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Table of Contents
I Introductory Page
Name and address of business
Name (s) and address(es) of principal (s)
Nature of business
Statement of financing needed (Pk. Rs.
10 to 60 Million)
Statement of confidentiality of report
II Executive Summary
III Industry Analysis
Macro Environment (Economy, Culture,
Technology and Legal)
Specific Industry Environment (Future
outlook, Trends of industry, Growth Rate,
Govt. Policies and Competitor Analysis
(Direct and Indirect)
Porters Analysis
Market Segmentation Basis and
Identification of Target Market
IV Description of Venture
Mission Statement, History of
venture, location and size of business
Product/Service Details
Service (s)
Office equipment and personnel
Background of entrepreneurs
V Production Plan
Manufacturing process (self or subcontracted)
(Project Production, Jobbing Production, Batch
Production, Line Production Or Continuous
Physical plant layout (distribution of production
area in
sq. ft or Sq. yards and other details)
Machinery and equipment (make, model, origin
(local/imported), pictures)
Details of suppliers of raw materials (names,
location and brief information)
VI Operational Plan
Description of companys operation
(from production till delivery to
Order placement by customers and
fulfillment (completion of Business
Storage and Inventory Control
Technology utilization in Operations
VII Marketing Plan
Market Research e.g. Consumer Analysis
( through questionnaire, interviewing etc)
Marketing Objectives (fulfilling SMART criteria)
Product (Quality, styles, features, sizes, brand
name, packing, services)
Pricing (list prices, discounts, allowances for
middleman, credit terms)
Distribution (use of wholesalers/retailers,
geographic coverage, inventory and transportation)
Promotion (Advertising and Media selection, Sales
Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relation)
Marketing Budget
Controls (Sales Forecasts, Sales Targets,
VIII Organizational-Plan
Form of ownership (Single Owner/Partnership
or Pvt. Limited Company)
Identification of partners or principal
shareholders and their respective Authorities
Middle Level Management-team (job
description and job specifications of
Managerial Staff)
Formal Design of the organization covering
Organization Structure, Planning,
Measurement and evaluation schemes,
Rewards, Selection Criteria and Training
IX Assessment of Risk
S.W.O.T Analysis
Risk Analysis (Operational, Financial,
Marketing, Managerial etc) and
Contingency plan/s
X Financial plan
Pro forma Income statements (First 3
Pro forma Cash flow projections (First 3
Pro forma Balance Sheet (First 3 Years)
Break-even Analysis
Sources and Applications of funds (First
XI Appendix (Back Up Material)
Market research data
Registration/Regulation documents
Partnership deed/NDAs
Leases or contracts
Price lists from suppliers etc
Project Requirements
Three original copies are required (Teachers Copy,
Student Copy and Library Copy)
This is a Group Project exercise and each group
comprises of three group members
Project requires two interim assignments as
compulsory requirement
Final Project Submission and Presentation date is 2 nd
last class of Semester
Annexure, Supplementary Materials, Assumption
sheets, related figures, charts, questionnaires etc may
be attached at the end of the project and not as the
part of the project
Participation of all group members in presentation is
References shall be furnished within the Project
wherever applicable