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Presented byÀ
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¦ ½ ½ rst operatonal land lnes were lad by the government

near Calcutta (seat of Brtsh power).
¦ ½ ½ elephone servce ntroduced n Inda.
¦ ½  erger wth the postal system.
¦ ½ erged wth the drector-general
of the ndan telegraph department.
¦ ½
atonal aton of all foregn telecommuncaton
companes to form the Posts, elephone and
elegraph (P), a monopoly
run by the government's nstry of Communcatons
¦ Y  

  pioneered telegraph and
telephone in 
belonged to the Public Works Department.
a|  a | 

½  epartment of elecommuncatons ( )
establshed, an exclusve provder of domestc and
long-dstance servce that would be ts own
regulator (separate from the postal system)
½  Converson of  nto two wholly government-
owned companes: the Vdesh
gam Lmted (VS
L) for
nternatonal telecommuncatons and ahanagar
gam Lmted (
L) for
servce n metropoltan areas.
½ elecom Regulatory Authorty of Inda created.
½ Cellular Servces are launched n Inda,

atonal elecom Polcy s adopted.
2000 o becomes a corporaton, BS
¦ Y  À istoric first cell phone call was made by MobileNet
oint venture between Telstra (Australia) & B.K. Modi group.

V urther lberal aton,

V Increase n the Spectrum.
V Growth of moble technology.
atonal elecom Polcy.

¦ NOTEÀ n1954 57 Three Deputy Superintendents at Bombay, Madras

and Pegu in Burma, nspectors at ndore, Agra, Kanpur and
Banaras and an operating and maintenance staff .

V he elecommuncaton Board conssted of the Secretary
elecommuncatons, who was the Charman wth
ember(nance), ember ( peratons), ember ( evelopment),
ember (Personnel) and ember (echnology).
V ½ :he elecom Commsson was consttuted.
Vhe Commsson has the o Secretary as ts Charman wth
ember (Servces), ember(echnology) and ember (nance)
as ts full tme members.
Vhe Secretary (nance), Secretary (Industres) and Secretary
(Plannng Commsson) are part tme members of the Commsson.

¦ Y August, 1995 À GSM entered 


V6anuary ½ : RAI was formed.

V½ : rst tarff order ssued effectve from ½ .

VSecton ½ of the RAI Act gves adequate powers to RAI to

ssue drectons to servce provders.

VUnder Secton ½ of the Act, the RAI has full adjudcatory

powers to resolve dsputes between servce provders.

¦ Y Mobile revolution began in Kolkata.


mreless telephone



¦ Y  andset costs 40,000 & Call tariff 17 rs/min.

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V Bsnl
V Bhart Artel
V ata ndcom
V Vodafone
V tnl
V Idea
V Loop moble

¦ Y  The mobile tariffs in ndia have also become lowest in the world.

Vÿ    Y


 (known as ÿ , ndia Communications
Corporation Limited) s a publc sector telecommuncaton company n Inda.
VIt s Inda's largest telecommuncaton company wth, 2 market share as
on arch ½, 200 .
L s Inda's oldest and largest Communcaton Servce Provder (CSP).
Currently has a customer base of 0 mllon as of 6une 200 .
VIt has footprnts throughout Inda except for the metropoltan ctes of
umba and
ew elh whch are managed by 
L. As arch ½, 200
L commanded a customer base of ½. mllon relne, . mllon
C A-LL and .2½ mllon GS oble subscrbers.
L has an estmated market value of $ ½00 Bllon.
¦ Y  The first and largest operator BSNL, which is also the 7th
largest telecom company in the world in terms of its number of Subscribers.
ÿa | | 

formerly known as ÿ
   (BVL) s
Inda's largest cellular servce provder wth more than ½½0 mllon
subscrbers as of Sep 200.
mArtel elemeda Servces busness offers broadband & telephone servces
n  ctes and has recently launched a rect-to-Home ( H) servce,
Artel dgtal V.
mhe moble busness provdes moble & fxed wreless servces usng
GS technology across 2 telecom crcles
mGlobally, Bhart Artel s the rd largest n-country moble operator by
subscrber base, behnd Chna oble and Chna Uncom.

