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Sustainable Development

Goals (SDGs)

Sections 16 and 17
of the

Local Government Code

(RA 7160)
LGU Performance
Performance monitoring: aimed at sustaining good
governance and improving service delivery
Exacting accountability
Strategic, participative and localized approach

It Contributes to:
- Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
- Sound planning and budgeting (BUB)
- Performance recognition and incentives (SGLG & PCF)
TARGET Assessment Areas
Accountable and
Transparent LGUs
The Sustainable Development Goals
Clean Water, Energy,
and Sanitation for All

Inclusive and
Equitable Education

Good health and


Disaster Resilient

Business and
Investment Promotion

Peaceful, Orderly, and

Just Community
The birth of SDGs in 2015 posed a need to mainstream the
assessment criteria in accordance with the globally accepted SDG Clean and Livable
indicators, therefore TARGET was brought forth. Environment
Accountable and Transparent LGUs

Compliance with Full Disclosure Policy

Posting of financial documents at the barangay/municipal/city hall

No 'Adverse' or 'Disclaimer' audit opinion

Increased local revenue

Clean Water, Energy, and Sanitation for All

Households access to potable water

Households access to sanitary toilet

Households access to electricity

Inclusive and Equitable Education
Children, 6-11 years old, attending elementary school

Children, 12-15 years old, attending secondary school

Good Health and Well-being
Children, aged 0-5, obtained normal weight

Children with full immunization

Maternal care

Decent housing for all

Disaster Resilient Community
Observation of 'Operation Listo'

Households with 'emergency balde'

Installation of signs/directions going to the evacuation center

Business and Investment Promotion

Improved road network

Fast transaction and release of business permit

Increased business establishments

Presence of transport management plan

Peaceful, Orderly, and Just Community

Functional (competent and effective) Lupong Tagapamayapa

Established reporting system on Violence against Women and Children

No obstructions on sidewalks and other public places

Clean and Livable Environment

Barangays access to material recovery facility

Practice of segregation in the barangay hall

Access to sanitary landfill

Presence of waste collection system

Presence of tree parks/open space

Role of Councilors

Baseline Target Intervention Results
Situation Setting
Where are we now?
The LGU Scorecard intends to reveal the current situation of the
community anchored on SDG-influenced and needs-based

It will channel LGU efforts and resources towards interventions

that are anticipated to contribute to the SDGs.
In Municipality A, there are
350 households without
access to potable water.
50 children are
90 children are not
attending school
What can we do?
Considering the capacity and resources that the LGU
possesses, and the area that needs to be prioritized, the
LGU shall identify target or mark to be achieved
annually and every three years.

Indicator Where are What can we What can we

we now? do? (2017) do? (2019)
(No. of beneficiaries) (No. of beneficiaries)

without access to
potable water 350 100 350
Number of
children who are
malnourished 50 30 50
Number of
children who are
not attending
90 20 90
How to do it?

Presents the current

TARGET situation of the LGU
including its capacity to
(SLGR and
strategically resolve it

Guided by the TARGET, the

Policy ELA Mayor and the Sanggunian to

focus on set of interventions to
attain objectives
AIP & Budget relevant plans and
LDIP programs aligned to the
achievement of the Goals
Indicator Where are we now? What can we do?
(2016) (2019) 2019
(No. of beneficiaries)

Households without
access to potable water 350 350 0
Number of children who
are malnourished 50 50 0
Number of children who
are not attending school 90 90 0
350 households 50 children provided 90 out-of-school youth
benefited from the with extra medical and provided with
Patubig Program nourishment program educational assistance
Results Good health and Well-being Inclusive and
Equitable Education
Clean Water, Energy, Accountable and
and Sanitation for All Transparent LGUs

Business and Disaster Resilient

Investment Promotion SDGs Community

Peaceful, Orderly, and Clean and Livable

Just Community Environment
Sample LGU Scorecard
Target Beneficiary
Where Annual Target Our Contributions
Goal are Term-
Focus 2017 2018 2019
we? based
(2028) Target LGU
(2016) BUB
Target Actual Target Actual Target Actual Counterp
(2019) Program

No. of HH Clean 350 350 50 25 100 100 200 225 Level II Level II
without to cover to cover
Energy and
access to Sanitation 2 brgys 1 brgy
water for all
No. of HH
No. of HH
access to
sanitary toilet
LGU Policies LGU Policies
and that will
interventions contribute to
anchored on the realization
the real of SDGs while
needs of the bringing
local benefits to its
community constituency

Sustain the
Practice of
Beyond a
Political Term