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CH570 Cane Harvester

New Features and Benefits, 2015

Main Highlights

Not Satisfied with Simply Having the

Best Sugar Cane Harvester
New Model Number
We kept the best of the 3520 and made significant
improvements to the harvesters performance, uptime
and operator experience that will translate into
harvesting cost reduction
New Front End
Redesigned crop dividers, side knives, knockdown
rollers and floating side walls for smooth uniform feed
reducing cane losses and soil content
Improved Feedroller System
Redesigned lower rollers to spread-out cane along the
whole width for better feeding into chopper, enabling
better billet quality, cleaning and blade life
New Modular Design Wider Chopper
Made chopper assembly independent from main frame
for a more precise fitting and ease of service. The
longer chopping area and even blade contact improve
cane handling and billet uniformity.

2 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Main Highlights (Cont.)

Optimized Primary Extractor

More efficient air flow with less recirculation allowing
better separation of billets and faster trash discharge
while operating at lower fan speed
New, Auto FieldCruise
Optimum Engine RPM is adjusted automatically based
on engine load for great fuel savings
Improved Contour Basecutter Height Control
Addition of pressure signal enhances system cutting
Increased Engine Reliability and Added New
Environment Friendly Options
More dependable and compliant with the latest USA and
European emission regulations
Maximized Hydraulic System Efficiency
Hydraulic circuits improvements to reduce power losses
that will translate into fuel savings
All New Roomier Cab
30% Larger and easier to use smart controls

3 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Front End - Crop Dividers

Smooth Feeding of Heavy Tangled


Outer scrolls are now standard

Unit is always prepared for all possible conditions
Outer scrolls are longer and reach lower
Separation of tangled cane will start closer to ground
Inside scrolls diameter was reduced (152 mm, 6)
to lessen weight
Inside scrolls were angled towards the inside
Better feeding
Allows removal of crop dividers knock down rollers as
an option (Improves visibility to crop dividers)
Points width more gradual transition to scrolls

4 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Front End - Crop Dividers Linkage

Better Parallelism to Ground and

Improved Reliability

New linkage design

Improved parallelism of crop divider base regardless of
machine height
Improves operation of Floating Crop Dividers with less
pressure variations and therefore less adjustments
Improved tilt adjustment (better use of hydraulic
cylinder travel)
Increased reliability and serviceability
Larger pins from 25 mm to 32 mm (1 to 1)
Added replaceable bushings on lower link (main frame
Larger hardened bushings and bosses (RMT) in link
arms with increased bearing area

5 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Front End - Side Knives

Handling the Most Difficult

Cane Conditions

Adjustable side knives

Knives lower for lodged tangled cane and
raise out of cane flow when not in use
Lowest position starts at the point of cane
Hydraulically adjustable from cab. Requires
the crop divider hydraulic tilt option
Improved geometry of side knife disk to
reduce cane damage
Design maintains advantage of cane free
flow when not in use

6 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Front End - Knockdown Rollers

Synchronized Feeding

Improved front knockdown roller position

Front roller reach was extended to start feeding the
cane earlier when needed
Overall rollers diameters were increased
5 cm (2) increase
Larger surface and improved tip speed provide better
traction for gripping cane
Lower roller length increased
Eliminates dead spots near crop divider side walls
Front roller split design (2 sections)
Easier access to motors for improved serviceability
With hydraulic tilt option rollers align
Both rollers maintain contact with cane
Breakage is minimized, especially with brittle varieties
Improved feeding

7 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Front End - Floating Sidewalls *

Self-Adjusting Design Keeps Tight

Enclosure to Reduce Cane Losses

Chainless, rear pivot design (not drag type shoe)

Keeps proper sealing with ground to minimize
cane losses
Maintains relation to basecutter position for
better feeding and less loss
Eliminates the need for rear basecutter
Low risk of damage during operation or
Heavy duty design

* Also known as floating shoes

8 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Modular Design Wider Chopper

Independent Chopper System

Modular chopper
Precise fitting of components for better
performance and longer life
Rubber mounted
Absorbs vibrations between chopper and
harvester frame
Larger with new longer blades
Blade is 6.3 cm (2) longer, 7.5%
Replacement of drive motor
Use of a more common type; similar to
basecutter motor.

9 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Optimized Primary Extractor

Better Cleaning at Lower RPM

New conical hub cover reduces air voids and

New wider blades generate more air flow at lower RPM
Fan operates at reduced speed
Longer components and blades life
Reduced HP and fuel consumption
Closed loop control system
Fan speed is maintained regardless of engine RPM or hydraulic
oil temperature when set within the typical operating range
(600-850 RPM)
New blades are hard-surfaced for increased life

10 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Auto FieldCruise

Using Just the Right Amount of Fuel

Engine RPM adjusts to engine load automatically
RPM will decrease when running in low load
conditions to save fuel
Three selectable modes:
1) FieldCruise Off:
Fixed 2210 RPM
2) Standard FieldCruise:
Manually adjustable 1900 - 2210 RPM
3) Auto FieldCruise*
Engine load above 92% 2210 RPM
Engine load below 92% 2000 RPM
Depending on conditions, engine and hydraulic
component life may be increased

