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Training Report

Students full name : Loai AL- Mawed

University : Beirut Arab University

Internship Start Date : 16-June-2016

Internship Finish Date : 17-August-2016

Working hours per week: 20 hours

Company name : DASH Group

Table of contents :

Page 1. Table of contents.

Page 2. Acknowledgment
Page 3Abstract .
Page 4.overall description to the project
Page 6work I have been executing
Page 7 images of basic elements
Page 8equipments used in site.
Page 9 . Raft foundation and wood forms
Page 10 . Steel reinforcement for slab & columns
Page 11 placing &finishing concrete .
Page 12 . Images of post tension elements
Page 14 . Conclusion

Page 1
Acknowledgment :

I am thankful to DASH Construction Building

Company for having give me the opportunity to
undertake my summer training at their SAADDINE
EL ISKANDARANI PROJECT. It was a very good
learning experience for me to have worked at this
site as the project involved many unique
construction practices and challenges.

I would like to convey my heartiest thank for Mr.

Mohammad Dandachli and Mr. Sultan Dandachli
Who heartily welcomed me for the internship.

I would like to thank all the staff at DASH group for

being so helpful during this summer training .

Last but not least , I would like to give my deepest

thanks to all workers .Also for those who dont listed
in the above but support m in different areas .I
would like thank all

Page 2
The internship report is contains 4 sections in which I try
to explain my two month experience in my hosting
company . The content of all sections is broadly explained
and it is constructed from the practical basis of the site
work ended all months.

In the first section , I give overall description to the project

where I did my practice with a lot of details , in addition I
put the address of the project .

In the second section , I explained my overall internship

familiarity in the last successive months , this section is
the main section and I record on it the overall work I have
been executing . It gives a highlight what I have been
In the third section , I put some pictures that took from
the site :images of different elements and tools in the site
and the way of work has done in the site with some note
and tips .
In the final section , I explained my favorite part and main
benefits on the internship class and my future plans.

Page 3
Overall Description to the
This summer I completed 11 weeks internship with DASH
project is about residential building located in Saida
opposite to AL RAWDA Mosque .
This building has got raft foundation and post tension slab
with slab thickness 25 cm .

This building is consist of :

Raft foundation .
Ground floor .
7 typical floors each of one has post tension slab
Roof floor .

Ground floor is consist of :

Shear wall around its perimeter with 17 columns inside the wall
10 columns with different dimensions.
Core wall around elevator stairs zone .
4 shear wall .
Area about :314 m2

Page 4
Typical floors are consists of :
19 columns with different dimensions .
Core wall around elevator- stairs zone
Area about 174 m2
Roof floor consists of :
16 columns with different dimensions .
Core wall around elevator stairs zone .
Area about :130 m2

Page 5
Work I have been executing
The site was the very important task for me because
the internship main objective lies over it and I have
gain many knowledge from the site like
communication skill , handling workers, management
skill etc. within 2 months . I have the ability to see
many works from the project .
The work I have been executing at site :
Inspecting the worked elements and how they work .
Checking the work based on the given check list
The site work is general overlay over the supervisor
part so I have been working as supervisor based on
the given check list that our company give to us.
In general we can say my job basically consists of
being at the project site that the engineer is not on
and being his eyes , I help out with anything that
needs to be done such as :
Calculation amount of concrete needed to deposit next day
Check: number of steel bars in each reinforcement
And some manual labor .

Page 6
Images of Basic Elements

Portland cement Steel reinforcements

Stirrups Wood forms

Plastic bar chairs

Manual steel bar cutter

Page 7
Equipments Used in Site

Excavation works

Transmixer truck

Floating machine Concrete pump

Page 8
Raft foundation

Images for wood forms

Page 9
Steel Reinforcement for slab and

Page 10
Placing and Finishing

Plastic sheet to prevent absorption of Depositing concrete

water from concrete past e

Flooring Vibrator

Curing of concrete
Removing wood forms from
concrete Page 11
Images of Post Tension

Recess former

Casting with recess former



Page 12
Anchor Block
Grout tube


Hydraulic pump

Page 13

My favorite part about working for DASH Group is the

people . everyone is extremely sincere and friendly
and they are always willing to help .sometime I
would sit down for an hour with an employee who is
just trying to teach me and help me learn more .

My future plans are to continue to learn the whole

engineering process from the designing of the pans
to the actual labor that involved inputting the plans
into reality and to be able to design building and
structures for myself someday

Im learning a lot and

enjoying my summer here .

Page 14