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Provisions for Local Body in Budget 2017/18

Main Objectives

-Providing adequate resources for those ongoing programs and projects

-Accelerating the post-earthquake reconstruction
-Prioritizing two elections to be accomplished in coming fiscal year
Total Budget: Rs. 225.05 billion (17.6% of total budget)
Conditional Grant: Rs. 76.41 billion
Equalization Grant: Rs. 148.63 billion

Provisioned the budget to be transferred to respective local levels by Mid-


Program Transfer to Local Level

1. Agriculture

commercial agriculture production pocket and block development

Agricultural Crop and Production related activities
Agriculture Market Infrastructure Construction Support Program and
Fishery Development Program
Small Irrigation
2. Forest

Programs on Medicinal Plant Development, Tree Improvement, Tree Plantation and

Private Forest Program, Community and Leasehold Forest Development,
soil conservation transferred from Department of Forests and the Department of
Plant Resources to local level.

3. Livestock

livestock development services, i.e. piggery and poultry farming cooperative

livestock market promotion program
livestock health regulation program
Karnali Zone livestock development program

4. Construction and infrastructure

construction and improvement of other urban road projects

Kathmandu valley road improvement projects
sport infrastructure construction programs under the national sports council
5. Education

salary of teachers of Grades 1 t0 10 of basic and secondary level

grant for the operation and management of schools up to secondary level
teaching-aid materials and book corner programs as well as budget related
continuous student learnings,
purchase of books to be provided free of cost for the student up to secondary
student scholarships as well as Dalit scholarship and the scholarship for the
student from Karnali region

6. Health

operational expenses of institution of primary health care providers, health

center, health posts, sub-health posts and Ayurveda pharmacies
salary and allowances of associated staffs
tuberculosis control program and Ayurveda service program
expenses related to maternal-child, nutrition, vaccination, malaria control,
strengthening hospital services, family health program, medicine, vaccine
7. Miscellaneous

development committee for the improvement of deprived, disadvantaged and

dalit classes
activities related to cultural protection and promotion
women development program including women awareness development
drinking water rehabilitation and regulation program
drinking water and quality improvement program