11 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Improved Engine Reliability

Dependable Performance
Upgraded piston rings
Changed from plasma coated to chrome coated rings
Reduces piston groove wear and increases ring life
Better injectors
Added Diamond Like Coating (DLC) to the command
piston to reduce deposit accumulation
Previously, only the needle had DLC coating
New suction control valve
Larger solenoid and more Electromagnetic Force
(EMF) to overcome friction from deposits and debris
Intake manifold gasket material change to solid
steel core
Remotely mounted fuel and oil filters facilitates

12 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Environment Friendly Engine Options

Meeting Emissions Regulations

with the Right Technology

Six 9L PowerTech Engine Options:

Tier II (Most of the Sugar Cane World)
337 HP
375 HP
Tier III
337 HP
375 HP
Tier IV (USA and EU)
337 HP
375 HP
Available February 2016

13 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Increased Hydraulic System Efficiency

Minimized Power Losses so that More

HP is Available when Needed
Enhanced topper circuit
Cutting disk and collecting drums on separate circuits to
balance horsepower
Use of more efficient new valve
New piston type motor replaces gear type for higher torque
and efficiency
Modulating cooling fan
Variable speed controlled by hydraulic oil, charge air cooler
and engine coolant temperatures
Maintains optimum engine temperature
Reduces fuel consumption
New pressure compensated pump on cylinder circuits
Replaced gear pump with high efficiency piston type
Increased system response
Pumps oil only when needed reducing power consumption
Removal of crop divider knock down roller motors
Temperature controlled hydraulic oil cooling
Oil is bypassed to tank at lower temperatures
Optimal oil viscosity is maintained

14 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Larger Cab

Enhanced Operator Experience

30% more room
Increased visibility
Reduced noise level to 76 dB
Right and left hand access doors

15 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Premium Cab in Base

emium Experience
GreenStar 3 2630 CommandCenter
25 cm (10) touch display
Side glass wipers
4 High luminosity lights
Radio with auxiliary input

New CommandArmTM

Easy Reach Controls

All secondary controls are easy to reach

Includes air conditioning and lighting controls
(no longer on overhead console)
Display navigation is located on the

17 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New GreenStar 3 2630 CommandCenter

Controls at your Fingertips

New larger 25 cm (10) touch display

Provides 70 degrees of swivel for transport or
viewing preference
Easier screen navigation
Improved banner bar
With key On and engine Off, banner bar will show
hours for harvester, engine, elevator, AutoTrac,
Floating Crop Dividers and Contour Basecutter Height
Once the engine is started, it shows engine and
harvesting functions. Icons turn green when active
Harvester Activity Monitor (H.A.M.) information
can now be downloaded using the USB data
logging port (data now includes time and distance traveled
when harvesting, turning and transporting; time sitting idle)

Banner Bar

18 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Multi-Function Control Lever

Ergonomic Controls

All frequently used controls are now located on

the Multi-Function lever
Elevator controls
No longer on the floor
Elevator will rotate 90 with a click (detent) to
facilitate end of row maneuvering
Three programmable buttons to customize
harvester functions to operator preferences

19 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Larger Cab

Greater Operator Comfort

Improved cooling with 25% more HVAC
blower capacity and overhead vents
Swivel operator seat
Dual tilt telescopic steering column
Increased storage
Wipers, road lights, hi-lo beam, turn
signals, horn, washer all on steering
column controls

20 CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015
Upgraded Contour Basecutter Height Control

Cut at the Right Height

Enhanced system precision with addition of a

pressure signal to the current position signal

Contour Height Control is optional

21 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Topper Drive Improvements

Higher Torque for Topping While

Using Less HP

New piston motor replaces gear type for higher

torque and efficiency
Optimized hydraulic system

22 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Access Improvement

Easier Access
Convenient foldable shelf facilitates access
when carrying tool box or other large items onto
the harvester
Operator platform bottom kick plate removed
and replaced with pipe to reduce debris buildup
Deeper ladder steps and better footing design

23 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

New Air Filter Hood

Simplified Service and Better


Cover and latches are better protected

from damage due to cane impact
Easier to handle (easier to grab)

24 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015

Light Options

Bright Night Operation

Total 12 lights, 8 on cab and 4 auxiliary

4 High luminosity and 4 halogen on cab
Standard auxiliary lights are halogen on the
elevator(2) and cooling package(2)
Optional auxiliary are LED

25 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015


Boost Productivity and Maximize Uptime

with JDLink Remote Machine Monitoring

CH570 architecture ready for telematics

Available through local dealer
Activation/subscription required
Not available in all countries
Additional accessories and/or components are
JDLink main features:
Remotely monitor equipment health, transfer data to
and from the machine
Stay informed on the next maintenance schedule
Remotely access information such as engine hours,
location and fuel consumption
Protect your equipment against misuse and theft with
curfew and geofencing and much more

26 | CH570 Harvester New Features and Benefits 2015