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9TH July 2017 (8.30 AM 10.30 AM)

Venue: Hall
1. Nur Syarah Imani Binti Suhadi
2. Norkhalidah Binti Zakarzan
3. Neshalini A/P M. Ballan
4. Nurhanifah Wahidah Binti Hamzah
5. Zulaikha Binti Pahin
6. Maziyyatul Ismah Binti Mohd Ismail
Flow of the slot:
1. Pictures Matching
2. Creating Greeting Card
3. Writing Race.
4. Story Chain (Back-up)
1. Pictures Matching
The pupils will be divided into 10 groups
Each group will be given two envelopes
i) First one contains of 4-5 pictures.
ii) Second one contains of 4-5 sentences.
The pupils need to match the sentences with the
pictures given.
The members will then arrange the pictures with the
sentences according to the sequence of the storyline.
Each group will be asked to come to the front of the
hall to show the pictures and the sentences that they
have arranged and read the story to the whole
Materials needed:
1. 20 pieces of envelopes
2. A4 papers
3. Manila cards
4. Glue
2. Creating greeting card
Each pupil will be given an A4 paper and old
The pupils need to create a greeting card
using the given materials.
Pupils will be encouraged to cut the letters
and pictures from the newspapers.
The greeting card should be suitable to the
chosen theme. Eg: National Day / Friendship
They will exchange the card that they have
created among themselves.
Materials needed:
1. A4 papers
2. Old newspapers
3. Scissors
4. Glue
3. Writing Race
The pupils will be divided into 10 groups.
Each group will get a container / box that
contains a bunch of paper strips.
Each group need to find 3 words from 3 different
classes which are noun, verb and adjective.
After they have found the three words, they need
to construct a sentence using all the collected
words and write it down on a piece of paper.
Then, they have to go to the board at the front of
the hall and paste the words into their own class.
After pasting the words on the board, they need
to read aloud the sentence that they have
Materials needed:
1. 10-11 small containers/boxes
2. A4 papers
3. Whiteboard
4. Blu-Tack
4. Story Chain (Back-up)
The pupils will be divided into smaller
Each group will be given a piece of paper
strip that contains an incomplete
sentence. Eg: I have a
The next member will have to complete
the sentence.
The members within the groups will take
turn to expand and finish the sentences
to create a complete story.