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Dead Loads

1. Self Weight of Deck (DC1)

w1 = 0.744 77 1.05 = 60.15 /
2. 75mm thick Pavement Loads (DW)
= 0.075 22.5 21 20.38 = 34.2/
3. Assume Barriers, Services, Poles etc. Loads (DC2)
2 = 4.85/

Total Dead Load = DC1+DC2+DW

= 99.2 KN/m

No Eccentricity has been taken into account

Applying Live Load
Cross Section of Steel Box Girder
Lane1 Sidewalk
Sidewalk Lane2 Median=1m Lane3 Lane4 Barrier

0.5m 1m 1m+0.375m+3.75+3.75m+0.5m 0.5m+3.75m+3.75m+0.375m+1m 1m 0.5m

Calculations of P2
4 design lanes (each 3.5m wide) = 3.5 x 4 = 14m
Total width of bridge=21m
5.5m width should be loaded with full P2. (14-5.5)/2 m should be loaded P2/2.

P2= 3 x 5.5 + (3/2) x 4.25 + (3/2) x 4.25 =29.25 KN/m (say 30KN/m)
Live Load Calculations
1. LL = Live Load including P1 and P2
- Where P1 is Concentrated Vehicular (Tandem) Live Load
Causing Impact, P1= 97.5 KN/m
- P2 is Uniformly Distributed Lane Live Load causing no
impact, P2 = 30 KN/m
2. IM= Dynamic Vehicular impact factor Live Load
applying only on P1
i= 20/(L+50)= 20/(12+50) =0.32
3. PL= Pedestrian Load = 10 KN/m
Total P2 Live Load=10+30=40 KN/m
Total P1 Live Load = 97.5x1.32=128.7 KN/m

No Eccentricity has been taken into account

Live Load Cases

PD - Ideal State
P2 P1
Loading Position1- PD+PL1
P2 P1 Loading Position2- PD+PL2
P1 P2
Loading Position3- PD+ PL3
P1 P2
Loading Position4- PD+ PL4
P2 P1 Loading Position5- PD+ PL5
Bridge Models Designed by [Allowable Stress Design Method]
95% of Allowable Stress in All Cables under S.F=2.5 and Check
Serviceability Criteria
[Verification by Strength Stress Design]
Where k is live load factor and taken as follows:
K1=1.7 , K2=1.8 , K3=1.9 , K4=2.0
k5=2.1 , K6=2.2 , k7=2.3 , k8=2.4 , k9=2.5
Under S.F=2.4,2.3,2.2,2.1,2.0

[Verification by Fatigue Stress Design]