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Mechanics of Materials 2

Muhammad Zahid Jiwa

Deformation in circular shaft

Strain Shear stress

= max = max

Maximum stress Shear stress

max = =

Angle of Twist
A relation will be derived between the angle of twist f of a circular shaft and the torque T exerted on
the shaft. The entire shaft will be assumed to remain elastic.

Max. shearing strain max =

Hookes law
max =

max = =

= SHAFT angle of twist (in rads)

The relation obtained shows that, within the elastic range, the angle of twist is proportional to the
torque T applied to the shaft.
Non-homogeneous shaft
Multiple sections shaft
Part AC, CD, DE and EB

Variable cross section shaft

Free ends shaft
One end attached to fix support Both ends rotate


= =

angle of twist of shaft =

angle of rotation of free end
angle of twist of shaft = angle
through which one end of the
shaft rotates with respect to the
Example 1

Figure Example 3.01

Example 2
Example 3 1 1
2 2

Figure 3.23
Exercise 4
Solution Ex4
Solution Ex4
Design of Transmission Shaft

Power to be Speed of
transmitted rotation

Select material
Cross section of shaft

Stress Check

Design of Transmission Shaft

Power transmitted Max. allowable stress

= 2

Stress check
Material limit

Minimum value for allowable parameter J/c

= angular velocity of
Example 5