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D7R Series II

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Demonstrated DRF is
0.0497 repairs/100 hrs
at 12,613 hrs.

Predicted DRF is
0.1154 repairs/100 hrs
at 12,613 hrs.

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Brief Specs

Performance test against D85E-12 run in September 2001 to validate the

first field follow unit, gave the following results;

6.7% more hp
16.5% more LCM per cycle
6.8% more LCM per hour

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Quick comparison

JoBurg April 11, 2003

D7R Series II
Performance vs. Komatsu

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Undercarriage options - specs

Standard Arrangement
Standard arrangement
A general purpose undercarriage arrangement
that performs well in many applications with
firm underfoot conditions.

XR Arrangement XR arrangement
More track to the rear positions the tractors
weight forward, which increases traction and
stability for drawbar, skidding, and ripping

LGP Arrangement
LGP arrangement
Specially designed to work in soft and
spongy/swampy conditions. Wide track shoes,
long track frames and a wider gauge increases
track contact area and reduces ground
pressure for improved stability and floatation

JoBurg April 11, 2003


D7R Series II is a versatile machine designed to be used in a

wide variety of applications such as:
Production dozing
Pushing scrapers
Landfill dozing
Finish grading
Trap dozing to wheel loader
Building stockpile
Leveling scraper fills
Leveling truck dumps
Grading slopes

JoBurg April 11, 2003

The D7R Legacy

Comfortable Operators Station

Automatic Shifting

Excellent visibility
Bullet Proof Engine

AMOCS Caterpillar
Finger Tip Control

Differential Steering
Heavy Duty
Ecology Drains
Transportability (dimension & weight)
JoBurg April 11, 2003
D7R Series II New Features

Common OROPS &

More Efficient Torque
EROPS Platform
Converter/Divider Electronic Transmission

240HP 3176C Stage II

Improved U/C Life
Compliant Engine

Improved & Quieter

Operator Station
Improved 2 nd
Flashable EMS III
Pilot Hydraulic
Extended Engine oil Factory Installed
change intervals Product Link 201
JoBurg April 11, 2003
D7R Series II Features

D7R Series II improvements

Improved 2nd gear performance
Separate Circuit AfterCooler (SCAC)
World wide emission regulations compliant
New transmission output transfer gears
Controlled throttle shifting
Load compensated shifting
Larger torque divider with freewheel stator
Pilot hydraulics for blade, ripper and winch
Improved operator comfort (OROPS, EROPS)
Gray cab interior
Flashable EMS III monitoring system
Adjustable parallelogram MS ripper

JoBurg April 11, 2003

D7R Series II Features

D7R Series II improvements (continued)

Lamp gear module with digital tachometer & gear display
Corporate comfort seat
Machine Security System
Standard 10 amps / 12 V power outlet
Optional 20 amps / 12 V power converter
Optional dealer installed product link

JoBurg April 11, 2003


D7R D7R Series II

3306C 3176C Turbocharged
Turbocharged Separate Circuit
Jacket water aftercooled AfterCooled
230 horsepower (171 kW) 240 horsepower (179 kW)
Tier I compliant Tier II/Stage II compliant
Direct Fuel Injection Mechanically actuated,
Electronic Unit Injection
EUI (Direct injection)

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Cat 3176C Engine Features
Engine Torque Curve Improvements
Torque 813 Nm @ Rated
HP (2100 RPM)

Increased torque at all engine speeds.
Torque at high idle is speed limited - quicker response to load
Better Lugging - higher peak torque capability
JoBurg April 11, 2003

High displacement to horsepower ratio (624 cu. In./10.3 L)

Great lugging power
Low internal stress for longer life
Long engine life for lower operating costs

Higher horsepower (240HP, 179 kW) and improved

power/torque curve mapping
Improves 2 nd gear performance
Increased productivity
+9.3% LCM/Hr
+/0 l/Hr Applied technology to
+ 9.3% LCM/liter improve performance
without increasing fuel
JoBurg April 11, 2003
Cat Electronic engines
Electronic engine Control is a mature,
Reliability technology on Cat machines

Robust technology
Fewer Mechanical Components
Elimination of Leak Paths

Cat Electronic Engines since

Cat Builds and Ships Over
350,000 electronic engines/year

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Cat Emissions Engines Benefits

50% Torque Rise (Series I was

Higher injection pressure
More precisely controlled fuel
Increased horsepower
Improved response
Greater tractive force
Cat 3176C and 3196 ATAAC


Cat 3126B ATAAC

JoBurg April 11, 2003


Fuel Efficiency

Existing Model New Model

D6R Series I D6R Series II

Cat 3306 (10.4 L.) Cat C-9 (8.8 L.)

