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A caption is a short explanation or description of a picture located near the
It can be on either side of the picture, above the picture, or below the picture.
The information included in a caption is very detailed and specific, but short
and to the point. A caption doesnt always tell the whole story. A caption
often accompanies a story.
Social function

To inform the basic information of some object.

Why are caption important?
Captions describe what the reader sees in front of him/her.
People look at headlines and pictures to decide what they want to read in the
newspaper. If a picture grasps their attention, they will read the caption. If
the caption is interesting to them, they will read the article.
Captions are another way to tell the news.
Captions add color and make the newspaper more interesting.
Captions can also show emotion.
Kind Of Caption
1. What kind of caption? it is
a. Funny
b. Savage
c. Motivation
d. Friends
e. Education
2. What kind of caption it is?
a. Funny
b. Cute
c. Love
d. Savage
e. Motivation
3. This caption means
a. Dont be different
b. Being unique is special
c. Just be yourself
d. You have to be different
e. Change yourself to be different
4. From this caption, we can conclude
a. Dreams can drive
b. Dreams control you, faith makes you
keep going
c. Drive while dreaming keep faith while
d. You have to dream and believe
e. Everyone have a dream
5. What is the social function of caption?
a. To inform the basic information of some object.
b. To entertain the reader
c. To persuade people
d. To make everyone bored
e. To tell the information
6. what is the meaning of this caption?
a. The true goal of character is intelligence plus education
b. Education can reach the goal if the intelligence plus
character will be succeed
c. Character means nothing
d. Intelligence plus character can disturb education
e. Intelligence plus character no affect the education
7. the caption is. Caption
a. Motivation caption
b. Funny caption
c. Savage caption
d. Love caption
e. Friends caption
8. from the picture, we can conclude that.
a. You have to appreciate the time
b. You have to live your life, whether you
want it or not
c. The time forces you to learn
d. Be grateful of what you have now,
before the time take it all the way
e. You have to learn to forces the time
9. this caption is about
a. Friendship
b. Family
c. Sadness
d. Love
e. Motivation
10. who is the writer of this caption?
a. Chris John
b. Dwayne Johnson
c. John Dewey
d. Joe Jonas
e. Jack Dewey
11. This caption is about
A. Motivational caption
B. Savage caption
C. Friend-ship caption
D. Funny caption
E. Bad caption
12. what can we learn from this caption?
a. well never succeed if we ever fell
b. The stars cant be bright without the
c. Theres always a goodness behind the
difficult time
d. The stars depend on the darkness
e. The stars love the dark
13. this caption is about
a. Friends
b. Life
c. A girl
d. Love
e. Family
14. this caption is. caption
a. Savage
b. Funny
c. Motivation
d. Internet
e. Education
15. purpose of this caption.
a. Keep acting if you know everything
b. Dont act like you know everything
c. Just google who knows everything
d. Your name must google so you know
e. Google is the best teacher
16. The purpose of this Caption..

a) To make you feel sad

b) To make you feel bad
c) To make you fel angry
d) To make you upset
e) Make you getting stronger
17. What kind of this caption..

a) Funny
b) Savage
c) Motivation
d) Love
e) Education
18. The meaning of this Caption..

a) Do the best and you can be

anything what you want
a) Work hard is usless
b) We cant be batman
c) Batman can do anything
d) Batman it just imagination
19. What kind of this caption..

a) Love
b) Savage
c) Education
d) Motivation
e) Friedship
20. What kind of this caption..

a) Savage
b) Funny
c) Love
d) Education
e) Motivation