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Tools Used in Food Preparation

Created by: Mr. John Nelson A. Picones

Tools used in Food Preparation
Kitchen tools, utensils and equipment may be
grouped according to their uses, namely:
Measuring, Cutting, Mixing, Preparatory, cooking
and special usage.
Measuring Tools
Measuring Cups

For dry ingredients are

nested cups coming in
various sizes.
Measuring Cups

For liquids are also

standardized measuring
cups designed for liquid
Measuring Spoons

Are used to measure

smaller quantities of
ingredients. They are also
standardized and come in
different sizes.

Is an instrument used to
measure the temperature
of a substance or the food
being cooked.

Is a device used to
measure the cooking
period for a recipe.
Weighing Scale

Is the device used to

measure large quantities
of ingredients.
Cutting Tools
Cutting Boards
Are usually made up of
hard plastic or wood,
where food are placed
ready for chopping, cutting
or slicing. This also
protects the table when
Dough Cutter

Used in cutting dough for

yeast breads.
Egg Slicer

Used to slice boiled egg.

Food Processor

A multitasking device with

different attachments used
in preparing dips and
spreads, pureeing soups
and sauce, shredding
cheese, grinding meat,
cereals, nuts, etc.
Graters Cheese grater may made
up of plastic or stainless,
used in shredding cheese.
Papaya grater the
perforations are bigger. It
is used in grating papaya,
chayote, carrots and other
vegetables for pickling.
Kitchen Knives

One or sharper edges or

pointed blades set in a
A kind of knife used to cut
slices of cooked or smoke
meat, poultry, and fish
Kitchen Knife CHEFS KNIFE
A multi-tasking, all-around
knife in the kitchen.
A large knife that varies in
its shape but usually
resembles a rectangular-
bladed hatchet.
Kitchen Knife PARING KNIFE
A small knife with a plain
edge blade idea for
peeling and other small
intricate work.
Kitchen Knife BONING KNIFE
A knife used to remove
bones from cuts of meat.
Kitchen Shears

Used in trimming off the

fins and tail of a fish. It can
also be used in cutting
long items like sotanghon.
Lastly, it is used to cut
dried fruit, leaves (chives,
parsley), etc.

A sharp-edged tool used

in removing the skin or
outer covering of
vegetables, fruits and root
Pizza Cutter

Used in dividing pizza

before serving.
Mixing tools, utensils and Equipment

A container or vessel for

food mixing. It comes in
many sizes and made up
of plastic, glass,
aluminum, or stainless

An automatic electrical
device used for mixing and
blending especially in
preparing shakes.
Electric Mixer

An equipment used in
mixing ingredients which
may be by beating, stirring
or whipping.
Pastry blender

Is a tool used to cut in

shortening into the flour. It
is made up of wire or steel
attached to a handle.
Rotary Egg beater

Used in beating eggs or

Utility Fork and Spoon

Implements used to mix

small quantity of
ingredients and for other
Wire Whisk

Used for beating eggs,

butter and cream with
Wooden Spoon
A big spoon made up of
wood used in creaming
fats, mixing and stirring