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Where is India?
India is part of the
continent of Asia.
It has a long coastline and
is surrounded by the
Indian Ocean, the Arabian
Sea and the Bay of
Nearby countries are
Pakistan, China, Nepal
and Bangladesh.
What is India like?
India is the seventh largest country in the world and has over 1.18 billion people living there.
The capital city is New Dehli.
Its currency is rupees and paisa.
It is the worlds largest democracy- bigger even than the USA.
It has been divided up into lots
of different states which are
ruled over by different groups
of people- although there is a
central government.
India is a very diverse country, some people are very
rich but others are very poor.

Some of the slums in India One of the Indian palaces

What is it like in the
Although a lot of people
live in the towns and
cities, farming is still
very important.

The people that live in the

country are often poorer
than the ones in the towns
and cities because they
dont make a lot of money
from farming.
How diverse is India?
We can see how India is made up of lots of different
groups of people by looking at its flag. Each colour
has two meanings.

Saffron- represents the Green- represents the Muslim

Hindu population and population and also stands
also stands for courage for faith and fertility
and sacrifice.
White- represents peace and
Blue- symbolises the sky unity and the idea that
and the ocean. Muslims and Hindus can
live in harmony.
Symbols of India
The Tiger is the national animal of India,
it is respected for its strength and grace.
The Peacock is the national bird of
India. It symbolises grace, pride and
beauty. It often appears in Indian
stories and myths.
The national flower is the Lotus, it represents
long life, honour and good fortune. It is also
associated with the Hindu religion, a major
religion in India.
The mango is the national fruit of India,
there are over 100 different varieties that
grow there.
The River Ganges
The river Ganges flows through India and is very important
to Indian culture, belief and everyday life.
The Ganges is very important to Hindus- many Hindus
believe that the Ganges is a sacred river and often they will
have vial of water from the Ganges in their home.
The river is also important to daily life as many people bathe
in it and wash their clothes in its water.