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MR. Govind Shrikhande

Shoppers Stop
Mr. Govind Shrikhande MD of Shoppers Stop.

The journey begins in April 2001.

Shoppers Stop is a part of K.Raheja group.

Email address of shoppers stop is www.shoppersstop.com.

He is graduate from mumbai and has a MBA degree also.

The revolution made by Mr. Govind Shrikhande.

Learnings :
15 years of experience in retail sector.
But first he was interested in textile business
then he got converted to Retail sector.
This sector is growing day by day.
Mr. Mohit Khattar

Natures Basket

He is MD & CEO at Natures Basket.
2 decades of experience in all the business level.
The fastest growing retail sales.
Before that he was president at Subhiksha.
Mohit is a mechanical engineer and post graduate
with MBA in marketing from FMS, Delhi.
He starts his career with Totan as a product
There is a big change because of online marketing.
He learnt much more with his Superiors.
Retail is all about detail.
Immidiate goal is to boom the Natures Basket.
Ms. Rubeena Singh

Money Control

She is COO at moneycontrol.com.
The Sucessful women in India.
After working more than four years with star she
joined CNBC Aawaz.
She became the vice president in CNBC Aawaz.
We launge is harder than launge.
Its very challenging for star news in the competition
with Aaj tak news channel.
Now she is having 11 years of experience.
She believe in team work.
Social media has a bright future in India.
Excellence & Continue better efforts is a goal of


Changing Role of HR

Biggest Challenges Faced by HR :

Innovation culture to be created in the Organisation

Leadership to be developed and Nurtured

Talent Retention
1. Carry out Monthly/ Quarterly Review
2. Skip Level Meeting
Increasing Productivity
1. Process Innovation- Use of Technology in Recruitment and Performance
Management System
2. Software such as Interview Master
3. Reduction in the level of Hierarchy.

Leadership Development :
Carried across at all levels- Entry level to Top Management
Different Skills at Different Level

Succession Planning :
Identify Business Critical Roles In the Organization
Strategies to ensure talent pipeline in terms of talent Mapping in the

The Gen Y Workforce:

Freedom Culture and Open Environment and Focus on results
BYOD- Bring your Own Device.
24 x 7 work culture
Organisations should have a change mind set and should be a
Learning organization.
Sharing Knowledge Capture of Experiential knowledge
Shortening the learning time in future
Use of Technology for Just In Time Learning
Gaming Technology
Use of virtual simulations
Globalization as a challenge
Handling Diversity
Cross Culture sensitization
Highly mobile workforce

Changing Trend in HR
Gen Y workforce prefers on project basis / contract basis
Permanent Employment will be obsolete
Managing High Potential Talent
Retention of Talent at the Critical Business Level
Differential Compensation Scheme
Profit sharing scheme.
Recognition in way of Publication

Today HR cannot restrict itself to only HR Policy, but has to

understand the business dynamics. They need to understand the
operational nuances of the business.

Unique Practices followed by HR:
MBWA (Management by Walking Around)- Started by HP
High Potential Talents should be given opportunities across the organization
Freedom to choose the Method of Training
Reverse Mentoring of Sr. Management by Junior Associates
Informal Networks like CSR Activities, family Social. E.g. Matre by TCS

Assessment of the HR Performance :

Impact of HR Activities on Business
Analysis of Data through various tools like PMS, Feedback form, Exit

HR now uses an Integrated Dashboard system to produce all the HR Activity

inputs to the Top Management Decision Makers.


Food Cost:
The actual value of the food used in a food service operation is often
referred to as cost of food sold.
It includes the cost of food sold to customers as well as value of food that
is given away, wasted or stolen.

