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Grace Meinzer
Ashleigh Greenway
Natalie Santander
Heide Ellis
What is Fecal Coliform
- The test we are using is the fecal coliform test

- This test determines if there is fecal coliform in the water

- Fecal Coliform is a bacteria that is found in fecal matter of warm

blooded animals

- The two options for the results in the fecal coliform test are positive and

- The results that we obtained show that Inks Lake does test positive for
Fecal Coliform
WHy people should care?
People should care about the fecal coliform levels in water. They should care
because fecal coliform is a bacteria found in fecal matter.

When the bacteria is highly exposed to water there can be consequences such
as diarrhea and intestinal illness. Also swimming in waters with high levels of
fecal coliform bacteria increases the chance of developing illness (fever,
nausea, or stomach cramps) from pathogens entering the body through the
mouth, nose, ears, or cuts in the skin.

The fecal coliform suggests that the water is contaminated. Although everyday
things such as a bird pooping in the water occurs it can increase to
much.Some strains of Escherichia coli, which are a type of fecal coliform can
cause intestinal illness.
Statistical data
If there is elevated levels of types of fecal coliform, it can cause disease, usually
not serious but can lead to more serious illnesses. (Inks Lake)

The standard EPA water quality standard is 0-200 colony forming units per
100mL(Inks Lake)

Some cities are starting to create basins that retain untreated water so high
counts of fecal coliform wont end up downstream

In Inks Lake,when the fecal coliform test was completed, it met standards Texas
Surface Water Quality Standards with 10 E, Coli count per 100 mL
Causes and Solution
- A positive test for fecal coliform in bodies of water is normal

- Some causes of fecal coliform presence in water are: overflow of domestic

sewage, organisms living in or around lake, agricultural and storm runoff etc.

- Treatments for fecal coliform can include disinfection and/or filtration

- Filtration is not always completely affected and works by removing possible

sediments that might house fecal coliform or other bacterias

- Disinfection works by adding chlorine in water

Effects on Biodiversity
Too much Fecal Coliform can harm the organisms (fish and other
aquatic life) by reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the

To get rid of the Fecal Coliform chemicals such as chlorine have to be

used which can also harm the environment by killing off bacteria
that is helpful.
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