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Preparatoria No.1

PIA de Ingls II

Nombre: Rigoberto Aldair Sanchez Lara

Matricula: 1851628
Grupo: 254
N.Lista: 31
In this work we will see about the various activities that I did in the 4
stages in which I talk about the people that I admire or for which they
are people that we should follow their example also I did prayers of
was diverse things in each activity of each stage .
My examples to follow are Rome Santos, Hector Bellerin, Cara
Delevigne, Katy Perry which are famous people and very recognized
in the world for which I put them in my stages by their popularity and
because I like.
Stage 1

Is a good Singer and a very good person,
She is beatiful and her songs are very good,
She is friendly and lets her self be loved by
her fans,
She is a very good actress and very older,
has a lot of talent, his genre of music is very
Stage 2

Cristiano Ronaldo
1. Ronaldo helped children with disabilities
2. Ronaldo was very famous
3. Ronaldo was a donor of money to foundations
4. Ronaldo was a good Singer
5. Ronaldo was very charsmatic
6. Ronaldo was very humble
7. Ronaldo was poor
8. Ronaldo was in great games
9. Ronaldo was Friends Marcelo
10.Ronaldo was soccer player
Stage 3

Bruno Mars
Can be a big fan
You cant be rude to your fans
She can be a great Singer
You cant humiliate other people
Can help needy people
Can sing nice
Stage 4

Lana del Rey

1. Lana del rey is going to stay beatiful
2. Lana del rey is going to have a baby girl
3. Lana del rey is going to have a family
4. Lana del rey is going to travel with your family
5. Lana del rey is going to be married
6. Lana del rey is going to take a new lbum
7. Lana del rey is going to cure her illness
8. Lana del rey is going to travel to Mxico
9. Lana del rey is going to have two pets
10.Lana del rey is going to give a concert in Mxico

The 4 stages I saw explain about celebrities so in the future I

hope to become like some of them because they are examples
to follow that help society helping hospitals in these 4 stages I
learned about the was, were and other things that I went
Practicing throughout the semester.