Factors affecting Food Cost:

Waste Over ordering, Over production
Theft, food to bar transfers, food transferred to other units, employee
Food Cost Formula:

Cost of goods sold = Opening Inventory + Purchases - Closing Inventory

Food cost Percentage = Food cost + Sales

To accurately calculate cost of food sold, managers must take a physical

Opening Inventory Value of physical inventory at beginning of the
accounting period
Purchases Value of the food purchased during the accounting period.
Closing Inventory Value of the physical inventory counted at end of the
accounting period. 21
Corrective Actions for Cost Control:
To reduce food cost:
Reduce portion size
Replace the item with a lower cost alternative
Feature menu items with higher profit margins (lower costs)
Raise menu prices

To reduce food waste:

Monitor portion control
Monitor food storage & rotation
Monitor food purchasing (Buy appropriate amount)
Minimize production errors.
Effect of costs & sales on food cost percentage:
Food cost is a variable cost, so it should increase when sales increase & decrease when sales decreases.
If controls & standards are in place, food cost will go up and down in direct proportion to sales.
If controls & standards are not in place, it will not !!!

The ABCs of food cost percentage:

A/B = C where, A = food cost, B = sales & C = food cost percentage

If A stays the same & B increases, C decreases.
If A stays the same & B decreases, C increases.
If A decreases & B stays the same, C decreases.
If A increases & B stays the same, C increases.
If A increases at the same proportional rate, then B increases, C stays the same.

If food cost percentages are allowed to drop below the restaurants standards, the guests

perceptions of value may be negatively affected.

Creating Recipe Cost Cards:
Step 1: Copy the ingredients from the standardized recipe card to the cost card.

Step 2: List the amount of each ingredient used.

Step 3: Indicate the cost of each ingredient as listed in the invoice.

Step 4: Convert the cost of the invoice unit for the cost of the recipe unit.

e.g. conversion of unit gallons of milk into recipe unit as pints.

Step 5: Multiply the recipe unit cost by the amount required in the recipe.

Step 6: Add the cost of all ingredients.

Step 7: Divide the total recipe cost by the number of portions produced.

What is Stress?
It is our internal response to the situations we find hard to manage. It is felt when we
feel that the demands are more than the personal and social resources that we can
mobilize. It is the case when we feel we have lost the control of events. It is our
perception of fear or threat that the situation brings with it and Our perceived
availability of resources to tackle that and Our perceived degree of the damage by not
meeting the demands o f the situation. The damage, fear and emotion al impacts are
dependent upon or perception. It is the wear and tear our bodies experience while we
adjust to the continually changing environment. It has physical and emotional effects
The perceived causes are tough deadlines, difficult projects, trying bosses and our
overly busy life

Conditions of Stress:
It thrives in the following conditions:
Unknown areas to handle
Purpose in Stress Management:
The purpose is not to eliminate stress
The purpose is to manage it where it does not perform the boosting role but performs the
damaging role.
Insufficient stress may leave us with a feeling of being depressed, boring.
Excessive stress can leave us with a feeling of being tied up

Optimal Stress Level:

Everyone is endowed with an optimal stress level.
This level changes as per age, knowledge, expertise, experience and the ever-changing

Stress Diary:
Everyone should maintain a stress diary.
You can note into it the date-wise stress-situations and how you coped with it then.
This will also give you the optimal level and the changes taking place in that level.
It helps you to take note of
Common v/s occasional stress causes
Important v/s ignorable causes
Stress Diary Benefits:
You can analyse the diary against situations in life periodically
You will understand that the similar stress situations do not create stress anymore or the
degree of damage is reduced & the patterns are no more there

Signs of Stress:
Behavioural Changes:
Changes in appetite, sleep and normal routine
Sudden loss or gain of weight
Neglecting your wardrobe or grooming
Life Style:
Masking Stress
Working aggressively or harder
Reacting to the misfortunes of life
Others attitude to impacting us
Crisis Events:
Death in the family
Stages of Stress:
Alarm Stage

Resistance stage

Exhaustion stage

Burnout stage
Alarm Stage:
This is a primitive system of preparing for emergencies, also called as "Fight or
Flight stage.
Quick release of hormonescausing increase supply of blood sugar to important parts
of the body.
Its negative side is excitement, irritation etc.

Resistance Stage:
Maintaining ourselves in the Alarm stage will lead us into the Resistance stage.
We will less socialize, will not maintain good communications & relations with our co-
We become overly introvert and withdrawn.
Exhaustion Stage:
In this our health becomes affected.
We become prone to unusual behaviour/problems.

