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Raili Pietil and Reima Pietil

1. Finnish Embassy New Delhi

The Embassys design ideas focus on
the roof shapes which create a
sculptural site layout seen from the air.
The architects thought back to the
shapes of Lake Kitkajrvi in Northern
Finland, where the ice age combed the
rock into parallel furrows and hills,
glaciers created lakes, serpentine
peninsulas and islands. The irregularly
cut roof eaves resemble the snow
sculptures that are formed in the
winter ice around the Gulf of Finland.

The white folded roof resembles the

Indian Himalyas too. This forms a
strong link between the two countries,
by revealing their similarities, although
in a geographical form.

Section explaining the form of the roof

and its resemblance to the mountains
Raili Pietil and Reima Pietil
2. Kaleva Church
the floor plan of the church
resembles a fish, it gives you an
impression that the architects have
used this symbol of the early
Christians for their design.
The floor is covered with beige
colored clinker bricks and it slants
half a meter down to the altar,
which ensures an unhindered
view to the altar from all parts of
the church.

there is a cross shaped bell tower with

three bells in it, otherwise there are no
crosses on the exterior.
most impressive space experience
with the height of 30 meters: the
high, narrow windows and the light
colour emphasize the feeling of
space, freedom and heavenly
The rafters are four meters wide, the
longest is 35 meters.

Personal Observation
The convexing walls from inside feels
as if there is something bursting out Fish is a staple diet of finnish
from the interior towards outside people so maybe that was one
breaking the boundaries to let light in. more reason for choosing this
Charles Correa
1. British Council