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Ideapoke is a technology driven online platform catering to R&D Heads of Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Based in
Bangalore and the Bay Area in US, Ideapoke harnesses the power of proprietary intelligent search algorithms to search for niche but
viable technologies from a curated global partner eco-system currently comprising of 180,000+ startups/SMEs and research labs of
2700+ universities, which collectively gives rise to a diverse repository of approx. 2.4 Million+ technologies across industries / sectors.

Ideapoke has been helping organizations increase their bottom-line by doing the following:
New Product Innovations / Emerging Technology Adoption
Technology Transfer / Cross Pollination
Process Efficiency / Productivity improvement across Operations, Packaging, R&D, etc.
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Discovery Engine

2.4 Mn+

Power of Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation 2,700+

Data Bank, Automated Listing of Technologies
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Given Ideapoke's technology Ideapoke works with clients A very comprehensive

wise listing of data intelligently from inception till the partner scouting solution that added
and partners associated with is identified to meet clients value to Electrolux. We are
them, it was a case of clear requirementsa vast happy to work together again
benefit to help us enlarge our repository of partners across and Id be happy to
technology resource network, fields globally recommend Ideapoke to
- Nick Huang - Srinath MN
Business Director at Hope, The VP, Innovation and Cold Drink -Manuel Silva
Innovation Platform of Haier. Equipment -Innovation Project Leader,
Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Global Technology Center,
India Electrolux Group
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Technology Scouting Technology Landscape Trigger Generator Enterprise Connect

Trigger Generator brings the latest Your customized Innovation ERP

Directional, defined challenges Offers a comprehensive profiling of
innovations from around the world collaboration suite! Allows
or technology needs that latest/emerging innovations with
on a daily or weekly basis to fuel engagement of company entire
requires partner collaboration to technologies enabling Innovation
business inspiration. ecosystem through a simple UI &
reduce innovation cycle time and teams to take informed business /
powerful analytics.
fulfill innovation strategy. product decisions.

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Innovation Excellence

Automotive Engine
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Tech Ready Automotive Innovations

Metal 3D Printing Telematics, AI, IoT, M2M

Supercapacitor Starter (-60C) GPS Correction Tech; Autonomous

Engine Oil Mist Separator Wielding Water Knives

Autonomous Driverless Vehicles Reduce Fuel; NanoEngine Oil

Remote Teleoperation Platform Super Steering System

Battery Powered Vehicles & Tools Hybrid Engine; Save Fuel-No CO2

Electronification of Hydraulics AND MANY MORE Predictive Maintenance Sensors

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01 Enhanced Engine Performance With Nanofluidic Engine Oil

Military grade technology harnessed for the private sector.

Engine oil enhancer sharply reducing frictional losses and heat within the
engine, allows engine to operate with optimal efficiency.

Dynamometer testing demonstrated an average 7.69% reduction in fuel

consumption; 8.82% average increase in horsepower; and 3.84% average
increase in torque. Tests simulated full load and no load runs.

Additionally, deep reductions in wear metals: 74% decrease in Iron; 75%

decrease in Chromium; 75% decrease in Copper; and 30% decrease in
Other Metals.

Since this enhancer reinforces sheer stability and sharply reduces thermal
degradation while enhancing corrosion inhibitors, oil drain intervals may
be reduced by as much as 50%.

Reduce Fuel Consumption, Oil Changes and Maintenance Costs. Tested on Cummins
QSX15 engine rated at 500 hp

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Innovative Supercapacitors Starter System
Autonomous device to start heavy equipment
at temperatures as cold as 60 C.
Starter device based on supercapacitors is able to start the engines of heavy-wheeled
trucks, tractors, other Caterpillar equipment, and aviation equipment at extremely
low temperatures (up to -60 C).

System containing a hybrid electric energy storage device based on a supercapacitor

module and gasoline generator. In this configuration, the generator recharges the
supercapacitor, which simultaneously produces a very powerful launcher charge.

The main element of the supercapacitorthe electricity storageis the nanocarbon

material that has a uniquely developed surface structure to hold maximum energy.

The starter system device works in a standalone mode, as it doesn't require the
presence of a main power outlet, and at fully-charged conditions, it is able to start a
dump truck 10 times in a row and at temperatures ranging from -40 C to -60 C.

Ideapoke Confidential, 2017 www.ideapoke.com 9

Engine Oil Mist Separator

An opposed-piston, internal combustion engine includes a breather assembly located on the top of the exhaust side
crankcase that has a matrix integrated into the breather casting to separate oil flowing therein from the crankcase air
ventilation flow.

The subject matter relates to an opposed-piston engine where a matrix designed into the body of the engine breather
assembly ensures that oil is kept from being entrained in the crankcase airflow by allowing the oil to collect on the walls of
the matrix and then drain out of holes in the bottom of the breather assembly.

The matrix structure is clearly visible in the isometric cross sectional view of the top of the breather assembly, This matrix
structure interrupts the flow of any crankcase lubricant oil that may enter the breather assembly as it collides with, and is
captured by, the walls of the matrix and then is allowed to vent out holes in the bottom of the breather assembly.

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04 Additive Manufacturing Metal 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing has already transformed the Automotive Industry, with the impact being felt more deeply with
every passing day.

Engine as well as structural components are areas, which this technology has deeply impacted. This is where the benefits of
innovative Additive Manufacturing technology come to the fore: functional components with complex geometries, optimum
light weighting solutions and defined performance properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.

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Nanofluidic Engine Oil LASER Metal 3D Printing Core shell Nano particles to
load Platinum Group Metals
Nano-engineered oils (nanofluids) We are looking for metal 3D printing
containing ultrafine nanoparticles in techniques to develop high density, Catalytic converters typically operate
base fluids have known usefulness in defect free metal alloy components in temperature range of 400-900C
heat transfer performance and energy based on titanium Ti6AI4V and depending on type of fuel. High
consumption reduction nickel-steel alloys.. .... temperature operation over a period
applications. ...... of time leads to gradual
agglomeration of....

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