Burnout Stage:
Grow increasingly exhausted and discouraged.
Loss of appetite& illness
Difficulty in concentrating on the work
Glancing at the watch repeatedly
Loss of self-esteem and confidence
The inspiration, enthusiasm are stripped away and it is crowded with
tediousness and unpleasant things


What is Employment Engagement?
It is work engagement or worker engagement.
The concept is from business management.
It was conceptualized by WilliamA.Kahn (1980) who described it as engagement at
work as harnessing of employees to their work roles.
An engaged employee is fully involved & enthusiastic about his/her work & thus will
work for organizations interest.
Employee Engagement exists when the employee feel Physically, Intellectually &
Emotionally attached to their work(Kahn1990).
Work Lifework & personal well being

Primary Drivers of Employee Engagement:

Intangible Assets.
Retention and Work for Talent.
Popular Appeal.
Why does it matter?
Engaged Employees:
Perform up to 20% better than less-engaged employees.
Are 87% less likely to leave the organization than employees with low level of
Are more innovative.
Are more committed to customer satisfaction.
Contribute more to their organization than their less engaged peers

Research Analysis:
Research Analysis on studies done show engagement is not simple.
Leadership Driver: Initiative from most senior level to front line.
Other research studies show that investment in talent & relationships lead to higher
engagement levels.
Human Resource Strategy on employee welfare is high priority in corporate world
What drives Employee Engagement -
Organizational CommitmentThe Psychological (emotional) attachment of an employee
to an organization.
Service CommitmentThe need to take care of Ethos (the ethics is what company
follows & what you follow) so the customer needs are also fulfilled in righteous manner.
Work & Career CommitmentThe importance an individual places on the actual work
they do & development of a career.
Job SatisfactionThe day to day impact of the work done and the immediate context
within which it is set.
It is inversely associated with stress. Hockey (2000) says that adapt to the demands of
work in three ways:
Effort without distress (Engagement) -Working harder & deriving satisfaction.
Distress without effort (disengagement) -Giving up & feeling bad about it.
Effort with distress (Strain) -Working harder but with fatigue and anxiety.
Role of HR?
HR make employee feel:
Boost them for their work

Engagement Drivers:
These are 3 drivers:
Right employees in the right jobs.
Exceptional Leadership

Things Important to Employees:

Knowing whats expected
Having the right materials & Equipment
Opportunity to Do What I Do Best
Recognition & Praise
Caring for Me as a Person
Encourages Development
What Did Your Former Company Do Poorly?
Poor management
Lack of career growth and advancement opportunities
Poor communications (top-down)
Pay inequities and ineffective performance appraisals
Lack of recognition
Poor senior leadership
Lack of training
Excessive workload
Factors for employee engagement:
Equal opportunities and fair treatment
Performance appraisal
Pay and benefits
Health and safety
Job satisfaction

The Magic Stone Of The Millennium

Change and Rate Of Adoption of Technology Huge and Manifold ...

Salient Revolution :-

Internet in Brief
Worldwide network of computers
Fastest and cheapest communication medium-global reach
Great Leveller
Marketing and Distributor channel
Business Implementation Tool
Collaborative working
What Sets Internet Apart ?
Medium to offer Interactivity with clients
Personalized reach
Pull medium
Medium of Mass customization

Why Presence On The Web ?

Important as Postal Address

Medium of Information Dissemination

Buyer / Client / Prospects

- Collaborator / Partner / Supplier

Type Of Web Presence
A. Informative
Detailed information (Static)
Global presence, 24X7, Promote leads, Enhance Image

B. Interactive
Facilitate Integration
Faster response, Improved service, Reduced operation cost

C. Commerce Enables
Allow commercial transaction
Choice and pay for products, complete business transaction
Internet Marketing
The Marketing Approach
The Business Development

Goal Of Internet Marketing

New Customer, Revenue, Image, Service Improvement

Principles Of Internet Marketing

Easy to find what selling e.g. Amazon
Service e.g. Dell, Customization e.g. Ingram
Simple Navigation e.g. C & K Components
Business To Business Focus


