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Literature search

I reviewed the published literature around Inclusion criteria: English language

the initiation and prescribing of anticipatory research studies, policy, audit or service
medications for adults living at home. evaluations.
Keywords searched for:
Exclusion criteria: non-adult focus or
Anticipatory prescribing
purely descriptive papers.
Anticipatory drugs
Anticipatory medication
Just in case
Databases searched:
1. CINHAL Results 35: Relevant (7)
Combined with: 2. AMED Results 8: Relevant (2)
palliative care or end of life 3. BNI Results 5: Relevant (5)
Truncations and Boolean operators were 4. EMBASE Results 259: Relevant (10)
5. MEDLINE Results 91: Relevant (8)

SID 1427814
Search results
14 relevant papers after duplicates key themes:
1. Inconsistent prescribing
5 grey literature sources accessed.
2. The anticipatory prescribing
Reference harvesting: 5 papers. process
End of life care policies for England were 3. Nurses role in initiating prescribing
4. Conversations around initiating
18 Pertinent works are included in the prescribing
literature review.
5. Nurse - General Practitioner (GP)
Limitations of the search include data not relationships
necessarily being published.
6. Barriers to prescribing
The literature review presents the existing
knowledge base around the initiation and
prescribing of anticipatory medications.

SID 1427814
Commentary and Mark
University Marking Criteria, Level 7 (p31 Module Guide) Basic 40%, Satisfactory 50%, Good
60%, Excellent 70%, Outstanding 80%, Exceptional 90%
Marking guidance (p14 Module Guide)
Background literature search methodology 10%
Present and justify:
Search strategy
Search sources
Process by which literature was included or excluded
Limitations to search
Presentation of search finding to inform the back ground literature review- indicating key
Marked here by Leica Claydon 7/10 Excellent section all items included along with
justification / why. Focus of search is included databases are listed with reasons for selecting
them . Words are included and justified including how they are combined together. How
selected literature is included. Lack of publication included as a limitation. 6 key topics/issues
are provided which will be elaborated on in the next section

SID 1427814