¦ Y  Bharti is now the world's third largest, single country

mobile operator and sixth largest integrated telecom operator.
| |

¦ata eleservces Lmted (SL) s a part of the ata Group of companes, an

Indan conglomerate. It operates under the brand name ata Indcom n varous
telecom crcles of Inda.
ov 200 , 6apanese telecom gant
 ocomo pcAked up a 2 per cent
equty stake n ata eleservces for about Rs ½,0 0 crore ($2. bllon) or an
enterprse value of Rs 0,2 crore ($½0. bllon).
In eb 200 , SL announced that t would provde C A moble servces
targeted towards the youth, n assocaton wth the Vrgn Group on a
ranchsee model bass.
he board of drectors for SL ncludes tata sons charman ratan tata, whle
the company s currently headed by ts managng drector, mr. Anl kumar

¦ Y  in 1996, Tata Teleservices was the first to launch CDMA

mobile services in ndia with the Andhra Pradesh circle.

m  , prevously  s a cellular operator n

Inda that covers 2 telecom crcles n Inda . espte the offcal name beng
Vodafone Essar, ts products are smply branded  .
mIt s among the top three GS moble operators of Inda.
n ebruary ½½ 200 Vodafone agreed to acqure the controllng nterest of
  held by L Ka Shng Holdngs n Hutch-Essar for US$½½.½ bllon,
mhe whole company was valued at ½ . bllon. he transacton closed on
ay 200 .
mIn ecember 200, Hutch Essar re-launched the "Hutch" brand natonwde,
consoldatng ts servces under a sngle dentty.
mhe marketng brand was offcally changed to  on 20 Sep 0 .
¦ Y  n 2007, an article by Businessweek magazine reported that ndia's
mobile phone market is the fastest growing in the world, with companies adding
some 6 million new customers a month.

   s an Indan Government-owned
telephone servce provder n the ctes of umba, hane,
ew elh, and

av umba n Inda. he company was a monopoly untl 2000, when the
telecom sector was opened to other servce provders.

L provdes fxed lne telephones, cellular connecton of both GS ²
(Postpad) and   (prepad) and LL (C A) ²   
And    !
 and nternet servces through dalup and SL ²
Broadband nternet 
ÿ .

ma     under the name of "

6adoo" Servces offered nclude Vdeo call, oble V and oble
Broadband wth hgh speed data connectvty up to 2 bt/s speed from ½½th
ecember 200 , gettng Inda on the G map of the world.
¦ Y  The total wireless subscribers (GSM, CDMA & WLL (F))
base is more than 391.76 million now.


 s a wreless telephony company operatng n varous states
n Inda. It ntally started n ½ as a jont venture among the atas, Adtya
Brla Group and A&
VIdea Cellular won the GS Assocaton Award for "Best Bllng and
Customer Care Soluton" for 2 consecutve years.
VKumar mangalam brla s the charman at present tme.
VIntally the Brlas, the atas and A& reless each held one-thrd equty
n the company. But followng A& reless' merger wth Cngular reless
n 200, Cngular decded to sell ts 2. stake n Idea. hs stake was
bought by both the atas and Brlas at ½. each.

¦ Y À A combination of UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth and other

similar technologies is often interpreted as 4G

(ormerly BPL oble) s a moble phone servce provder
n Inda. It offers both prepad and postpad GS cellular phone coverage n
umba crcle
VBPL oble Communcatons, the country¶s oldest moble telecom servce
provder, has changed ts name to Loop oble, followng the expry of ts
brand-use agreement wth the PG
ambar-owned BPL Group.
Vthe company s currently headed by ts CE r. Sandp Basu

¦ Y  ATEL as completed 100% verification of its subscribers

and in the process disconnected three lakh (300,000) subscribers.
mhe total revenue n the telecom servce sector was Rs. , 20 crore n
200-0 as aganst Rs. ½,   crore n 200-200, regsterng a growth of

mhe total nvestment n the telecom servces sector reached Rs. 200,0
crore n 200-0, up from Rs. ½ , ½ crore n the prevous fscal.

mInternet subscrber base has rsen to . mllon n 200- 200. ut of

ths ½. mllon were broadband connectons.ore than a bllon people
use the nternet globally.

¦ Y  in April 2002, the government decided to cut VSNL stake of 53%
to 26% in VSNL and to throw it open for sale to private enterprises. TATA
finally took 25% stake in VSNL.

mhere were . mllon Publc Call ffces n ecember 200

up from 2. mllon n ecember 200.

m he value added servces (VAS) market wthn the moble

ndustry n Inda has the potental to grow from $00 mllon n
200 to a whoppng $½0 bllon by 200.

¦ Y  2007 has been declared as "Year of Broadband" in ndia and

BSNL is in the process of providing 5 million Broadband connectivity by the
end of 2007.

¦ oble no. Portablty

¦ -f
¦ G
¦ ptcal fbers technology
¦ Vas

¦ Y  The overall tele density has increased to 36.98% in March 2009.

¦ Y  n 2005 alone 32 million handsets were sold in ndia.

a ÿ|a 
ë A call s made from customer.
ë he call enters the GSC.
ë he GSC queres the HLR for nformaton about whch
SC serves the S.
ë he call s forwarded to the SC n charge.
ë he SC queres the VLR about whch BSC s currently n
charge of the S.
ë BSC sends a pagng call to all cells to fnd the exact locaton
of the moble.
ë he moble sgnals that t answers.
ë he call s completed.