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PowerPoint Animation

Jolene Hyppa Martin

Kristen Eklund
Animation Directions
1. Open up presentation in PowerPoint with a
blank slide
2. Insert a picture
3. Insert a sound clip
4. Right click on speaker icon
5. Click on format picture
6. Click on picture tab
7. Look for Image Control and change
brightness to 100% and contrast to 0%
8- Drag the sound icon onto the white background
(it will become invisible)
Animation Directions
9. Go to Custom
Right click on the
graphic OR through
Slide Show on the
menu bar
10. Click on the picture
within the Custom
Animation window,
then press Enter
Animation Directions
11. Select Effects and change to desired
12. Select Sound clip from drop down menu
13. Select Timing tab and change to start on
14. Go to Slide Show
15. Select Set up Show
16. Click on loop continuously until esc and
advance slides manually
Talking Books with
Step One: Creating a Template
1. Blank page in PowerPoint
2. Click on blank side icon in content layout
3. Add a page turning arrow
a. Select Slide Show menu
b. Click on Actions buttons
c. Click on Forward arrow
d. A small cross will appear on slide
e. Position the cross at bottom right of slide and click
the mouse
Step One: Creating a Template
f. Action Settings menu will appear
g. Click on ok
h. Adjust the size and position of arrow if necessary
i. DONT add the speaker button yet!
4. Save the slide as a template
a. Click on File
b. Click on Save as
c. Click on Design Templates
d. Save as Talking book
Step One: Creating a Template

The template you created is now

available from New Presentations
Look either under New from Template or
General Templates
Step Two: Using Template
1. Open PowerPoint
2. Click on File
3. Click on New Presentation
4. Click on Talking Book
a. Create the correct number of blank slides by
highlighting the blank slide and pressing Cont + d
for as many pages as you need
b. Add picture by clicking on Insert menu, click on
Picture, click on From File, click on the picture you
want, and click on OK
Step Two: Using Template
c. Add speech to slide
1. IMPORTANT: Click on Tools, click
on Option, select General tab, click in
the box that says link sounds with file
size greater than, and type 50000 in
this box
2. Failure to do this will cause
problems when playing your talking
book on another computer!
Step Two: Using Template
3. Click on Insert
4. Click on Movies and Sounds
5. Click on Recorded Sound
6. Click on Record button
7. Speak into microphone
8. Click on Stop
9. Click on Name Box and name the file
10. A loud speaker picture will appear on
page, position it and size as desirable
11. When running the show you must click on the
loud speaker to start your sound file