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WWII Begins

I would give the United States a A in terms of its actions at the beginning of
World War II because Hitler started taking over many countries in Europe,
by using a strategy called the blitz, which means attacking the enemy off
guard and they were trying to take over Germany and France.The Allies
realize that Hitler was a huge threat to the us because if Germany won the
war against France they would be coming for the us, so they decided to
supply weapons and other resources to Britain and the us was also able to
profit from selling Great Britain weapons. The us created the cash and carry
police which allowed Britain to get help from the us if Britain purchase
weapons and ammunition from the us When Britain went to war with
Germany they weren't able to keep buying weapons from the allies because
they lost a lot of money in the war so FDR argued that the U.S should
remove the cash requirement and replace it with the lend lease act which
allowed the allies to supply Britain with weapons for free which allowed them
to win the war against Germany

Don Jersen Tibere

Pearl Harbor
I would give the United States an A because after the Pearl Harbor attack
they took the appropriate steps to solve the problem. They reached out to
Japan and warn them to stop their attempt to start a war but Japan ignored
their warnings . The reason why Japan also attacked Pearl Harbor was
because the United States was particularly unhappy with Japans
increasingly belligerent attitude toward China and after Japan declared war
on China American officials responded to this aggression with a battery of
economic sanctions and trade embargoes. They reasoned that without
access to money and goods, and especially essential supplies like oil, Japan
would have to rein in its expansionism. Stopping the trading with Japan did
not stop Japan from giving up their urge to expand and that only enraged
Japan to attack the us .

Don Jersen Tibere

Pacific Theater
I would give the United States a B+ in terms of its actions in the Pacific
Theater of World War II because they were able to stop the Japanese from
occupying the islands. The Japanese needed those island for their jets to
land and the us realized that and did everything to stop the Japanese. The
downside to their actions is that a lot of American soldiers. The Japanese
won the against The us in the us in the pacific in 1942. The us also used
the Doolittle Raid tactic, were planes lunch daring attacks key Japanese
cities.The battle of Iwo Jima was really difficult because there's high
temperature,horrible terrain, and . The bright side to the us gaining those
island was that they were able to build bases on those island that would
helped them win the war.
European Theater
I would give the United States an A- in terms of its actions in the European Theater
of World War II because of how much they had went through in order to finish the
mission. The United States had to form an alliance with Great Britain and the
Soviet Union. This alliance wasnt easy considering the fact that Great Britain and
the United States hated the Soviet Union's communist government. This
sometimes caused complications because the Big three. didn't always trust each
other. They believed that one of them would sign a treaty with Germany and leave
the others to fight alone. However, they knew they needed each other so they
pushed those tensions aside to fight Hitler. Their ability to work together to defeat a
common enemy definitely deserves them a good grade. Furthermore, The actions
the United States took in the European Theatre further shows the perseverance of
the U.S to stop Hitler. D-day, 150,000 soldiers poured on to a 60 mile stretch of
beaches in Normandy in an attempt to liberate france from the Nazis. It was the
greatest amphibious assault ever attempted" According to president Eisenhower.
How ever, The fighting was extremely difficult on Omaha Beach. Thousands of
Allied soldiers died almost immediately after landing on the beach. The Germans
were caught off guard but still had the advantage as they were higher up on the
cliffs surrounding the beach. Despite the large numbers of casualties the United
States were able to drive the Evil Nazis out of France in late august 1944
I would give the United States a B in terms of its actions at home during
World War II because many opportunities had opened up for African
Americans and women. African Americans were able to fight in the war with
the other white folks. They were able to made progress in the civil right
movement by getting a chance to even join into the military with a race that
see them as less than them. Discrimination was banned because of African
Americans. Women were able join the war to help out because many if the
soldiers had died. Women also provided jobs for African Americans that
were jobless and they were also non contact when they were in the war.The
government had helped farmers getting back on track by making them
produce gods for in need us troops and their allies.

Dropping of the Atomic Bomb
I would give the United States a C in terms of its decision to drop the Atomic
Bomb because they should have knew that Japan was going to surrender
any moment because they had lost so much from this war. The document on
dropping the Atomic bomb says having lost 7 of 12 battleships, 19 of 25
aircraft carriers, 103 of 160 submarines, 31 of 47 carriers, and 118 of 158
destroyers. The air force was also badly weakened. Japan couldnt handle
being in the war no more. The United States wanted to just do what they can
so that they can win the war because they knew that they was going to lose
many more soldiers by continuing the war on. Although the United States did
this to them, some of Japans leaders said that they were not going to
surrender from the war and that they are going to put up a fight. Document
dropping the bomb says some Japanese leaders began calling loudly for
100 million deaths with honor, preferring that the nation fight to the death
rather than surrender. Japan wasnt going to stop so the United States had
to do what they had to do in order for them to war the war. America was
wrong for bombing Japan but it was only right for them for their country

Final Grade
I would give the United States a B+ overall for their actions in World War II.

This is because the United States actions were all done with good intentions
and for good reasons. However, Not all of their actions did too much good and
sometimes resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. The United States
tried to isolate themselves out of European affairs to keep the piece but as
time went on they and tensions rose they had to do what they had to do. The
United States made some unbelievable policies like the one that funded the
German war effort but made up for it with by supplying their allies with
weapons, Building Moral inside the United States, and Keeping the Japanese
away from the Midway islands in order to protect the American citizens. The
United States also put away their rivalry with the Soviet Union in order to fight
alongside them in the war.