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Collision Center Business Profile, 2017

Let Faith do the Work!
As a 20 year expert automotive painter in the Baltimore, Maryland area, one of the epicenters of the
American automotive industry, Faith Auto Works owner and president, Tim Hassinger, relocated to
New York when he met and married a native Long Islander, making Long Island, New York home.

After experiencing many industry changes over the course of two decades and seeing the rapidly
emerging technologies and manufacturer processes facing the industry, Tim knew there was a need
for increased training, more industry transparency and progressive methodologies.

Faith Auto Works opened shop doors in the winter of 2010 and quickly outgrew its original 1,500
square foot space, renting any available units nearby; soon the company was renting 3,500 additional
square feet and realized it was time to commit to something bigger. In 2015, Faith Auto Works
invested in a 18,000 square foot building purchase, complete gut renovation and major tooling project
and is now proud to occupy a 9,000 square foot, state of the art facility, with an additional 9,000
square feet for further expansion. Faith Auto Works easily and efficiently accommodates 150-200 cars
per month and has grown the business to the success it is today and it continues to grow with each
passing year.

Since the completion of the project, we have proudly partnered with AkzoNobel, LKQ Corp, have
become I-Car gold certified and Assured Performance certified. With their support we are
continuously streamlining the repair process and improving our game. Faith Auto Works is a process
centered environment able to maintain job quality, proven cycle time and customer satisfaction over
high volume.

Tim's many years of experience as an automotive industry employee inspire him to run Faith Auto
Works on transparency, honesty, integrity and quality craftsmanship across the board. These are the
qualities Faith Auto Works believes in and knows are the key to both spiritual and financial success,
customer satisfaction and retention.

Because the insurance industry is highly competitive, we understand your need to balance policy holder retention
and increase product sales while dealing with shrinking budgets. Therefore, referring a shop should never
compromise an insurance companys objective. The repair facility you select should be measured; improving your
overall market position and meeting your corporate claim guidelines.

Faith Auto Works will assist agents, claims representatives and their customers by providing a sophisticated repair
solution that guarantees your claims metrics will be met. Several unique methods are utilized at Faith Auto Works,
most notably however, is how we manage severity costs, resulting in higher levels of cost control. To ensure
compliance, our organization continually measures the following:

Repair severity
% supplemented
# of supplements
Parts as a % of sales (to labor) ratio
Alternative parts %
Repair vs. replace
Estimating compliance
Closed claim compliance
Days late
Cycle time
Repair quality index

Our compliance capability coordinates and

monitors the execution of the entire claim,
including companies that rely on independent
Understanding the value of our customers complete satisfaction, Faith Auto
Works offers the following services to every customer
Free Towing
Free Estimates
24 hour drop off
Free pick up & delivery*
Handicap accessible restrooms
Preferred Partnership relationship with Enterprise Rent a Car
Available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
A clean, comfortable waiting area with refreshments & Wi-Fi
Daily status updates via text message, email or phone call
Free Mini Detail for every delivery & 30 days after delivery
Mobile estimates via our proprietary app downloaded from our web site
6-12 month financing on any repair over $350 through Car Care ONE*
Additional services; details, windshield replacement, PDR & much more

*Some restrictions may apply

We know the frustration and confusion resulting from a collision, so our team is prepared
to provide assistance to your insureds and claimants every step of the way. We ease
their concerns by leading them through the entire process and ensuring they understand
their vehicle will be restored back to factory specifications.

Current Cycle Time Per Repair

07 Days (keys to keys)

85 + Vehicles Repaired Per Month (GOAL 150)

Company Wide CSI Rating 98.70%
$1.95K repair


Over $1M in Annual Sales

Its no accident Faith Auto Works has the most
state-of-the-art facilities in the area.
Faith Auto Works is a 9,000 square foot, state of the
art facility, with an additional 9,000 square feet
available for further expansion. Faith Auto Works
can easily and efficiently accommodate 150-200 cars
per month.

We have proudly partnered with both AkzoNobel and

LKQ Corp and with their support, we are
continuously streamlining the repair process using
the methodologies of a Process Centered
Environment/PCE, workplace organization/5s and
lean implementation.

