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Food processing and preservation.

Dr.Mohammad Sabbah.
By; Watan Abu Obaid.
Definition of Rotary Dryer.
Characteristics of Rotary Dryer.
Best of Rotary Dryers.
Description of Rotary Dryer.
Construction of Rotary Dryer.
Rotary Dryer advantages and
Applications of Rotary Dryer.
Definition ;-
Type of industrial dryer employed to
reduce or minimize the liquid moisture
of the material by bringing it in direct
contact with a heated gas.
Speciallydesigned lifting flights to
maximize heat transfer between the
material and hot gas stream.
Heavy duty design and construction for
many years of service.
Process and Mechanical Warranties.
Rotary Dryers are suitable for drying a
wide range of materials.
Itcan be widely used to dry various materials
and it is simple to be operated.
Best in Class Rotary Dryers ;-
All of our dryers are
custom designed to suit
the unique processing
needs of your material.
Whether you require low or
high inlet temperatures,
short or long residence
times, counter-current or
co-current flow.
It can be offer cost
competitive designs for
pilot scale units that
process as little as one
ton per hour to heavy
duty units in excess of
17 foot in diameter that
process hundreds of
tons per hour.
Description ;-
A rotary dryer consist of a cylindrical shell , set
with its axis at a right angle to the horizontal
and mounted on rollers so that it can be rotated.
The material to be dried is fed to the high end
of the dryer and by rotation of the dryer ,
usually assisted by internal shelves of flight , is
gradually advanced to the lower end where it is
The source of heat for a rotary dryer is usually
the hot air that circulates through the using
dryer .
Key ;-
A Burner F Ring Gear
B Combustion Chamber G Discharge
C Raw Material Feed Breeching
D Riding Ring/Tire H Product Discharge
E Lifting Flights I Drive Assembly
J Trunnion Wheel
large production capacity, continuous operation.
simple structure, easy to operate; less failure,
low maintenance costs.
a wide range of application, fluid resistance is
small, you can use it to dry granule-like
material, for those adhesion material , it is also
very beneficial.
operating flexibility, production flow allows the
product to have a greater fluctuation range, will
not affect the quality of the product.
cleaning easy.
the equipment is large, one-time investment
are high.
the installation and removal are difficult.
the heat loss is large, thermal efficiency is
low (steam tube rotary dryer thermal
efficiency is high).
the material in the dryer stay a long time,
the material granules residence time have
large differences.
Applications ;-
Rotary Dryers have many
applications but are most
commonly seen in the mineral
industry for drying sands ,
limestone , stones and soil ,
ores , fertilizers , wood chips ,
Iron sulfate , filter cakes ,
sewage sludge .