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Was religion invented

to control people?

Created by Regina Saucedo


Originated : In India, by Buddha

Spread to : China, Burma, Japan, Tibet & parts of Southeast Asia

Belief for death :

- In cycle of death

- Rebirth called Samsara ( considered to be painful, people go through it

because they sinned & its karma getting them back)

- Go through Karma & eventual enlightenment

- Hope to escape from samsara & achieve Nirvana, to end their suffering

Sources of Authority :
During worship buddhist bow 3 times to show their dedication to the 3 refuges

- The Buddha

- The dharma ( Buddha's teachings)

- The Sangha ( the community of Monks)

Monks feel its their responsibility to teach members about Buddhism & offer advice

5 moral precepts ..
What do the people from this
5 Moral Precepts: religion look for after death?
- Harming living things - If gained enough spiritual
- Taking what is not given to you insight & practice in life
will not go into the
- Sexual misconduct intermediary state, but
actualize Nirvana.
- Lying or gossip (Coward, 98)
- Taking intoxicating substances like
drugs or drinks
Roman Catholic
Purgatory : some who sin & repent
may still be owed at death, earthly
Originated : Roman-Latin Empire punishments (even though God
forgave them) their souls are not
Spread to : Worldwide yet clean enough to enter
Belief for death :

- A Heaven

- Souls spend time in Purgatory until fully cleansed of all sins they committed
during their life

- The more sins you commit the more time you spend there

- The more friends and family you have praying for you the faster you will get out
Roman Catholic

Sources of authority :

- The 10 commandments

- Christ himself is a source of authority

- Christ gave his church the ability to teach, govern and sanctify with Christs
own authority

- That something is or is not part of the Faith; and that living in accordance with
the Faith requires or forbids certain actions
Roman Catholic

What do people from this religion look for after death?

- Heaven
Catholic Morality :
- END SUFFERING - Love of God & love your neighbor
- To completely give ourselves for others like
Christ did for us
- God will give you the strength & ability to do
more than you can believe is possible. The more
you GIVE the more help God will give you. We
call this Grace.

Islam is Arabic for submission .. The action of accepting or yielding to a superior

force or to the will or authority of another person

Spread to : Throughout the empire Originated : Arabian Peninsula

Belief of death :

- Views death to be a natural threshold to the next stage of life

- Life continues in the form of spirits and physical resurrection

- Afterlife is either a punishment or reward depending on the earthly conduct a

person leaves behind
What do people from this religion look
Islam for after death?
- Paradise
Sources of authority :

- Sacred texts

- Religious principles or rules

- Founders of faith

- Faith community leaders

Islamic Morality :

- Purpose of Human life is to worship God

- Key to virtue & conduct is a strong relationship with God

How does it control people???

- You have Heaven as a place where youre rewarded for you goodness

- Hell is a place where youre punished for your evil

- Giving people something to look for after death .. controls them because
theyre scared to go into the fiery place called hell

- It gives them the hope that there is after death, like a paradise where you
reunite with your lost ones & where you are pain free

- http://churchandstate.org.uk/2015/12/retired-priest-hell-was-invented-by-the-ch
Yes No
- Religion has always been a - While religion does offer
way of uniting people and moral guidance, in most
making them work countries, it is kept
together separate of the government
and law and, thus, it is not
- if you do bad in this life a good way to control the
you go to jail for the rest general population,
of your life not bad. But especially since fewer and
scaring people into fewer people adhere to any
believing in eternal pain religion at all.
and suffering is a good - Religion is not the best way
way to make people act
http://www.debate.org/opinio to control people. People
ns/is-religion-the-best-way- can leave a religion if they
to-control-people want to. Holding someone