We are the only area facility to achieve Akzo Nobel

Acoat Selected Partner recognition and are an
active member of AkzoNobel's business
development program for Sikkens brand customers.

The Sikkens Acoat Selected program offers us the

consulting services, management training, financial
benchmarking, coaching and networking we need to
give our business an extra boost , allowing us to
standout from the crowd. This relationship also
offers us first hand knowledge of emerging
technologies and allows us to stay on top of the
rapidly changing trends in the industry.
Assured Performance is a non-profit consumer advocacy
organization created specifically to assist consumers in identifying
Certified collision repair providers that meet OEM requirements to
properly and safely repair the next generation of vehicles using
advanced materials and technology.

As a Certified Collision Care Provider, we pledge to uphold

the following:

Provide consumers with respectful, professional, and courteous service.

Ensure all staff are trained to give customers the best care possible.
Operate as a trusted advisor to ensure that the consumer is provided with the
proper recommendations and knowledge to help protect them from being taken
advantage of during the claims and repair process.
Use the highest quality paint and materials and state-of-the-art techniques to
ensure the proper fit and finish of every vehicle we repair.
Ensure all technical staff have been fully trained to repair the vehicle to it
manufacturers specifications.
Employ systems, policies and practices to ensure consumers, insurers, and any
others are never over charged.
Always deliver what we promise.
Never substitute alternative or inferior parts on a consumers car without their
expressed consent to do so and never where it may affect safety or the
operation of the vehicle.
Work cooperatively with insurers and other 3rd parties to ensure the most
efficient, proper and safe repair and always keep the consumers best interest
above any other agreements.
Maintain the highest integrity, ethics, morals and business practices to
exemplify the best in class service.
As a family owned and operated shop, our success is
largely due to our team atmosphere and our holding
fast to our core values of transparency, honesty,
integrity, quality craftsmanship and outstanding
customer service. Each and every one of our
employees represent that same spirit of our company.
They are dedicated team players who bring energy,
expertise, ideas and pride to their work.

We also pride ourselves on being an I-Car Gold certified

shop in addition to being a Certified Collision Repair
Provider of Nissan, FCA, GM and Hyundai.

Our Platinum I-Car Certified technicians take pride in

their work and by staying on the cutting edge of this
rapidly changing industry and using the latest OEM
manufacturer processes, materials, equipment, and
safety standards, we are able to keep up with industry
demands and ensure quality, safe and outstanding
results every time.
Estimating & Claims Management

Frame & Computerized Frame Dimensions

Frame Machine; Car-O-Liner
Straightening Benches; Maxybull
Clamps for pulling on light trucks; Maxybull
Clamps for pulling on heavy trucks; Car-O-Liner
CCC ONE Estimating; writes fast, accurate
estimates & connects us to a large network of Spanesi Computerized 3-D Measuring System
CCC ONE Touch; write estimates at the
vehicle using a mobile device
CC ONE Repair Workflow; a customized
solution designed to streamline operations
and maximize efficiency.
CCC ONE UpdatePlus; enhances the
customer experience with appointment
reminders, repair status updates and
satisfaction surveys.

Welding, Bonding & Seam Sealing

MIG welders; GYS Neopulse 300-T2 & Miller
Resistant spot welders; Gyspot PTI Evolution PTIS7 & ARO
Aluminum, silicon bronze pulse welder, steel & aluminum
dent pulling system; GYS Speedliner Combi 230 E.Pro
3M panel bonding, undercoating, sealer & adhesives
All OEM & aftermarket parts are mirror matched & pre-fitted
prior to assembly
With 3,000 square feet and bay doors opening at both ends,
our paint departments custom built, drive through, double wide
paint booth & large polishing area allows work flow to move in
a single forward direction, facilitating excellent cycle times.

We use environmentally friendly waterborne Sikkens paint

products, SATAjet spray guns, state of the art mixing
technology & a Blowtherm paint booth.

