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Allopatric Speciation

By Landon Antonio, Cais Wang, Alexis Bishop, and

Bryce Bernales
What is Allopatric Speciation?

A species splits off into two parts with each part getting its own

The split is normally caused by geographic change, either from

mountains, islands, bodies of water, or glaciers.

They can meet each other again after several generations and mate.
How does Allopatric Speciation Create
They become subjected to different selective pressures, experience
genetic drift, and accumulate different mutations in the separated
population gene pools.
What is a Real World Example?

Darwins finches are an example of allopatric speciation because they all

come from a common ancestor.

Since they live on different islands, they have evolved different

characteristics to adapt to their environments and eventually became
different species.
Graphic Representation
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