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Discussion Scope
Key features of the mango market/sector.
Key problem analysis in the mango sector.
Opportunities to increase income of small scale mango farmers.
Analysis to ensure their income sustainability.
Business Model conclusion using 9 Building Blocks
Key Features
There are three grades of mango based on its quality (A,B,C).
Indonesian mango consumption is around 6kg/head/year.
Mostly consumed during October-December (80% supply).
Value of the crop is around US$450M and the retail value is US$1Bn.
Price during Oct-Dec: IDR 2000/kg; June-Sept: IDR 6000/kg (average).
Small farms in Central Java are very profitable during low season, they got
gross income > IDR50.000.000 for a 50 tree farm.
In the other hand, small farm in east Indonesia have a quality issue during
high season and effect to gross income that only around IDR5.000.000
Key Problem

Mango production is Maintain a production Need support during off-

highly seasonal quality during all season. season production
Mango commodity is growth organically (without gov. intervention).
Demand for Mango is always exist in all season.
3-5x gap of pricing from grade A C (quality and season matters).
Mango is a major part of farming system in drier area of eastern.
Probability to implement intensive cultivation technology to the east.
Less education about implement early flowering system properly.
Sustainability Driven by
3E- Establish, empower and effective small farmers joint Coop.
Co-Investment in implementing solution to reduce risk.
Mediation between market players and small farmers.
Improving market efficiency by education and assisting market actors.
Open new market access by distribution channels and value chains.
Transfer knowledge between farmers (west to east).
Keep on mind about quality matters.
Create an ecosystem of auction market for Mango.
Dwitya A.

Private Cultivating Quality

Sustainable Traditional
Maintaining income markets
In time
NGO /Growing production End consumers
Farmers Harvesting transfer Managing risk
Value creators
New market
Cash and Importers
Farmer tools access
Bank/BPR delivery
Agreement/ Modern markets
Investor Lands

Government Technology Coop channels Non fruit demand

Maintaining cost Mango B Value added

Cultivating cost Technology Mango A product
Investment Harvesting cost
Empowerment cost Organic Mango C
Coop Contribution fee Non fruit from tree
"The Farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at
retail, sells everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways"
- John F. Kennedy