Refinishing Steps
Digital camera color proofing
Paint color mapping comparison of color
Vehicle is pre-washed prior to prep
Vehicle is prepped / primed at downdraft prep station
Technicians use 3M preparation system
Primer is tinted for vehicle color match
Color is custom mixed to the exact variance using
computerized mixing scale (Sikkens)
Color tested on spray-out card & compared
Paint is applied using SATAjet HVLP spray guns
Clear coat is applied to protect from UV fade
Vehicle is baked in Blowtherm booth at 120
Vehicle is polished & prepped for reassembly
Vehicle is sent for reassembly and delivery
Faith Auto Works embraces todays
emerging technologies and adopts lean business models...

Efficiency is created through repeatable processes

that lead to predictable outcomes. Deviations are
where issues arise. Faith Auto Works aims to eliminate
the variables that hinder productivity and negatively
affect efficiency and quality.

With a dedicated 2,500 square foot, 3 bay Estimating /

Repair Planning area, Faith Auto Works embraces
todays progressive methodologies and adopts lean
business models. Our Repair Plan model uses
Repair Planning and Blueprinting Processes which
result in optimal productive efficiency.

For the customer it means fewer trips to the collision

center, a definitive timeline for accident damage repair,
less inconvenience and a sense of security.

For insurance companies, it reduces their overall

burden; leading to fewer inspections, fewer payments
and much less paperwork to process.

It is here, the Estimator, Body Technician, Painter and

Parts Rep examine the vehicle while fully
disassembled; minimizing parts and labor
supplements, improving cycle time, resulting in both
employee goal achievement and excellent customer
Capture More Repeat Customers:
62% of existing customer shave damage on their vehicles that they would
like fixed but just haven't taken the time to get an estimate. The largest
obstacle is the time it takes to visit the body shop in person. Our unique
mobile app helps remove that obstacle.

Get 4 times more referral business:

The latest studies show that for every happy customer they can have a
referral impact on 4.1 other people around them. The challenge is how to
get them to refer us. With our mobile app it becomes easy and effective.

Expand market share:

Extensive research shows that the average customer will only drive 15
minutes to get an estimate but they will travel up to 35 minutes for a repair.
By harnessing the power of technology we can get customers who are
outside the 15 minute window to commit to a repair appointment and
thereby expand our market reach.

Boost Fleet Business:

The number one complaint of fleet customers is Down Time our mobile
app removes the need for excess shop visits and cuts down on lost

Boost Insurance Referrals:

Insurance companies may suggest 3-4 shops to clients. Studies
show that 74% of customers make their decision based on
convenience. Simplify the estimating process and we become the
customers first choice.

Growing New Customer Base:

Ease of doing business is why 83% of people will go online to check out
repair shops. Supply them with what they are looking for and were
capturing new business.

Professional collision facilities drive policy holder retention and customer loyalty.
Faith Auto Works provides a foolproof method of increasing your companys opportunity
to manage your repair severity, while increasing customer engagement.
The Faith Auto Works Advantage includes the following:
Availability to you and your customers 24-7-365
State-of-the-art technology to monitor performance metrics daily, ensuring that effective repair methods are utilized.
Benchmark level customer service is monitored and measured every month.
Comprehensive monthly and quarterly reporting can be provided to support the data your company values.
Document claim processes and procedures to establish defined responsibilities for program success.
Use of CCC ONE Update Plus to send periodic text and email messages through drop-off to delivery, including
reminders of how well their car is being taken care of.

Entrust your customers to tenured repair professionals who will function as an

extension of your company.
Delivering on these components will:
Reduce administrative claim expenses by using expert claim handling resources on a just-in-time basis.
Control claim severity through tightly managed processes and procedures.
Reduce repair and claim cycle times resulting in faster claim closure and reserve releases.

The ultimate goal of Faith Auto Works is to deliver solutions while improving our repair partners success. Every
business solution Faith Auto Works provides will lead to the development or maintenance of a competitive advantage.

Let Faith do the Work!

853 S. 2nd Street, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Phone: 631-676-6366

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F

By Appointment; after 5pm weekdays, Saturday & Sunday

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