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Understanding PMBOK

The PMBOK Guide

is an internationally recognised standard that provides
the fundamentals of project management that are
applicable to a wide range of projects, including
construction, software, engineering, automotive, etc.
The Guide recognizes 5 basic process groups and 9
knowledge areas typical of almost all projects. The basic
concepts are applicable to projects, programs and
operations. The five basic process groups are:
Controlling and Monitoring, and
Processes overlap and interact throughout
a project or phase. Processes are
described in terms of:
Inputs (documents, plans, designs, etc.)
Tools and Techniques (mechanisms applied to
Outputs (documents, products, etc.)
The book covers the following knowledge areas:
Project Integration Management,
Project Scope Management,
Project Time Management,
Project Cost Management,
Project Quality Management,
Project Human Resource Management,
Project Communications Management,
Project Risk Management,
Project Procurement Management.
Initiating process
Conduct Project Selection Methods
Define Scope
Document Project Risks, Assumptions, and Constraints
Identify and Perform Stakeholder Analysis
Develop Project Charter
Obtain Project Charter Approval

This is where youre tested on everything that has to do with getting

a project up and running: whats in the charter, developing the
preliminary scope, understanding what your stakeholders
need, and how your organization handles projects.
Planning process
Define and Record
Requirements, Constraints and
Identify Project Team and Every knowledge area
Define Roles and involves a lot of planning. This
Responsibilities domain tests you on how you
Create the WBS create all of those plans, and
Develop Change Management what should be in them.
Identify Risks and Define Risk
Obtain Plan Approval
Conduct Kick-off Meeting
Executing process
Execute Tasks Defined in
Project Plan
Ensure Common
Understanding and Set This is where the work
Expectations happens, but it also includes a
Implement the Procurement of lot of information about
Project Resources contracts. Thats why its the
Manage Resource Allocation performance domain with the
Implement Quality most questions.
Management Plan
Implement Approved Changes
Implement Approved Actions
and Workarounds
Improve Team Performance
Monitoring and controlling
Measure Project
Verify and Manage This is where you see
Changes to the all those earned value
Project calculation questions.
Ensure Project
Deliverables Conform
to Quality Standards
Monitor all Risks
Obtain Final Acceptance for
the Project
Obtain Financial, Legal, and
Administrative Closure Youll need to know all about
Release Project Resources how the stakeholders accept
Identify, Document and your product, and what you
Communicate Lessons need to do before you close
Learned out the project.
Create and Distribute Final
Project Report
Archive and Retain Project
Measure Customer
Professional and social
Ensure Individual
Contribute to the PMI places a lot of value on
Project Management personal integrity. Before you
can become a PMP certified
Knowledge Base project manager, you need to
Enhance Personal demonstrate that you know the
right thing to do in a lot of
Professional tricky situations.
Promote Interaction
Among Stakeholders
PMBOK (2000)