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Microsoft Confidential
Exchange 2010 SP2 Hybrid Mode & Office 365
Kamal Abburi
Premier Field Engineer - Microsoft Services

Microsoft Confidential
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Hybrid Deployment
Terminology and Components
Requirements and Configuration

4 Microsoft Confidential
Understand Hybrid deployments and scenarios
Understand the planning involved
Understand the steps involved for successful

5 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Deployment

6 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Deployment Features
Secure mail routing between on-premises and Exchange Online
Mail routing with a shared domain namespace.
A unified global address list, also called a shared address book.
Free/busy and calendar sharing between on-premises and Exchange
Online organizations.
Centralized control of outbound mail flow
A single Outlook Web App URL for both the on-premises and
Exchange Online organizations.
Move existing on-premises mailboxes to the Exchange Online
Centralized mailbox management using the on-premises Exchange
Management Console
Message tracking, MailTips, and multi-mailbox search between on-
premises and Exchange Online organizations.
Cloud-based message archiving for on-premises Exchange mailboxes

7 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Scenarios - Migration to Office 365
Pilot Office 365
Large Migrations
Migrate users to the cloud at your own pace
Minimal or no disruption in Service

8 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Scenarios Coexist with Office 365
Maintain a hybrid Exchange environment indefinitely
Organizational Requirements
Public Folders
Legacy, email-enabled line-of-business applications
Easy Off Boarding
Mergers and acquisitions

Mailbox Archive Mailbox Mailbox

9 Microsoft Confidential
Things to Consider
Highly Configurable - Not Customizable
Networks Datacenter Locations
Regulatory and Compliance requirements
Deployment and Maintenance
Workloads not available in Exchange Online
Outlook 2003
Public Folders
Address Lists
Multiple Forests
10 Microsoft Confidential
How do I Decide
Exchange Deployment Options Whitepaper
Office 365 for Enterprise Service Descriptions
Office 365 Advisor
Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool
Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Guide for Enterprises

11 Microsoft Confidential
Decision Made.. Where do I Start
Exchange Server Deployment Assistant
On-Premises Only
Upgrade from Exchange Server 2003
Upgrade from Exchange 2007
Upgrade from mixed Exchange 2003 and Exchange Server 2007
New installation of Exchange 2010
Hybrid Deployment (On-Premises + Cloud)
Exchange 2003
Exchange 2007
Exchange 2010
Cloud Only

12 Microsoft Confidential

13 Microsoft Confidential
Sample Deployment

14 Microsoft Confidential
Office 365
Hybrid server(s) - On Premises
Active Directory synchronization
Microsoft Federation Gateway
Hybrid Configuration Wizard

15 Microsoft Confidential
Office 365 and Hybrid server(s) - On Premises
Office 365 for enterprises
Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 or later
SP2 for the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
Mailbox, Client Access, and Hub Transport server roles
Windows Server 2003 forest functional mode or higher

16 Microsoft Confidential
Sample Deployment

17 Microsoft Confidential
Enables access with a single user name and password
On Premises Policy and Control
Single Active Directory forest
Active Directory Federation Services 2.0
Requires unique third-party SSL certificate
establish a relying party trust relationship

18 Microsoft Confidential
Sample Deployment

19 Microsoft Confidential
Active Directory synchronization
Provides Unified GAL
Directory Synchronization tool (32-bit and 64-bit)
Cannot be a domain controller
Uses SQL Server 2008 Express
All Users, mail-enabled contacts and groups
Two-way synchronization (write-back)

KB 2256198

SafeSendersHash, BlockedSendersHash, SafeReceipientsHash,

msExchArchiveStatus, ProxyAddresses, msExchUCVoiceMailSettings,

20 Microsoft Confidential
Sample Deployment

21 Microsoft Confidential
Microsoft Federation Gateway
Identity service that runs over the Internet
Uses SSL certificates and proof of domain ownership
Establish trust relationships with multiple partners
O365 Tenant automatically creates Federation Trust

Org Relationship

22 Microsoft Confidential
Sample Deployment

23 Microsoft Confidential
Mail Flow
Shared SMTP Namespaces
Secured and Authenticated Mail Flow
Channel Privacy
Receiver Authentication with Domain Validation
Sender Authentication
Each organization treats the other one as an internal

24 Microsoft Confidential
Things to Consider
Single AD Forest and Domain
20,000 Objects limit
Contact support to increase
Federated domain should be public (.local ?)
Set up single sign-on before AD synchronization.
High Availability
Network Security
Inbound; 25 TCP and 443 TCP
Outbound; 25 TCP, 80 TCP and 443 TCP

25 Microsoft Confidential
Things to Consider
Outlook 2010 for best experience
Outlook 2007
Unified Messaging
Mobile Devices
Partnership should be disabled and re-enabled
Public Folders
All Management from On Premises
No transfer of permissions
DNS Records
Autodiscover, spf

26 Microsoft Confidential
Things to Consider - Certificates
Active Directory Federation Services
Security token services(sts.contoso.com)
Exchange federation
Self Signed can be used
Exchange services
Outlook Anywhere
FQDN of your Exchange 2010 hybrid server

27 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Configuration Wizard
Guides End-to-End process for Hybrid Deployment
Replaces approximately 50 manual steps
Validate Permissions
Verify Prerequisites and Topology
Creates the HybridConfiguration object in Active Directory
Makes the configuration changes to create and enable the
hybrid deployment

28 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Configuration Engine

29 Microsoft Confidential
Hybrid Configuration
Coexistence domain
Adds as accepted domain <domain>.mail.onmicrosoft.com
Adds as secondary proxy domain to any e-mail address policies
Exchange federation
Check for an existing federation trust
Use Existing or Create a federation trust
Create and Configure organizational relationships
Enable free/busy sharing, Outlook Web App redirection, message
tracking, and MailTips
Mailbox Moves
Enable the Mailbox Replication Service (MRS) proxy
Mail flow
Configure On Premises Servers and FOPE for Mail Routing

30 Microsoft Confidential
New Hybrid Configuration

31 Microsoft Confidential

32 Microsoft Confidential

33 Microsoft Confidential

34 Microsoft Confidential
Take Away
Run ExDeploy
Sign Up for 0365
Register your Domains with 0365
Run Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Readiness Tool
Deploy Single Sign On
Deploy Directory Synchronization
Install Exchange 2010 SP2
Configure External Access , DNS records, Certificates
Dependencies are Key
Run Hybrid Wizard

35 Microsoft Confidential