The call money market refers to the market for extremely short period loans; say one
day to fourteen days.
These loans are repayable on demand at the option of either the lender or the
borrower. The money that is lent for one day in this market is known as Call
Money, and if it exceeds one day (but less than 15 days) it is referred to as Notice
Term Money refers to Money lent for 15 days or more in the Inter Bank Market. These
loans are given to brokers and dealers in stock exchange. Similarly, banks with
surplus lend to other banks with deficit funds in the call money market.
Thus, it provides an equilibrating mechanism for evening out short term surpluses and
deficits. Moreover, commercial banks can quickly borrow from the call market to meet
their statutory liquidity requirements.
They can also maximize their profits easily by investing their surplus funds in the call
market during the period when call rates are high and volatile.

Domestic company means an Indian company, or any other company which,
in respect of its income liable to tax under this Act, has made the prescribed
arrangements for the declaration and payment, within India, of the dividends
(including dividends on preference shares) payable out of such income, as
per Section 2(22A)
Dividend, according to Section 2(22) includes-

Companies Loosing Out Due To
Poor Customer Feedback

Digital Markets urge to improve online customer feedback

In todays 21st Century, many business are still failing to understand fully their
customer needs as they are using the out-dated feedback method.

Many companies measure satisfaction and loyalty on relational and transactional


Marketers should use more proactive tools to comprehensively understand their

customer needs unlike the traditional way of getting the feedback through direct
contact or email questionnaire, SMS, IVR which are all passive tools for feedback.

Companies Loosing Out Due To
Poor Customer Feedback
The major focus is on measurement of the Data feedback instead of getting
qualitative data in combination with the matrices of the efforts and use.

To get good information about the overall online experience, a company has
to get feedback from all web devices.

We should realize that every customer reaction is bound to have a

conversation for the betterment of the service to be provided.

In addition to collect data, companies have to listen a lot more and take
action immediately.

Mobile phone users data at risk of
attacks : McAfee
Cell-phones with mobile apps could be potential target of cyber attacks globally and subscribers'
data including usernames and passwords are at risk, security software maker McAfee said.

The failure of mobile application developers to patch critical secure sockets layer (SSL)
vulnerabilities could potentially impact millions of mobile phone users, according to McAfee Labs
Threats Report: February 2015.

In September 2014, Computer Emergency Response Team ( CERT) at Carnegie Mellon University
released a list of vulnerable mobile applications and McAfee Labs in January tested the 25 most
popular apps on the list out of 18 have still not been patched despite public disclosure, vendor
notification, and, in some cases, multiple version updates addressing concerns other than

McAfee Labs researchers simulated Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks that
successfully intercepted information such as usernames and passwords and in
some instances, login credentials from social networks and other third party
services shared during supposedly secure SSL sessions.
Their findings suggest that the choice by mobile app developers to not patch the
SSL vulnerabilities has potentially put millions of users at risk of becoming
targets of MITM attacks," it added.
They also warned of increasingly aggressive potentially unwanted programs
(PUPs) that change system settings and gather personal information without the
knowledge of users.
They reported that mobile malware samples grew 14 per cent during the fourth
quarter of 2014, with Asia and Africa registering the highest infection rates.
The Android is on the Move
The article talks about the Android Operating System which is slowly becoming the
dominant power behind the growth of smart phones and hopping on to lot more
devices than just the phone and the tablet slowly changing our world; for instance, on
a netbook, a dual boot device which has Windows as well as the Android.

In 2012, we saw the launch of two Android cameras - from Nikon and Samsung - that
have enough brains and processing power to edit the pictures clicked within the
device, and share them with other devices or on a social network thanks mainly to
their Android OS which would not have been possible a couple of years ago.

Epson's Moverio BT-100, a 'personal video viewer' you use like a pair of glasses
through which you can browse the Internet, watch videos online, and even download
apps is the most innovative Android product at present, not because it brings the OS
to the bridge of your nose, but because it opens up endless possibilities.
Remove the dark shades that let you watch 3D movies, and the Moverio becomes a pair of transparent eye-

pieces through which you can view your surroundings and, simultaneously, a small LCD screen that streams

online content.

