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Geography Quiz.

Are you
able to name the
geographical features
(natural and unnatural) of
the earth? A series of
questions will be
presented. In most
cases, the question will
appear followed several
seconds later by some
multiple choice answers.
Try to answer before the
multiple choices appear.
Several seconds later, the
answer will be shown. Sit
back, enjoy, find out how
much you know about
our world and learn.
1. What is longest river
on earth?
a. Congo
b. Nile
c. Mississippi/Missouri
d. Amazon
e. Yangtze
Nile, Africa 6,825 km
Amazon, South America 6,437 km
Chang Jiang (Yangtze), Asia 6,380 km
Mississippi/Missouri, North America 5,971 km
Yenisey-Angara, Asia 5,536 km
Huang (Yellow), Asia 5,464 km
Ob-Irtysh, Asia 5,410 km
Amur, Asia 4,416 km
Lena, Asia 4,400 km
Congo, Africa 4,370 km
Mackenzie-Peace, North America 4,241 km
Mekong, Asia 4,184 km
Niger, Africa 4,171 km
2. By volume of discharge, which is the worlds largest river?

a. Congo
b. Nile
c. Mississippi/Missouri
d. Amazon
e. Yangtze

# River m3/sec
1 Amazon 209,000
2 Congo 41,200
3 Ganges 38,129
6 Yangtze 30,166
13 Ms/Mo 16,792
54 Nile 2,830
3. Name the countries with yellow rectangles.
a. =
b. =
c. =
d. =
a. Iran
b. d.
b. Iraq

c. Syria

d. Afghanistan
4. Locate Ukraine and Germany (give #s) on the map.

Ukraine = 41, Germany = 16

5. Give the numbers for Nigeria
and Kenya.
6. Give the numbers for
Peru, Argentina and
16, 19 and 2
7. Give the numbers of
Pakistan and South Korea.
23 and 4
9. What is the worlds largest continent?

a. Africa
b. North America
c. Asia
d. Antarctica
e. None of the above
10. Can you name the geological feature(s) f. The boundary
that separate(s) Europe from Asia? follows the
watershed of the
Ural Mountains in
the North from the
Arctic Ocean to the
source of the Ural
River, then follows
that river to the
Caspian Sea. The
border then follows
the watershed of
the Caucasus
Mountains from the
Caspian Sea to the
Black Sea. In the
south, the
boundary ends in
Turkey at the
a. Ural Mts. b. Ural River c. Caspian Sea d. Dardanelles and
Caucasus Mts. e. Dardanelles Bosporus.
f. All of the preceding
11. What is the largest ocean by area on earth?
a. Arctic Pacific 155,557,000 sq km
b. Southern Atlantic 76,762,000 sq km
c. Indian Indian 68,556,000 sq km
d. Atlantic Southern 20,327,000 sq km
e. Pacific Arctic 14,056,000 sq km
12. What is the largest subtropical desert on earth?
a. Mohave
b. Sahara
c. Kalahari
d. Arabian
Sahara, North Africa 3,320,000 sq. miles
Arabian, Middle East 900,000 sq. miles
Kalahari, Southern Africa 360,000 sq. miles
Great Victoria, Australia 250,000 sq. miles
Syrian, Syria, Jordan, Iraq 200,000 sq. miles
Chihuahuan, Mexico, U.S. 175,000 sq. miles
Great Sandy, Australia 150,000 sq. miles
Sonoran, Mexico, U,S, 120,000 sq. miles
Thar, India, Pakistan 77,000 sq. miles
Gibson, Australia 60,000 sq. miles
Simpson, Australia 56,000 sq. miles
Mohave, S,W, USA 25,000 sq. miles
13. What is the highest waterfall on earth?
a. Angel
b. Yosemite
c. Victoria
d. Iguazu
e. Niagara

Waterfall Location Ft. Meters

Angel Venezuela 3,212 979
Tugela South Africa 3,110 947
Utigord Norway 2,625 800
Monge Norway 2,540 774
Cataract Peru 2,532 771
Mutarazi Zimbabwe 2,449 762
Yosemite U.S. (CA) 2,425 739
14. What is the largest volume waterfall not counting
submerged or falls with less than a 25 meter height?

Waterfall Country Flow rate height width

(m3/sec) (m) (m)
Niagara U.S., Can. 2407 51 1203
Iguazu Argentina, 1746 82 2700
Victoria Zimbabwe, 1088 108 1708
Dettifoss Iceland 991 96 850
15. What is the largest by area enclosed inland body of water on Earth?

