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the presentation of Benin!!!

General presentation of benin

History of Benin

Geographic features

Tourist attractions ; Traditionnal

recipes and Benin Celebrity
General presentation of Benin

114 763 km
General presentation of Benin
General presentation of Benin
General presentation of Benin
WEALTH Fellowship
HOPE Justice - Labour

Patrice TALON
President of Bnin
A total of 55 languages

Official language : French (35%)

Most widely spoken indigenous language : Fon

Yoruba, Mina, Bariba and Dendi are also spoken.

(10 millions people) Dictionnary ENGLISH - FON

43% of Christians
24% of Muslims Good Morning = AH-FON Ghan-Jee-Ah
17% of Vaudoun
16% of atheists
Good Evening = Kou Do Bah Dah
Thank you = AhWah-Nou
General presentation of Benin

Currency : CFA Franc

$1CAD 474 CFA Franc
History of Benin
Benin has been a French speaking country since
the 17th century. At that time, the country was
known as Dahomey.
On August 1st, 1960, Dahomey became
independant. But for the next 12 years, the country
was unstable under the rule of Hubert Maga,
Justin Ahonmandegbe and Sourou Apithy, who
In represented
each 1972, these rulers part
a separate were
of the country.
otherthrown by the military lead by
the General Mathieu KEREKOU
and a presidential government was
set up. The name Dahomey was
officially abandonned in 1975, when
the country became known as Benin.
Geographic features

Oum river
The Oum river run
through the center of benin
into the atlantic ocean. It is
approximatively 300 miles
long with its source being
the Atakora mountains of
Geographic features

Atakora mountains
The Atakora
Mountains are a
moutain range that
begin in southeastern
of Ghana and span
Togo and Benin. The
mountains are also
known as Togo
Mountains. The
average height of the
mountains is 2,000
feet, but the highest
peak is in Togo and is
Tourist attractions

The Door of no return

The door of no return is a historical monument that
marks the end of the road of slave in Benin. The road
of slaves is a 2.5 mile path that the slaves from benin
would walk to reach the slave ships.
Along the path, are
monuments in
remembrance of the slaves
and the time of slavery in
The Door of no return is
an arch that
commemorates the slaves
and the pain they endured
from the 16th to the 19th
Tourist attractions

Python temple
of Ouidah
Traditional recipes

Amiwo: red corn Agou : Mashed yams

dough, often made with
tomato puree, onion
and peppers and
served with a sauce


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