There will be better uses for it when augmented reality comes into the picture - quite literally. Just visualize a

world where you look at something and your spectacles identify it for you. Google, in fact, already has an

app for that called Goggles which recognise most things - take a picture of the object and the app will tell

you all about it.

Google is also working on Project Glass, another spectacles-like device that uses Android to bring a smart

phone-like interface right in front of your eyes.

Now attempts are being made to use this OS in a range of products from light bulbs to cars. In a car, for

instance, the OS will log into the global positioning system to determine location, use maps to plot routes,

and change gears according to the terrain.

But the success of Android and its apps is inseparably linked to net access.
5 Things to Ask in A Job Interview
Normally the Interview is concluded by the asking the Question to the
Interviewee as Do you have any questions for us?

No way you are suppose to ask questions like Increment policy, Leave policy,
Compensation in your first meeting. A bad question will reflect a bad fit to the

Asking No question reflects inexperience, indifferent, uneducated about the

position or taking for granted.

Hence you need to ask question- Smarter question that determine whether
the job and company are fit for you.

Five Right Question which are preferable to Ask :

1. Why is the position vacant ?

-Due to expansion, Previous person left or fired or negative impact
2. What are the major primary responsibilities and the secondary workload ?
- With this information you are able to understand the days activities and also how
much time you will spend for the work disliked by you.
3. How is the company culture ?
- This will understand the day to day working environment and to know whether you
are fit for the culture as you spend more than 40% time in office.
4. What is the company vision for the next 5 years and your position to accomplish it ?
- It figure out your goal oriented approach and also gives your insight about the
organizational structure and how your positions fits into.
5. Do you like working here ?
- You need to observe the minutely the response as it reflect the red flag giving you
the idea.

Microsoft releases popular Word, Excel &
PowerPoint for free on Android Tablets
This article talks about Microsoft Corp. which made its popular Word, Excel and
PowerPoint applications available for free on Android tablets from 29th Jan 2015 which
were earlier available as only test versions.

These are the latest gambits in Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella marking the latest
step in its drive to get as many mobile customers as possible using its software & also
broke decades of tradition last March by releasing a free, touch-friendly version of Office
for Apple's iPad .

It also released an app for its popular Outlook email program to run on Apple Inc's
iPhone and iPad, hoping to attract the millions of users familiar with Outlook from their
work desktops.
Microsoft is looking to build up a base of users which it can later persuade to sign up for
Office 365, starting at $7 a month for personal users by giving away its industry-
standard Office apps on Apple's popular iOS and Google's Android operating systems.
According to Microsoft, Word, Excel and PowerPoint - the key elements of Microsoft's top-
selling Office suite of applications, have been a hit on Apple's mobile devices, with 80
million downloads.
Microsoft plans to release new, touch-friendly versions of its Office apps for Windows
devices later this year when it releases the Windows 10 operating system.
The new Outlook app, based on a popular app made by Acompli, which Microsoft bought
in December 2014, will allow iPhone and iPad users much easier ways of linking email to
calendars and working with file attachments.
Microsoft is also releasing a test version of the Outlook app for Android users.
10 Essential Email Etiquette Tips You
Cant Afford to Ignore
Email are perhaps the most important communication tools in today business

10 Essential Email Etiquettes Tips are :

Keep it simple, concise and Brief.
Use subject line which avoid your email to go unnoticed. Do not use words
like Urgent unless its very much required.
Keep Email few and targeted. Do not include insignificant issues.
Be Punctilious, Not Slapdash. Edit your emails as if they were formal
letters. Omit slang and overly familiar language.
Watch The Punctuation. Dont use all caps for emphasis. Use 12 point type
and proper punctuation, meaning capitalize the first letter of each
sentence and use a period at the end. Then, proofread.

Carefully consider CC and BCC. Do not copy message unless they are
required. For a single mail to number of people use BCC as other dont like
their mail id to be shared.

Think before hitting Reply All. Analysed the message to be replied whether it
is required to be send to all before you Reply All.

Avoid Silliness and Emoticons. These are business Email and nobody like
funny things

Watch your tone. Words are normally easily misinterpreted. So, keep your
sentences simple and declarative. Keep the message focused and dont go off
on tangents.