226 g/kW-hr BSFC 206 g/kW-hr BSFC

10% Gain In Efficiency

JoBurg April 11, 2003


Extended Service Intervals

Precise Combustion Control = Cleaner Oil = Longer Change


500 hour Oil Change Intervals

Up to 50% less labor
Less oil required
Less oil to dispose of
More machine uptime

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Cat Emissions Engines Benefits

Lower Emissions
Reduced Smoke
Increased Power
Improved Response
Electronic Throttle Control
Greater Tractive force
More Fuel Efficient
Extended Service Intervals
Easier to Troubleshoot
Requires No Additional Hi-Ambient Cooling package

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Pro 2000 Matrix

JoBurg April 11, 2003

3176C Engine

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Planetary Transmission

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)

Smoother shifting for improved operator comfort and longer
component life
Reduced shifting hesitation for greater operator comfort and
Quicker and smoother directional shifting for improved
operator comfort and longer drive train component life
Easier electronic trouble shooting for quicker repairs.
Load compensated shifting
Controlled throttle shifting

F37 friction material

F37 reduces oil contamination
Extends clutch life

JoBurg April 11, 2003

New Operator's Station
D7R D7R Series II
Sound level 81dbA ( ISO Sound level 79dbA ( ISO
6396 or 95/27/EC) 6396 or 95/27/EC)
Contour Series seat Corporate Comfort seat
Mechanical brake Electronic brake
modulation modulation
Separate platform Common platform
No power outlet Standard 12V/10 Amps
power outlet

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Machine operation

Tiller handle forward-reverse rotational force

reduced by 50%
Reduced tiller handle rotation effort reduces
operator fatigue.
Dual button shifting

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Machine operation

Selectable auto-shift Selectable auto-kickdown

Must be activated by the Will remain active at
operator at engine re- engine re-start.

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Pilot Hydraulics

Pilot hydraulic work tools (blade & ripper) controls.

Reduced lever efforts for improved operator comfort and
Quicker blade response for improved performance.
Hydraulic Lock out, easier to use and improves safety

JoBurg April 11, 2003


New sprocket made of tough steel to

improved wear material
Extends sprocket life in abrasive
Improved wear life material introduced
tests show up to 50% improvement in
wear life, up to 13% improvement in
bushing life.
Average 3-4% operating cost reduction

New sprocket machined after heat treatment

Improved sprocket bolt retention
Improved bolting surfaces and

JoBurg April 11, 2003

7 D6R II New Features

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Adjustable Ripper

D7R D7R Series II

Non adjustable Adjustable
parallelogram ripper parallelogram ripper

JoBurg April 11, 2003


500 hour oil change intervals

Extended oil change intervals reduce maintenance
costs and improves machine availability and
therefore productivity

ATC fuses (Auto type)

Allow easier and faster replacement.
More reliable
Save space on the dashboard for critical

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Machine Security System


MSS is based on coded ignition keys

Different for every machine
Increased safety

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Product Link

D7R Series II
Factory installed Product Link System available


JoBurg April 11, 2003


The D7R Series II is a D7R with:

3176C engine, modified SCAC ADEM II
179 Kw/240 hp with much improved 2nd gear performance
(D8RII Torque divider)
Separate circuit aftercooler (SCAC)
Pilot hydraulic
Flashable EMS III
500 hours oil change interval
The D7R Series II is available in the
following versions:
JoBurg April 11, 2003


JoBurg April 11, 2003

Komatsu D85s


JoBurg April 11, 2003

Blade position

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Tag Link Mounting

Increase blade penetration and pryout

Maintain unabated blade control
with virtually no linkage maintenance
Transmits dozer side loads trough Tag
Link into main frame
Tag Link eliminates diagonal blade bracing
Increases operator visibility
Increases maneuverability of tractor
Maintains excellent machine balance

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Blade mount & side plate
Blade position
Side plate thickness

Tag Link

JoBurg April 11, 2003

Cylinder Lines

XT-3 hoses
Fully protected

Notice lift cylinders angle!

Standard hydraulic hoses

Line and connectors fully

JoBurg April 11, 2003

MS Ripper

Ajustable parallelogram
Heavy duty construction
Two lift and two tilt cylinders

Fixed parallelogram ripper

Light construction
One lift cylinder

JoBurg April 11, 2003

SU Blades

32% larger blade capacity

JoBurg April 11, 2003

U Blade

8.34 m 3

JoBurg April 11, 2003