past. To me they have always
been a very prominent charity and constantly help people all over Britain.
My campaign will be raising awareness for the wide range of cheap but good
quality clothes on offer from all of their shops.
In the campaign I will be doing photo advertisement to hopefully gain more
customers to a highly helpful and respected charity that has quality items to
I will be doing this by making posters featuring the types of clothes they
have to offer and make them look appealing. To my desired target audience.
My clothes will be advertised to Girls of the ages 18-23 this is because they
have little money at this age due to the expenses of cars and some
expenses of university. This will lead most with part time or small job parts
which doesnt bring in a load of income.

My products that I will be creating for St rococo's to raise
awareness are:
3 X Posters featuring the clothes that St rococo's sell in their
stores and the wide and quality range they have on offer for low
but affordable prices.
X1 Landscape image used on bill boards.
X2 Portrait could be used on a bus stop, magazine or
My product will be set in early spring which will coincide with the
charity's shops clothes.
Also by advertising it at this time people normally need to by
new clothes when it comes to spring or the change of a season
so therefore they will increase their sales by doing it at a peak
buying time.

The ages of my target audience is 16-23 this is because they have little money
at this age due to the expenses of cars and some expenses of university. This
will lead most with part time or small job parts which doesnt bring in a load of
income. If someone hasnt gone into further education, then they will more
than likely be in a part time job or will be looking for a job in this case they will
be an unskilled worker which are normally payed less than skilled and
educated workers so they will have enough to pay parents rent and probably
wont want to splash out on a lot of money, on high branded clothes so they
might turn to charity shops to get affordable but good quality clothes.
The social class that will be shopping at the charity shop will be people with not
a lot of money to spare so they will be if they are of the desired target audience
in a lower class and wont have much income they will live in the more
deprived areas of Warrington and will be in need of clothing for a small amount.
They dont want to have to get a loan to just to buy clothes.
I havent got a specific gender for my target audience because there is a varied
mix of clothes that come into charity shops.

My campaign message is, structured to represent the charity and what
it is trying to advertise. The campaign message is High quality but still
an affordable price. All of the money made goes to the charity and if
there is any excess then it goes to the desired charity of choice which
will be chosen by the charity itself so that at the end of the day they
have made no profit.
Also the campaign is trying to raise awareness of the charity by saying if
you want to look like these people do you dont have to left with empty
Not out of pocket comfortable!.

My launch date is going to revolve around the seasons change from
winter to spring this is because at a season's change most people
want a change of clothing so they head out to big branded stores but
if they were to know that they could get good quality but affordable
clothing from St rococo's and still look stylish.
So the sales will be increased and they will still be able to afford all
the spring extras. Like gadgets and other summer releases meaning
they dont miss out on the things that matter. I am going to release
my campaign in the summer this means that I am going to find a key
charity date in the summer and release my campaign around that
date but not on it to prevent my campaign getting drowned out by
the other charity event.
The launch date is the 6th of June as it is only a couple of weeks
before the actual start of summer. Giving it a chance to be
recognised and gain customers before the summer kicks in to full

My advertisements are taking place just before summer to raise awareness for the campaign
before the season starts to increase the chance of people wanting to purchase my clothing.
4 stages releasing 3 posters.
1st poster: 6th June 2017 It is being released on this date because it is very close to the
summer when people will be thinking about the types of clothing they are going to switch to
buy. It also will be fresh in their mind so they are more likely to buy the clothes you are
2nd poster: 21st June 2017 I have released this one later on in the month as to yet again
remind people of the clothes just before it hits the busiest summer section. And this is the
actual date summer starts in 2017.
3rd poster: 17th July 2017 This date is early summer and people depending on the weather
might want to change the clothes they have bought or add something different to their summer
All posters: 7th August 2017 if I have all posters out at one time it will increase the chance of
people seeing the adverts and raising the chance of people buying the items on offer.
Close of campaign: 11th Sept 2017 This is nearing the end of the summer and as it closes
people wont be as interested in buying the clothes and they wont sell so you remove the
adverts to also stop confusion.

