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IBM, Wachovia, and PayPal

Grid Computing Makes It Easier and

Rabeena Mali
Radha Sharma
Rajesh Kumar Jha
Ramesh Nath
Rita Karki
1) Applications for grid computing in this case
include medical diagnosis and financial
transaction processing. What other areas do
you think would be financial transaction
processing. What other areas do you think
would be suited to the use of grid computing
and why? Provide several examples from
organizations other than those included in the
Grid Computing
Grid computing is the collection of computer
resources from multiple locations to reach a
common goal.

It is a parallel computing that relies on

complete computers (with onboard CPUs,
storage, power supplies, network interfaces,
etc.) connected to a computer network
(private or public) by a conventional network
interface, such as Ethernet.
Grid Computing
Grid computing combines computers from
multiple administrative domains to reach a
common goal and to solve a single task.

The size of a grid may vary from small to large.

Hence, grid computing is used as middleware to

divide and apportion pieces of a program among
several computers, sometimes up to many
thousands to perform huge projects.
Grid Computing
Grid Computing
Grid Computing is one of the most reliable and
detail application used by organization to get
the accurate results in a very easy way with
consideration to cost of the technology.

Its far cheaper than using mainframes and big

servers and at the same time very easy to access
and maintain.
It is a technology used to harness computing
powers from various sources to achieve a
specific goal.

It is resource sharing to maximize the power

and abilities of virtual activities.

It helps to reduce the time to accomplish any

kind of goal by increasing efficiency.
Educational organizations like colleges and
universities can use grid computing and
support their online teaching program.

Some other areas are: protein folding,

earthquake simulation, weather forecasting,
exploring for alien life forms in outer space,
and school systems that utilize virtual
Weather forecasting agencies can use grid
computing to make the process more reliable
and less time consuming.

It can also be used while making movies. It

facilitates in adding up of different sections
from different sets at the same time, reducing
the cost and increasing the profitability of
2) The joint effort by IBM and the cancer
institute of New Jersey works by
digitalizing medical diagnoses on the
world community grid (WCG).What are the
advantages and disadvantages of relying
on a volunteer based network such as
this? Provide examples of both.
Grid computing is an emerging concept in
Information sharing. Its been very fruitful to
those organizations whose market is huge.

The joint effort by IBM and Cancer Institute of

New Jersey to create a volunteer-based network
for doctors to share best practices, digital
images of cases, and connect with other
experienced professionals is a incredible
collaboration system.
The Tacit knowledge of how to treat and
diagnose disease is greatly enhanced as it
allows them to share knowledge and

Helps each doctor speed up the patients

diagnosis and start treatment within a very
short period of time.

The patient experiences higher value through

increased chance of survival with this
technology and system.

Groupware may be helpful to create and

organize the database of medical files.
Storage Area Network (SAN) may be
appropriate for saving the medical files because
this will provide a central stage for storage and
high-speed access to the database.

There is no need to buy expensive big servers.

Volunteers can donate their free time as per

their convenience, which helps in saving time
and cost.

Need to have very fast interconnection between

computing resources.

Since its a volunteer based network so it may

take long to find a certain fact, since nobody in
particular field is obligated towards it.

Some applications may need to be changed to

take the full advantage of new model.

Need efficient tools for managing change and

keeping configurations in synchronization can
be challenging in large environments.
3) IBM, Wachovia and PayPal are arguably
large organizations. However, several
vendors have started offering computing
power for rent to smaller companies,
using the principles underlying grid
computing. How could a small and
medium companies benefit from these
Having access to supercomputer power without
the cost of owning or maintaining a real super
computer may be a huge opportunity for any
size business company.

This technology enhancement will allow small

to mid size companies to compete with much
larger companies.
Every organization gets benefit as it helps in
minimizing the cost and maximizing the
accuracy of the business.

Small cluster grid can be developed and

maintained in very low cost, which enhances the
profitability of companies along with easy
Improves the client-organization relationship by
providing information to them in double rate.

Decision making process becomes easier and


Increases the chances of substantial growth in

future in everyday basis.
A lot of small finance companies creating
platforms for stock trading.

Each user must have a compatible PC that will

output data to the service for fast processing.

It does not require any higher-level operating

systems to take advantage of the services.
It may seem expensive at first but all size
companies can use it to boost productivity and
gain competitive advantage.

It is much more cost effective for all companies

rather than building, maintaining, and operating
its own supercomputer.

Cutting costs is an excellent way to offer lower

product costs to customers and likely increasing
sales for the growing business!
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