a. Caspian Sea Caspian Sea, Asia-Europe 371,000 sq km

b. Lake Superior Superior, North America 82,100 sq km
Victoria, Africa 69,500 sq km
c. Lake Michigan Huron, North America 59,600 sq km
d. Lake Baikal Michigan, North America 57,800 sq km
Tanganyika, Africa 32,900 sq km
Lake Baikal in Russia is the
Baikal, Asia 31,500 sq km
deepest at 1642 meters
16. What is the tallest mountain (above sea level) on
earth? Mount Everest 29,035 ft (8,850 m) Nepal/China
a. Qogir (K2) Qogir (K2) 28,250 ft (8,611 m) Pakistan
b. Mt. Everest Kangchenjunga 28,169 ft (8,586 m) Nepal
Lhotse 27,920 ft (8,501 m) Nepal
c. Mt. Whitney Makalu I 27,765 ft (8,462 m) Nepal
d. Mt. McKinley
e. Aconcagua
f. Killimanjaro
17. What is the tallest mountain (above sea level)
in North America? Mountain Location Height
(m) (ft.)
McKinley Alaska 6,194 20,320
a. Mt. Whitney Logan Canada 5,959 19,545
b. Mt. Logan Orizaba Mexico 5,636 18,491
c. Mt. Elbert St. Elias Alaska, 5,489 18,008
d. Mt. McKinley Popocatepetl Mexico 5,426 17,802
18. What is the most populated U.S. city (within city limits)?
1 New York City, NY 8.09 million a. L.A.
6. Phoenix, AZ 1.54 million
2. Los Angeles, CA 3.8 million b. Phil.
7. San Antonio, TX 1.5 million
3. Chicago, IL 3.1 million 8. San Diego, CA 1.4 million
4. Houston, TX 2.78 million c. Chi.
9. Dallas, TX 1.32 million
5. Philadelphia, PA 1.62 million 10. Detroit, MI 1 million d. N.Y.
19. What is the largest populated a. Mexico City d. Bejing
city in the world (within city limits)? b. New York e. Tokyo
c. Shanghai f. Sao Paulo
Rank City Population
1 Shanghai 17.8
2 Istanbul 13.9
3 Karachi 13.0
4 Mumbai 12.5
5 Moscow 12.0
6 Manilla 12.0
7 Sao Paulo 11.8
8 Beijing 11.7 Rank City Population
9 Tiajin 11.1
15 Tokyo 9.0
10 Guangzhou 11.1
16 Mexico City 8.9
11 Delhi 11.0
17 Kinshasa 8.8
12 Seoul 10.4
18 Bangalore 8.4
13 Shenzhen 10.4
19 New York 8.3
14 Jakarta 10.2
20 London 8.3
20. What is the most populated metropolitan area on earth?

a. Tokyo
b. New York
c. Mexico City
d. Sao Paulo
e. Mumbai

12. Beijing, China (17,311,000)

13. Osaka, Japan (17,011,000
14. Mumbai (Bombay), India (16,910,000)
15. Guangzhou, China (16,837,000)
16. Moscow, Russia (15,512,000)
17. Los Angeles, USA (14,900,000)
18. Calcutta, India (14,374,000)
19. Dhaka, Bangladesh(14,000,000)
20. Buenos Aires, Argentina (13,639,000)
21. Istanbul, Turkey (13,576,000)
21. What is the longest canal in the world?

a. Panama
b. Suez
c. Grand
d. Erie

Rank Name Length Country Locks

1 Grand Canal 1,776 Km China 24
2 Qaraqum Canal 1,375 Km Russia
3 Saimaa Canal 814 Km Russia 8
4 Eurasia Canal 700 Km Russia 13
5 Manych Ship Canal 700 km Russia 6
6 Erie canal 584 km USA 36
7 Grand Union Canal 461 Km England 236
8 Nara Canal 364 km Pakistan
9 RhoneRhine Canal 349 km France
10 MarneRhine Canal 313 Km France 154
11 Leeds, Liverpool Canal 204 Km England 91
12 Suez Canal 193.5 Km Egypt 0
13 Gota Canal 190 Km Sweden
(Panama Canal 77 Km Panama 6)
22. What is the tallest
building in the world?

a. Empire State b. Willis

c. Taipei 101 d. Burl Khalifa

Burj Khalifa (Arabic: ,

"Khalifa tower"), known as
Burj Dubai prior to its
inauguration, is a skyscraper
in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates, and is the tallest
man-made structure in the
world, at 829.8 m (2,722 ft).

See next slide for more info!

Worlds tallest 10 buildings but the Kingdom Tower
scheduled for completion in 2018 in Jeddah will be 1000
meters and a mile high tower for 2025 has been discussed.
23. By volume of water contained, what is the worlds
largest dam? Volume (thousands)
Dam Location cu m cu yds Year
Three Gorges China 39,300,000 51,402,459 UC08
a. Hoover
b. Three Gorges Tailings Canada 540,000 706,320 UC
c. Shasta Chapetn Argentina 296,200 387,410 UC
d. Tarbela
Pati Argentina 238,180 274,026 UC
e. Fort Peck
New Cornelia United States 209,500 274,026 1973
Tarbela Pakistan 121,720 159,210 1976
Kambaratinsk Kyrgyzstan 112,200 146,758 UC
Fort Peck Montana 96,049 125,628 1940
Lower Usuma Nigeria 93,000 121,644 1990
Cipasang Indonesia 90,000 117,720 UC
24. Which landmark is
the farthest south?

a. Cape of Good
Hope, Africa
b. Cape Horn, S.A.
c. Southern tip of
d. Southern tip of New
25. What percent of the earths surface is covered by
Only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water.
a. 90%
b. 70%
c. 50%
d. 30%
e. 10%
26. Which statement is true about the magnetic pole.
a. It is true north.
b. It does not move
c. The discrepancy from true north depends on where you are. C.
d. All of the above
e. None of the above
27. What place on earth gets the closest to the moon?
a. Mt. Everest b. Pikes Peak c. Empire State Building top
d. Mt. Chimborazo

Chimborazo is a currently inactive strato-volcano located in the Cordillera

Occidental range of the Andes in Ecuador. Its last known eruption
occurred around 550 AD. Elevation: 20,564' (6,268 m). Although 9,000 ft
shorter than Everest, Chimborazo sticks out from the earth more than
other mountains because the earth is not exactly spherical.
Marianas Trench 35,840 ft. 10,924 m
28. What is the name of the Tongas Trench 35,702 ft 10,082 m
deepest trench in the Kuril- Kamchatka
ocean (below sea level Trench 34,587 ft 10,542 m
Philippine Trench 34,580 ft 10,540 m
more than Everest is Kermadec Trench 32,963 ft 10,047 m
above sea level)? Puerto Rico
a. Tongas b. Marianas Trench 28,373 ft 8,648 m
South Sandwich 28,307 ft 8,428 m
c. Philippine d. Kermadec
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