The advertisements will be placed in public places where they will have the highest
chance of being seen.
I will use billboards
Bus stops
Posters and other means of advertisement.
The first advertisement will be furthest away from the shop and will be near a busy main
area like the Trafford centre it will be advertising the cheap and good quality clothes and
state where the shop is. This is to raise peoples awareness and make them want to
spend money in the shop because it is for a good cause. Their will be a couple of them
outside the Trafford centre placed on Major roads heading towards or passed it these
are: M60 & M62
The second advert will be placed about midway this is for people that live in the less
built up area In this case I will be using the high streets in Altrincham as there is also a
lot of expensive shops and not many choices for affordable clothing they dont have
much choice. So giving them the choice of a different place to shop that isnt too far
away and has a lot of transport links near them.
There will then be a third advert that will be closer to the shop in a poorer area (Orford)
in order to make them aware and to save them money this is to increase the amount of
clients but also to cover a wider range of people.

I have legal issues which are enforced by the law to take into account. These have to be
followed in order for my posters for the campaign to be published.
I also have ethical issues which I should morally take into account when producing my
campaign in order not to offend or harm peoples reputation or harm their lively hood.
There are six sections to the legal and ethical aspects of the radio advert theses are:
Copyright-The point of copyright is to protect peoples work against other artist or general
public using their work for themselves or advertising it as their own.
Trademark-These have to symbolise a service which has the trademark registered
otherwise it doesnt apply and counts as fraud.
Intellectual property law-If you or a company was to have an idea that hadnt yet been
published and you were to get it trademarked or copyrighted, then you could sue them if
they were to use it.
Privacy law-Refers to the laws that deal with the regulation of personal information about
individuals, which can be collected by governments and other public as well as private
Defamation of character- Defamation of character occurs when someone makes a false
statement about you to a third party that is damaging to your reputation.
Obscenity-The law states that the required work has to meet the standards set by the law
of Obscenity. (Since 1857)


The advertising standards authority implements the codes of
practice for advertising which were drawn up by the industries
The central principle for all marketing communications is that
they should be legal, decent, honest and truthful. All marketing
communications should be prepared with a sense of
responsibility to consumers and society and should reflect the
spirit, not merely the letter, of the Code.

My plans for the campaign are to raise awareness for the wide range
of clothes that are on offer in St Rocco's shops for a little amount of
money but at high street quality.
The other plans are to advertise the fact that people can always look
good even when they shop at the places people wouldn't always
turn to immediately to buy clothing.
All my shots will cost under 22 and will have a natural backdrop.
I will do the shoot as close as possible to the actual start of summer
so that it is as genuine as it can be. This means that the clothes look
as if they suit the rime of year and they are advertising what they
are designed for.


Slogan: Not out of pocket, comfortable.
Typography: The text I'm using is clean and simple. Action of the
time II I also like it because the text is fluid and easy to read.
Images: All my images are representing summer clothing and all
involve natural themes.
Colour scheme: My colour scheme is the same as St Rocco's
Which is white and green because I am representing their charity
therefore it needs to have some form of connection to the charity.
Logo: The logo is just the St Rocco's logo as that is the charity I
am representing.
My computer wouldn't let me download them.

Date of photoshoot: The initial shoot will be on the 6th of March from 1:30pm-
2:30pm this is because it will be in school time.
The reshoot for anything that might need correcting like errors in the photos. This
will take place on the 8th April 10:30-11:30.
The final shoot will be on 10th April 12:30-13:30.
When all the shoots are finished we will then go into production.
Date of photoshoot: The initial shoot will be on the 6th of April from 1:30pm-2:30pm
this is because it will be in school time.
The reshoot for anything that might need correcting like errors in the photos. This
will take place on the 8th April 10:30-11:30.
The final shoot will be on 10th April 12:30-13:30.
When all the shoots are finished we will then go into production.

Costume 1: Green/Brown Lightweight Puffer Jacket, Dark blue denim Jeans, White
cotton T-Shirt and Soft grey ankle trainers/Plimsolls.
Costume 2: Crystal white patterned T-Shirt (Honour), Dark blue denim jeans and
Grey Trainers with gold heel accents.
Costume 3: Black hoodie, Grey and red accents jogger bottoms and Black and
white sole canvas skater shoes.
Camera: 249.99
Tripod: 24.99
Travel fair: 0 We arent covering travel fair.

So the total for the shoot is = 330.98