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Camelia Chelaru XII MI

I. Society
1. The feudal system

Society pyramid
in Medieval age
The King was in complete control
under the Feudal System.

Barons leased land from the King

which was known as a manor. They
established their own system of
justice, and set their own taxes.

Knights were given land by a Baron

in return for military service
Villeins, sometimes known as serfs Villeins
had no rights. They had to provide the
Knight with free labour, food and service
whenever it was demanded.

Costumes of slaves or serfs, from the sixth

to the twelfth centuries
The feudal economy
was based on land and
services rather than

Kings of the Middle Ages held extreme

power over their subjects. Every royal
document was marked with a personal
badge called a seal, pressed into soft wax.
This one belonged to Henry III of England
Women in medieval age

Medieval feasts or banquets included huge pies and tarts, jellies, fish such
as eels and lampreys, roast goose or swan and venison. Dishes were
served with great ceremony.


2. Medieval Schools &

A Medieval Classroom

The main education was church schools and most pupils

were tutored by monks or nuns

In the Middle Ages, the language of

the Roman Church was Latin, which
few ordinary people could understand.
Stained glass windows were an ideal way
of telling stories from the Bible or the lives
of the saints.
Stone castles were built for stability and to symbolize the power of
the lords of the kingdom

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, England,

United Kingdom

St. Mawes Castle, Cornwall,

England, United Kingdom
St. Mawes Castle, Built by Henry
VIII, St. Mawes, Cornwall,
England, United Kingdom

St. Mawes Castle, Built by King Henry

VIII, Cornwall, England, UK
The crusades
The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars launched by the
Christian states of Europe against the Muslim expansion.

General Map for

the Era of the
The knights
A Knight was a member of the warrior
class of the Middle Ages in Europe.

Knights began to use personal badges or emblems:



Pole arms

Ballistic Weapons


Fire arm

The catapult