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Cylinder Lubrication

Force Feed
Lubricator System
Service Bulletin 276 - April 22, 1996
Service Bulletin 276 - April 1996

Gear Ratio
Cylinder Lubrication Logic Chart (Example)
RAM / MH / WH / WG
From Main Lube System
Plugged if external lubricant is used.
Lubricator System
MH / WH / WG


Gear Box

Coupling &
Mounting Bracket
Pressure Reduction



Establishes 5-
Typical Divider Valve Type Lubrication System on
Superior-CFA Compressors
Premier Lubricator
Single Pump Lubricator for Divider Block Type
Lubrication Systems - CFA Compressor

Premier Model 756701

Lubricator Assembly
2-Pint Reservoir
1-Feed (1/4 Plunger
Center Rear Rotary Drive
60:1 Reduction
Model P-55U Pump
Flow Rate Adjustment
Loosen lock nut on flushing unit
Turn flushing unit counter-clockwise to increase flow
Turn flushing unit clockwise to decrease flow
Tighten lock nut when desired flow rate is achieved

Pump Outlet, 1/8 NPT

Vent Screw

Pump Displacement
Maximum Output (per stroke):
Union Nut
Flushing 3/16 Plunger = .010 Cu. In.
Unit 1/4 Plunger = .018 Cu. In.
3/8 Plunger = .041 Cu. In.
Suctio The cubic volume for a pint of oil is 28.9 Cu. In. and
n average drop size is .002 Cu. In.
Inlet There are approximately 14,500 drops in a pint,
however oil viscosity may vary drop size.
Sight Glass
Union Nut

Union Sleeve Assy.

Connector Assy.

Check Ball

One Piece
Model P-55U
Steel Body

(Exploded View)


Suction Piston
Typical Pump Sequence of Events
Premier Model P-55U Pump AssemblyPressurized
Suction (Blind Sightfeed)-CFA Compressor

Premier Part CES Part Plunger Size

Number Number
91202 620-239-001 1/4

91203 620-240-001 3/8

Check Valves

Single Ball, Part No. 90040

90 Degree Elbow Type
Max. Pressure: 3000 PSIG

Double Ball, Part No. 90023

Straight 1/8 NPT Male x Female
Max. Pressure: 8000 PSIG
Premier Injection Point Check Valves
CFA Compressors

Cylinder Check Valve

Part No. 90025
Double Ball, Stainless Steel
Rated for 8,000 PSI

Flow Direction
Packing Check Valve
Part No. 90501
Single Ball, Carbon Steel
Rated for 3,000 PSI

Flow Direction
DropsA SMX Divider Valve Assembly

General Features:
Modular Design (Base and Elements)
Integral Porting Adapter f/ Single to Twin Conversion
Air Bleeds Built Into Base
Wide Variety of Element Sizes
Elements Can Be Serviced Without Disturbing Piping
Zinc Plated Components
Cycle Indicators
Pin Type Pressure Indicators
Proximity Switches & Digital No-Flow Timers
Technical Data DropsA SMX Divider Valves

Technical Specifications:
Maximum Pressure: 7,250 PSI (500 Bar)
Minimum Pressure: 215 PSI (15 Bar)
O-Ring Material: Viton
Oil Viscosity: Minimum 15cSt (77.31 SSU)
Grease: Maximum 200 ASTM (NLGI-4)
Inlet Thread: 1/4 NPT
Outlet Thread: 1/8 NPT
Temperature Range:
-40 F (-250 C) to + 3920 F (+2000 C)
SMX Metering Element Sizes

SMX Metering Element Chart

Metering Delivery In3 Delivery In3 Element Part
Element Size (Twin) (Single) Number

SMX-08 .005 .010 641516

SMX-12 .0075 .015 641790
SMX-16 .010 .020 641517
SMX-25 .015 .030 641518
SMX-35 .020 .040 641519
SMX-40 .025 .050 641520

SMX-50 .030 .060 641521

SMX-60 .035 .070 641522
SMX-65 .040 .080 641523
Deliron Magnetic (Visual) Cycle Indicator

Stainless Steel Housing
Highly Visible Orange Cycle Indicator
Mounts on Any Size Metering Element
Fully Enclosed
Replaces Leaking Mechanical Cycle Pins

No. 1

1st Stage Cylinder
No. 2

Sectio O-
n Ring
No. 3

Divider Valve
Cycle Frequency Examples
1. SMX-3 (08T-08T-08T) Divider Valve
.030 Cu. In to make 1 complete cycle

@ 18 ppd. .030 x 3,000 Divided By 18 = 5 Seconds Per Cycle (12 Cycles Per Minute)

@ 9 ppd. .030 x 3,000 Divided By 9 = 10 Seconds Per Cycle (6 Cycles Per Minute)

@ 4 ppd. .030 x 3,000 Divided By 4 = 22.5 Seconds Per Cycle (2.6 Cycles Per Minute)

2. SMX-4 (35T-16S-16T-08S) Divider Valve

.090 Cu. In. to make 1 complete cycle

@ 18 ppd. .090 x 3,000 Divided By 18 = 15 Seconds Per Cycle (4 Cycles Per Minute)

@ 9 ppd. .090 x 3,000 Divided By 9 = 30 Seconds Per Cycle (2 Cycles Per Minute)

@ 4 ppd. .090 x 3,000 Divided By 4 = 67 Seconds Per Cycle (.90 Cycles Per Minute)
DNFT Products
Digital No-Flow Timers


Mounted on SMX-3 Assy.
DNFT-LED Digital No-Flow Timer

DNFT Features:
Monitors Movement of Divider Valve Piston
Fixed 2-Minute Alarm Time
Closed Loop or Open Loop
Requires No External Power
Installs Directly To Divider Valve
Not Affected By Temperature or Viscosity CSA C-US 186200
Blinking LED Cycle Indication Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A,B,C,D: T4
CE 0344
Dependable Timed Shutdown Protection Class 1 Zone 1, Ex md IIC T4
Field Replaceable Battery is Standard Ex II 2G EE x m IIB T5
Amb. 400C+850 C
Atmospheric Rupture Indicator

Atmospheric Rupture Indicators are used to

signal excessive pressure in divider valve
type lubrication systems.
The Atmospheric Rupture Indicator employs
a Rupture Disc which will burst at a
predetermined pressure, automatically
relieving pressure.
Pressures Available:
900, 1175, 1450, 1750, 2050, 2350, 2950 and
3250 PSI with Standard Cap (0.250 Orifice)
3700, 4600, 5500 and 6400 PSI with High
Pressure Cap (0.125 Orifice)
Discs are color coded for identification

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