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N A M E : G E O R G E S I M B A A P.
T E A C H E R : C ES A R H . C A C UA N G O
L E V E L : F O U RT H
D AT E : T H U R S D AY 2 3 T H , F E B R U A RY, 2 0 1 7

The studio tour was one of the best experiences I had in my life, what I liked
most about the tour was having met many wonderful places, I can say that the 5
days were excellent, we did many activities, such as extreme sports, visits To
museums, visits to communities, and one of the things that I loved was knowing
the Chimborazo up close, walking and seeing that nature that I had never seen,
was very tired but in the end we succeeded and that was a huge satisfaction, to
visit all these Places in company of my classmates and with the supervision of
teacher was very beautiful, certainly an experience that is worth repeating
On the first day we visited the "Hacienda
Cienega" in that place we had breakfast and
then we went on a tour of the hacienda,
where we were able to observe old objects
and the guide of the place told us the stories
of the hacienda.

The walk was a very pleasant experience, in this

place we were able to observe wonderful
landscapes, the hike lasted approximately 4 hours,
we had a guide that indicated us where to go and
also explained everything we saw, we continued to
advance but the path was much More difficult, was
very tired but seeing the end was a very satisfying
The House of the Tree located in Baos that became
famous thanks to its swing that at first was built by the
owner of the land for the distraction of their children
and grandchildren but once in 2014 a photo was viralized
in which a foreign tourist While swinging the Tungurahua
This swing that seems to go to heaven was a great
experience. It is worth leaving the vertigo to one side
and swinging to see the beautiful landscape that
provides the excellent location of the Tree House.
On the fourth day we were lucky to see the majestic
Taita Chimborazo, his arrival was the most awaited of
this Study Tour, there is no doubt that in its beginning
we touched the registry, after that its climbing; Our
first objective the refuge Carrel to 4850 msnm. In order
to go to the grand finale, the second Whymper refuge
at 5000 meters above sea level with excellent climbing,
we did not miss the air and the desire to crown this
Andean Cyclops.
We are a group of students with the mission to understand the tourism that is developed
in our country. So, this time we set foot to the front to carry forward the most
representative sectors in the provinces Central - Sierra of Ecuador.
Within this tour we were able to discover new flavors, smells, textures and experiences,
which made us learn that Ecuador is not only conformed by what we see every day, but
you can always be surprised a little more