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All About Britain (Primary 4)

Where is Britain?
Map of Britain
Great Britain is a country made up
of three kingdoms England,
Scotland and Wales.
The capital of England is London.
The capital of Scotland is
The capital of Wales is Cardiff.
What is Britain?


Wales England
The U.K flag

The English flag

The Scottish flag

The Welsh flag

Facts about Britain
*The population of Britain is 58 million.
*The official language is English, but in
Wales and Scotland Celtic languages are
*The term British refers to people, places
and things from England, Scotland and
Wales. Each kingdom also has its own
Facts about Britain

*People from Britain are called British.

*People from England are called English.
*People from Scotland are called Scottish.
*People from Wales are called Welsh.
Britains National Anthem

God save our gracious Queen!

Long live our noble Queen!
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
God save the Queen.
Weather in Britain
Britain has all four seasons (winter, summer,
spring and autumn). It sometimes snows, but
mainly in Scotland. The weather is often
different across the country.
The climate in England is mild , In
the winter, the temperature drops
below freezing point.
It is cold, wet and windy and it
sometimes snows between
December and March.
In the summer, it can be as hot as
32C but mostly the temperature
only reaches 26C.
The best months to travel
in England are May, June,
September and October.
These months generally
have the most pleasant
temperatures and less rain.
July and August are the
warmest months, but they
are also the wettest.
British symbols
Symbols are objects, places or
people that remind us of a
particular thing.
Here are a few symbols that
remind us of Britain.
British symbols

Double-decker bus Taxi

Post box Telephone box

A cup of tea

English rose

Cricket Britains
national sport
Famous Landmarks
Britain is full of famous places.
It is the most
famous Prehistoric
monument in
People began
Building Stonehenge
about 5,000 years

Big Ben is one of the
most famous
landmarks in the
The clock tower is
situated on the banks
Big Ben of the river Thames.
Who lives here?
The Buckingham Pal
ace is the residence of
the royal family. The
600-room palace is su
rrounded by a 40-acr
e garden.

Buckingham Palace
The Tower has been
host to many famou
s executions and im

Tower of London
the British people tend to have a big breakfas
t before they go to work and the meal at midd
ay is not spent with the members of the famil
y but with workmates or schoolmates.
Lunch is normally eaten between 12.30 pm a
nd 1.30pm. Most people finish work at five th
irty. It often takes at least an hour to get hom
e from the school or workplace so people tend
to eat their evening meal or "dinner" betwee
n 6.30pm and 8pm.
On Sundays people don't hav
e to work so they take the op
portunity eat together with th
eir family.
Sunday lunch is usually the b
est meal of the week and man
y of the meals which are cons
idered typically British are ea
ten for Sunday lunch. For ex
ample roast beef and yorkshi
re pudding.
This is a typical British family eating together
on Sunday. After lunch the father will smoke h
is pipe and read the newspaper sitting on his fa
vourite armchair while his wife washes the dis
hes. The children will play traditional English
games such as hopscotch, skipping or doctors
and nurses.
Traditional British Food
The British breakfast is much bigger
than in most other countries.

English Breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, s

ausages, fried bread,
and baked beans.
Children usually eat
What is traditional British
Bangers and mash sausages and mashed
A packed lunch normally
consist of some sandwiches,
a packet of crisps, an apple
and a can of something to
drink, for example, coca-
cola. The contents are kept
in a plastic container and
you take it with you when
you go to school or work.
Afternoon Tea
This is a small
meal, not a drink.
Traditionally it
consists of tea or
coffee served with
sandwiches or pastries.
Tea-time treats
A crumpet is crunchy
on the outside,
spongy on the inside,
with a smooth golden
bottom .
People usually eat
crumpets them with butter.
People eat scones for
afternoon tea .
They usually them eat
with cream and jam.


It is served with
ice cream , custard
or cream.

Jam roly-poly
Traditionally, the f
ish and chips are c
overed with salt a
nd vinegar.

Fish and chips

British Animals
More than 50 per
cent of British
families own a pet.
The largest
mammal is the red
deer. In the wild,
foxes and rabbits
are often seen.
British Animals
Red Deer


Birdwatching is a po
pular pastime in Brit
ain. England is home
to nearly 230 kinds o
f birds and a tempor
ary home to
200 migrating birds.
A common bird in E
ngland is the red rob


Transport in England
Roads and motorways
are Britain's primary
domestic transport
Travel by car, van or
taxi is by far the most
common means of
Cars :
Most people in Britain
travel by car. About 75
% of households have a
t least one car.
Most goods are transported b
y roads in lorries.
Buses and Coaches:
There are single decker and do
uble decker buses. You can see
them in towns and cities. Peopl
e use coaches for travelling lon
ger distances or for going on sc Double-decker bus
hool outings.

Single decker bus Long distance travel
In London, the taxis
Taxis: are black but in the r
est of the country the
y are different colour

Black Cabs are the o

nly taxi you can hail f
rom the street (thoug
h they now come in o
ther colours as well).
With the "for hire" si
gn lit, the driver is ob
liged to stop for you.
Britain's rail network covers 16,659 kilometr
es. The rail network can take you anywhere i
n the country from the major stations in Lon
The Tube
When in London, "the Tube" is a great me
ans of getting around! "The Tube" is the na
me of London's underground system.
British Sports
Sports play a huge
role in British

Football is the
most popular
sport, but the
national sport of
Britain is cricket. cricket
British Sports




Famous People
Victoria Queen

Prince Charles David Beckham Prince

A Typical English House
Most English people live in towns and cities.
More families own their homes than rent
them. The house is joined to an
other house.
There are three rooms do
wnstairs and three rooms
upstairs. We have central
heating which keeps our
house warm. Some house
s have an open fire place.
a semi-detached house
Different types of English houses

A Tower Block of Flats

A row of Cottages
A large Detached House
A small block of flats (apartments)
Daily life for British children
School Life
School usually
starts at nine o'clock
in the morning and
finishes at about three
o'clock in the
Most schools in Britain
require their students
to wear a school
In all classrooms there is an CD Rom computer,
overhead projector, white board and flip chart.
Daily life for British children

What is a typical day in an English

school like ?
Playground Games

The games children love to play in England .

Playing Sport
In England children enjoy playing and
watching sports such as football, cricket,
tennis and netball.
Many children belong to clubs such as Cub
Scouts, Brownies, Boys Brigade, St Johns
Ambulance, Judo, Karate, dance and Youth
Other popular activities are watching
television, playing computer games, cycling
and skateboarding.