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Making Math


Presented by
Shani Ladd & Amy Diamond

Vanessa Levin - Pre K Pages/The Teaching Tribe

Jonily Zupanic - Minds on Math

Progressions of Math
Development Questions

1. Count (What number do your students count to?)

2. Quantify - Could you ask Are there 1, 2, or 3 items? (instead of asking

how many?)

3. Compare - Which has more?

4. Operate - How much more? Or How many more?

Progression Is a Cycle

This progression is applied over and over as you move through the
development of math concepts.

Where is your student now? How do you apply this progression?

Even if students can only count 123, work on quantifying those

*Count everyday

words present in
Immersion and Exposure various places in


*Model quantifying
Apply & Share
Talk with a partner about a particular part of your day that you
can use this progression.

Examples: Calendar, Snack, Attendance, Lunch Count

Singapore Math
What is it?
Are you asking the right questions?
Make it Strategy
Paper plates

Egg cartons as tens frames


Counting coupons

Linear calendar
Resources (


Number vests

Mingle and Count

Before and after numbers
Number Order
Shape Sort
Math Center Set Up