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To enable participants

to develop effective
English Communication
& Presentation Skills
How to be effective at

Use of Tenses in English

Vocabulary Building
Revision on Presentation Skills
1. Open posture
2. Smile, eye contact
3. Gesture with arms &
4. Calm and small gestures
5. Walk around
6. Vary Gestures
7. Point and look at screen
8. Proximity with audience
9. Pause, breathe slowly
10. Positive Gestures
What are these?
Simple Present Tense
Present Continuous is used for
Present Perfect Usage
Used for: He has entered the
Action that has just take room.
place She has cleaned the
Action started in the room
past and the result is They have visited the
seen now place last year.
Present Perfect Continuous is used
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Simple Past Tense
I wrote the letter
We wrote the letter
You wrote the letter
You wrote the letter
She/he/It wrote the
They wrote the letter.
Was/Were + V+ ing
Past Continuous Tense
I was writing a letter
We were writing a
You were writing a
You were writing a
She/he/it was writing a
They were writing a
Things to consider before your presentation
Do people become Is a chronic invalid ill
notorious for good acts? much of the time?
Is Beethoven considered Is a pathological
a consummate musician? condition normal and
If a criminal is truly healthy?
incorrigible , is there any If a person commits an
point in attempting unconscionable act of
rehabilitation? cruelty, is there any
Does an inveterate regret, remorse or guilt?
smoker, smoke only Is a glib talker awkward
occasionally? and hesitant in talking?
Is a congenital deformity Is an egregious error very
one that occurs late in bad?
To enable participants How to be effective at
to develop effective presenting?
English Communication
& Presentation Skills Use of Tenses in English

Vocabulary Building