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Reputation Management

What makes a reputation?

reputation includes such things as leadership and

vision, quality of products and services, the
workplace environment, financial results and
corporate citizenship

How to build and protect your corporate reputation" John Schlechter, October 2011, Smart Business News
What breaks a reputation?
Financial Crisis
Technological Crisis
Crisis of Malevolence
Natural Crisis
Crisis of Deception
Workplace Violence
Examples of Financial Crisis

Kingfisher Airlines, Deutsche Bank faced a

recently faced a financial crisis in USA, in
financial crisis. 2009.
Examples of Technological Crisis

Exxon Valdez, oil spill in Union Carbide India Ltd,

Alaska, on March 24,1989. gas leak in Bhopal, on
December 2, 1984.
Example of Malevolence Crisis

The Tylenol (Extra-Strength capsules) murder case in

Chicago, on 29 September, 1982.
Examples of Natural Crisis

The Power Project of The Indian Ocean

Jaiprakash Associates, at earthquake (Tsunami) , in
Nathpa, in Himachal Pradesh 2004.
was devastated by floods.
Example of Crisis of Deception

Dow Cornings silicone- The Satyam scam,

gel controversy in which came into
Michigan, USA. light, in 2009.
Example of Workplace Violence and Rumors

A workplace violence Procter & Gambles Logo

had occurred between controversy in 1985.
the laborers and higher
authority, in Vardhman
Group of Companies.
Example of Successful Crisis Management

The Pepsi Corporation faced a crisis in 1993,

which was successfully managed by the
In 1993, claims of syringes being found in cans of
diet Pepsi were made.

Company urged stores not to remove the product

from shelves while it had the cans and the situation

Pepsi released videos and made public, showing the

production process to demonstrate that such
tampering was impossible within their factories.

Crisis was managed through effective

Repairing a damaged reputation

1) Identify the factors and parties that contributed to

the crisis
2) Develop initiatives that address those root causes
3) Engage with affected stakeholders to rebuild the
reputation of the system as a whole

Building (and Rebuilding) a Reputation" David Butcher, August 2009, ThomasNet News
Communicating Image Restoration

1) Act quickly
2) Take responsibility
3) Leverage all communication channels
Tactics to restore brand
Speaking engagements (Boards of Trade, industry
conferences, universities)
Social media YouTube (Tom Dickson, former CEO,
Blendtec) or Twitter
Articles for traditional media and/or online news sites