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Country Updates
Updated FO Reach
FO level 2016 2017 Increase Remarks

National 0 0 0 LFN started in

Federation 2014 already

Sub-national level 0 0 0

Individual level 23 3 10 16 FOs in 2015

Total provinces 10 11 1 Sayaburi

where FO operates province

Total provinces in 18 11 1
the country
Key Activities for Component 1
(January June 2017)

Directory of farmer experts of the Lao Farmer Network

Supporting visits to new members in Vientiane and
Hoaphan provinces
Provincial consultation workshop for farmer network
in Xiengkhouang province
Strategic planning and partner workshop for a FO
Study visit for a FO member on agro-tourism
Key Activities for Component 1
(January June 2017)

Visit to new members

Key Activities for Component 1
(January June 2017)
Director of farmer expert
Key Activities for Component 1
(January June 2017)

Consultation workshop on FO networking

Key Activities for Component 1
(January June 2017)

Study visit on agro-tourism for a member in Oudomxay

Key Activities for Component 1
(January June 2017)

Strategic planning workshop for a member in Xiengkhouang

Key Activities for Component 2
(January June 2017)

A study on youth in agriculture

Participate national technical working group meetings
National policy dialogue on agricultural cooperatives
Participate regional dialogue such as the ASEAN
community forum in Singapore; North-South
Exchange visit on cooperatives in Belgium and France
Key Activities for Component 2
(January June 2017)

Study on youth in agriculture

Key Activities for Component 2
(January June 2017)

Cooperative workshop
Key Activities for Component 3
(January June 2017)
FO focus capacity building: Sustainable agriculture training;
training on bio-pesticides to FO members.
Study of bitter bamboo value chain for a member in Oudomxay
Support members to improve value chains such as support Ban
Jeng group to package and market rice; support Thongmang
group to market vegetable directly to consumers (farmer
Participatory Action Research (PAR) on rice growing technique
and on integrated fish pond.
LFN vegetable network meeting
GAFSP FO mission to Laos
Key Activities for Component 3
(January June 2017)

Farmer basket
Actions/Activities related to Selected
Priority Commodities
Priority Key Activities Output
-Improve processing and -Brown and black
Rice packaging rice
-Improve marketing -Direct sell to
consumer network

Vegetable -Vegetable network meeting -2 organic vegetable

-Quality control/production youth group
capacity improvement -Farmer basket
-Marketing (farmer basket) system in place
Coffee Establish coffee learning center at
Jice coffee cooperative
Status of FO re-structuring for
economic services
FO type of 2016 201 Increase Remarks
organization 7 /decreas
Farmers 0 0 0

Farmers 0 2 0 Not yet, but target rice and

Cooperative vegetable group

Commodity 0 0 0 Ongoing structuring

Cluster/production vegetable network of LFN
Group and provincial network in XK
Update on Community Seed Bank

Number of Farmers trained in Seed banking: ___

Number of Seed Club or Seedbank groups established or strengthened:__
Type of seeds available in the seed bank

Type of Seed Number of variety

Update on Women and Youth

Total number of FOs with mechanism (committee/cluster) on

women and youth
- Women = 0
- Youth = 5 groups (vegetable, tumeric, mulberry/silk and fish pond)
Total number reached (attended trainings, meetings, etc):
- Women= 236
- Youth = 147
Innovative Strategies on
improving Economic Services

Participatory Action Research

Youth producer group
Direct marketing (in coherent with
production and processing capacity)
Responses/Actions on MTR
MTR Actions taken Result

Engage more with Initial meeting with GAFSP Better awareness

investment projects Regular meeting with IFAD about LFN in IFAD
country program country programs
M&E Month SAGGD- Google Able to have youth
spread sheet/regular update and women data
of data with youth and
women data
Youth and women 5 initiatives on youth on Ongoing
production, processing,
marketing and action
Thank you for your attention