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Jade Flower Palace

Tu Fu
Arleigh Quizon
Jade Flower Palace
Tu Fu
The stream swirls. The wind moans in

The pines. Gray rats scurry over

Broken tiles. What prince, long ago,
5 Built this palace, standing in
Ruins beside the cliffs? There are
Green ghost fires in the black rooms.
The shattered pavements are all
Washed away. Ten thousand organ
1 Pipes whistle and roar. The storm
0 Scatters the red autumn leaves.
His dancing girls are yellow dust.
Their painted cheeks have crumbled
Away. His gold chariots
1 And courtiers are gone. Only
5 A stone horse is left of his
Glory. I sit on the grass and
Start a poem, but the pathos of
It overcomes me. The future
2 Slips imperceptibly away.
0 Who can say what the years will
Tu Fu
Tu-Fu ranks together with
his friend Li Tai-po as one
of the greatest poets and
social critics in Chinese
Born into a scholarly
family, Tu Fu received a
Confucian education but
failed in the Imperial
His poems speak of the
sad fate of the people, and
his deep hatred of war.
Poems Background
Not much information on this poem
Written by Tu Fu (A.D. 713-770).
The poem reflects the Taoist idea that one
should give in to the ways of the universe and
not interfere with the natural order
My Interpretation
The poet is writing about this
palace, which has been left to
ruin. In his mind, he can only
imagine what this palace must
have been like before it was left
to ruin. I believe there is a tone
of confusion as to why something
so grand and beautiful has been
left to waste. At the end of the
poem, the writer starts to
wonder about his own future and
his legacy, and whether their
life's work will just crumble away
when they are gone. The theme
of this poem is not knowing what
the future can bring. As time
goes by, things get older and old.
Figurative Language
The winds moans in the pines.

Ten thousand organ pipes whistle and roar


His dancing girls are yellow dust

In The End
Linkin Park

One thing I don't know why

It doesnt even matter how hard you
Keep that in mind, I designed this
To explain in due time
Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum
Watch it count down to the end of the
The clock ticks life away
Didnt look out below
Watch the time go right out the
Trying to hold on but didnt even
I wasted it all
VUjust to watch you go
Song Connection
The poem and the song are both related
because they both talk about how time is
valuable and how you shouldnt waste it. As
time goes by, people and objects start to get
In conclusion Tu Fu wrote this poem because he
wonders about his future. The overall meaning
of the poem is that in life things will change,
nothing can stay new or young forever