Never add a link without indicating what it is not in an age of ber

7 Must Ask Question For A Salesperson
performance of a Sales person is a reflection of HOW ARE THE

The 7 Most important Question Every Sales Person should Ask

How do you see yourself. The way you see yourself directly reflects your
performance. Mental imagery is the fastest, most powerful sales tool in your
arsenal. Use it.

How do you see others. How you see others reflects your perspective on the
world. It reflects your default thinking is based on love or hate.

Whats your motivation. Motivation is something struggled for long time. Its a
mind set that takes practice to master. We need to change our motivation for our
own benefit and for our client benefit.

7 Must Ask Question For A Salesperson
Does my product or service add value. If your product/service is not adding any value
to your customer, then you need to move to a more potential client. The more you
add value to your customer, the more you can charge.

Am I a Team Player. A sales person should be a Team player. He should realized that he
as an individual cannot achieve the organisational goal and is a contributor. Put the team
first before yourself.

Does my potential customer trust me. If a client does not trust you , he will not
longer be your client. To improve sales, be honest, straight forward, tactfully blunt in

Have I made a firm decision. We should always make a decision to improve. A firm
decision means going forward despite adversity, obstacles, setbacks, hardships, etc.

Don't Quit.

Tough Time Ahead For McDonald, KFC
and Pizza Hut In India ?
The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) expects the hike in the service tax
to substantially impact the business in the restaurant in India.

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) will be the largest hit with the increase in
service tax as it serves the middle working class which can lose out on affordability
factor. A lot of people prefer this QSR due to low and competitive prices.
The increase in prices will ultimately result in a drop in the revenues of the
restaurants as there will steep dip in both the footfall as well as the consumption.

The QSR is the major contributor to the country GDP after the insurance, but
has to pay excise duty, VAT , service tax and increase in the ST is not a good news.

The impact of this will be not seen immediately but after a period few months. Hike is
expected to affect consumers across the board and will increase the cost

Tough Time Ahead For McDonald, KFC
and Pizza Hut In India ?
The consumers and the industry players will not just be impacted by the
increase in service tax, but will also have to pay Swachh Bharat cess also. It
will definitely lead to some cost pressure for consumers and business
affecting the consumer sentiment to be hit by this move.

The businesses will be unable to negate the adverse impact of the

additional tax and a price rise can be expected across the products.

McDonald had a growth of 20% CARG while the growth of the overall segment
is very slow. This segment which had grown to 5500 cr. in 2013 was expected
to grow to 16,750 cr. In 2018, but the recent hike in the ST raises a question
for this growth.

A fantastic article about certain few great innovations, rather inventions which have
happened through mistakes unknowingly and which led to success.
To start off with, an accidental explosion in a laboratory in 1864 in Stockholm,
Sweden, helped Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel to discover dynamite when they were
struggling to stabilise nitro-glycerin, an explosive liquid.
Well, this might be little unusual but the most valuable accidental innovation has
been the story of discovery of Penicillin. In 1928, Alexander Fleming left a culture
plate dirtied with Staphylococcus bacteria in his research lab when he was going out
for a two weeks holiday trip. After coming back, he found growth of a fungus in the
plate due to contamination which surprisingly stops bacteria from growing. This later
became a life-saving antibiotic.

The discovery of Viagra came about when the two researchers named Simon
Campbell and David Roberts were working for the drug company Pfizer to find cure of
Agnima with symptoms of high blood pressure and a heart condition. In 1980s, after
testing on human, they found it not very effective, however, it was found out that the
treatment led to erections.

The issue that needs to be discussed is what fosters innovation? First, how employees
are motivated to be creative in a company. This is easier to say than doing though but
there are companies who have been doing it. Google encourages its employees to
spend 20% of their work time on their personal projects.
And secondly, how the companies can dare to alter their business models towards
innovation. Dhirubhai Ambani found polyester in oil refinery process while he was
working for a petroleum company. Discovery of polyester brought revolution in Indian
In India, V.S.S. Mani, the Founder and MD of Just Dial mastered the idea of sharing
database for telemarketers.