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Business Ethics

MPU 3333

Lecturer:Norsaleha Munir
1. Symphony Life Berhad
2. Astro Malaysia Holding Berhad
Symphony Life Berhad
Symphony Life Berhad
Symphony Life berhad started from a humble beginning on the 15th of July 1964 during
which it was named Balton Enterprise . They mainly focused on its own growth which
was in property management. In the 70th they developed their first township in the area
of Klang Valley. This area soon expanded and currently is known as Taman Midah,
Cheras which span of the 350 acre of land. During the same time they also had a few
other projects during that time. The projects included building both Bolton court as well
as the tallest retail building of the time, Campbell Complex. Achieving these feats
enabled the company then called Balton Berhad to be listed in the Malaysian Stock
Market, Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now called Bursa Malaysia).
Symphony Life Berhad
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in annual report year 2014

-Equal opportunities for their employees to develop and realise their true
potential and strengths through their participation in formal and informal
training whether in the form of both internally and externally continuing
education programmes
1. SymLife Safety and Health Committee organised blood donation drive, cardiopulmonary
resuscitation classes and a fire drill and emergency evacuation exercise
2. 8-month long Symphony Life Leadership Development and Awesome Discovery
Programme (SymL.E.A.D.)
Activities organised under the SymL.E.A.D. programme:
1. E.D.G.E. (Equipping Discipline to Grow & Excel) - teambuilding programme
2. M.A.D Project (Making An Awesome Difference)
3. L.O.U.D. (Learning to be Outspoken, Undaunted & Distinguished) - a public speaking

-Graduation ceremony for the children of Sekolah

Pendidikan Khas Pertuturan Kiu, which was offi ciated by
Y.T.M. Raja Dato Seri Azureen Sultan Azlan Shah.

-donation for the disabled and

infirmed occupants of Taman Sinar Harapan and revival of
the PSPKs (Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Sosial and
Pembangunan Komuniti) Young Generation Centre

-Health Carnival at Taman Tasik Prima township in

Puchong in efforts to promote a healthy living lifestyle to
the community

-sponsored RM20,000 to Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer, a

high performance soccer academy for boys from age 7 to
19, to help bring the quality of football to the players and
support the academys community programmes with less
fortunate children
Symphony Life Berhad
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in annual report year 2015

-Strengthening the organisation by organising a total of 27

internal courses comprising both functional training as
well as soft skills training and also sending staff for 25
external trainings

Organised by:
i) Symphony Life Sports and Social Club and
ii) Symphony Life Safety and Health Commitee
-Activities organised:
1. Family Day
2. Health Screening-for employees and the public at Symphony
Lifes Studio Sales Gallery by Symphony Life partnered with the
National Kidney Foundation
3. Blood Donation Campaign-organised in line with the National
Blood Centres mission to raise awareness of the importance

-Activities organised:
1. Hospital Visit
2. Symphony Life Charity Bazaar and Care Packs
3. Care Packs Distribution for the Homeless
4. Donation for School
Symphony Life Berhad

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in annual report year 2016


-Strengthening the organisation continue

-New hire orientation programme


-Activities organised:
1. Family Day
2. Health Screening programme
3. Blood Donation Campaign

-Activities organised:
1. Ramadhan Donation programme
2. Charity Home Visit
3. Care Package and Hospital Donations
Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad
Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding

company. The Company is engaged in the provision of television services,
radio services, film library licensing, television content, creation, aggregation
and distribution, magazine publication and distribution, multimedia interactive
services and home shopping business. The Company's segments include
television, radio and others. The television segment is engaged in providing
television services, including television content, creation, aggregation and
distribution, magazine publication and distribution, and multimedia interactive
services. The radio segment is engaged in providing radio broadcasting
services. The others segment includes the home-shopping business. It offers
over 180 television channels through its direct-to-home satellite television,
Internet Protocol television and over-the-top content platforms, of which
approximately 70 are Astro-branded and over 50 are in high definition.
Astro Malaysia Holdings
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in annual report
A. Encouraging Diversity

The company had

encourage diversity by
taking countless people
under them regardless of
their ethnicity or race. This
is evident by them taking
in countless worker
Example: JIN LIM Aka
B.Competitive Benefits

myChoice@ Astro range from core benefits such as medical coverage, life,
health and personal accident insurance; Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for
utilisation on desired health and wellness, technology and financial planning
needs; Annual Leave and Medical Leave incentives.
This benefit enabled the company to achieve the ranked No.2 Most
Attractive Employer for Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education
in Universum Malaysias Top 100 Ideal Employers 2015.
C.Reinforcing Astros next leadership team

Under our high Potential Programme, our most promising talent are groomed
to eventually join the ranks of our senior management via individualised
training plans,exposure to senior management, and stretch assignments.
This is to ensure the next generation can do better than the current recruit.
Astro Broadcast Traineeship (ABT) is also another program that is invested
by the company yet unlike the first this program spans 5 years to ensure the
graduate is fully trained in their chosen field
Astro Scholarship Award, providing sponsorships of nearly RM20 million
since 2005. In the past year, we awarded eight outstanding students in
various fields of study, both locally and abroad.
Astro Champs Award is also a reward for children whom excel in either
Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M), a Government
initiative through the Economic Planning Unit, aims to
improve the employability of Malaysian graduates.
Astro Internship Programme is intended to give students pursuing
their tertiary education in Malaysia and abroad opportunities to
enhance their career readiness skills through hands-on job
training, classroom-style training programmes and work
D. Investing in Astros talent pipeline

Astro had always been supporting its youth through its Astro
Management Associate Programme (AstroMAP) a 24 month
long youth program designated to train fresh graduate into
becoming working members of the company
Astro Graduate Assimilation Programme.These scholars are
strong contributors and are being nurtured into leadership roles
within the organisation. In 2013, we awarded these
scholarships to seven outstanding students in various fields of
studies, locally and abroad
E.Kampus Astro in In General

It was developed to make educational content accessible to children across

all income levels throughout Malaysia. It consists of an Astro STB, television
set and access to 17 international and local learning channels.
This was mainly focused on schools but now it also given focus to 76
paediatric wards, oncology wards, schools in hospitals and military hospitals.
This way, we offer a learning platform for students who cannot attend school
due to ill health, consequently helping them reduce their gap in learning
during their recovery.
we offer our NJOI service to underprivileged households and charities.
F.Collaboration with schools

Astro Kasih Hostels was to help students in less-accessible parts

of the country attain primary education without grueling, and
occasionally dangerous, daily travel.
Example: SK Magandai in Kota Marudu, Sabah, SK Sg. Paku in
Kapit, Sarawak and SK Malinsau in Ranau, Sabah
Astro Kasih continues to partner with the schools teachers to
create and implement an intensive UPSR revision programme
that tests students mastery through an exclusive tutorial booklet
devised based on Examination syllabus and educational TV
G. Astro Kasih EkoVillage

we introduced the Astro Kasih

EkoVillage programme to engage
students and the community
through educational sessions in
organic agriculture. This is to
encourage a hands on learning
about plants as well as a practical
lesson on agriculture
This project is partly funded by the
Performance Management and
Delivery Unit under the Prime
Ministers Department
(PEMANDU) in collaboration with
the Ministry of Agriculture and Food
H.Projek Bantuan Banjir Astro Kasih

As part of Astros relief efforts, we donated part of the proceeds

from the Maharaja Lawak Mega concert, Strawberi & Karipap
Sesat Kat Paris subscriptions on Astro First, and purchases on
Astro go shop (amounting to almost RM400,000) to the Majlis
Keselamatan Negara to assist with relief efforts
Led by Astro Oasis, we collaborated with the Karangkraf
group to clean, restore and equip mosques which were affected
by the floods in Kelantan. We remain committed to assisting our
communities in their times of need.
I. Jelajah Astro Kasih

It is aimed on spreading festive joy and engaging with the

underprivileged community through sports and community
activities, which have benefited more than 7,000 people on 2014
Jelajah Astro Kasih was organised again to host underprivileged
families, orphanages, the handicapped and the elderly. The
events, which often include edutainment, sports, and feasts as
major elements have involved over 12,000 Malaysians across the
country during the 2015.
J.The Give Back program

Astro Radio, hitz fm announcers engaged with 30 underprivileged

boys and girls from an orphanage over the christmas period. The
announcers played arcade games with the children, treated them
to free hair makeovers and lunch,christmas presents, and a live
performance by Malaysian singer/songwriter John Lidell.
K. The Baju Raya Project

Astro Radio collaborated with Twitterjaya on #BajuRayaProject to

collect and donate used or new Baju Raya via Skuad Era for
selected orphanage homes in Malaysia and Sarawak while Era
FM was involved with a breaking fast initiative at selected
orphanages by taking them to buy food at the Ramadan bazaar
and then eating together at their homes
L.World Visions 30-Hour Famine campaign

It is to raise awareness of hunger and poverty. The

stations provided on-air support and its radio announcers
hosted an event which saw participation from more than
27,500 Malaysians
M.1MCC-Astro Kem Bola

This program is to enable future soccer player to achieve their

dream of playing in an international field. This is because this
program is in collaboration with 10 of the nationally recognise
soccer club. Those selected could be send to the international
The most outstanding young footballers travelled to London in
November 2015 to train with the West Ham United Foundation, an
opportunity of a lifetime for many of these talented youngsters.
N.Kem Badminton Astro

The Kem Badminton Astro programme is organised in

collaboration with the Badminton Association of Malaysia to
identify and train talented children between the ages of 10 and 12
to become Malaysias leading badminton players of the future.
30 outstanding participants were chosen to undergo a two-
week Intensive Advanced Training course at the Li Yongbo
Badminton school in dongguan, one of the national training
centres for the chinese National Badminton team.
O.Beautiful Malaysia

the Beautiful Malaysia programme in 2014 was aimed at

promoting greater awareness among college and school students
on the need to care for the environment.
Through our Beautiful Malaysia initiative, Yayasan Astro Kasih
collaborated with the Sabah State Government to carry out
the Beautiful Malaysia - Astro Kasih EkoBin programme. More
than 1,000 university students participated and assisted in the
installation of 400 special bins in five public parks in and
around Kota Kinabalu, which prompted the State Government to
extend the efforts to all 14 public parks in the city.

In short every company had to do CSR not because its required

by the goverment but because it shows to the community that
they care for the growth. In simple terms it is to give back to the
community to thank them for their contribution
Symphony Life mainly focuses more on general things like money
and aid for the community unlike astro whom focused more on
education than the general overview.