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Greenway hotel is a hotel chain of Great Britain , and there are more
than 60 hotels in Britain . Now Greenway hotel has a new small hotel
chain headquarter in Germany . So they want to keep the half of the
new hotel and renamed as Greenway part of the hotel , the others half to
sell . In order to have a better understanding of the multinational
resourcing we analyze the Greenway hotel employees . There are
several strategies may use onto business environment as company
direction to become competitive among industries such
as ( PCNs ) and (HCNs ) and adopt mixed ( PCNs + HCNs ) .

Multinational resources is defined as two or more nations
strengths in terms of manpower, manufacturing products,
raw material and agriculture. It is also called strengths of
two or more nations.
Bach S (2005) Human Resource Management. Oxford: Blackwell.

lack of labor

Employees have left because of the new


Take time to find new employees

Selection of manager who have lack
communication skills

* Different business culture

* Different language
Case study showed that the most of old employees have
departed . 70% due to buy , now Greenway hotel require a lot
of new employees .To make the new hotel can normal

Because of the new hotel is not in home, so they are facing the
new management problem . German and British employees
have different environment . Most of British employees
departed hotel because the different of culture and language
with Germany employees and environment .
Due to the new employees have germen and British this will
lead to the problem of language make it difficult to manage the

The head office of the hotel did not check and make many
quick decisions that have negative effects to the hotel's

1. Greenway hotel should study the staff choose way ,so that we can better development in
host counties lack of understand of German information and business culture due to
Greenway hotel is a British company ,the German problem and business culture is not

2. Greenway hotel should hire a part of the German employees ,because they know a lot
about the domestic market ,so, the hotel will be faster accepted by customers .

3. Greenway hotel should find some employees to do market research before the opening
so as to better understand customers needs and preferences of Germany .

4. Because we choose is mixed way to recruit staff , so the employee communication will
appear problem. British workers are speaking English, but German workers speak German,
so they produce very big problems of communicating. We can use method to solve the
problem . Which is let the staff to learn German , arrange the tutorial ,as soon as possible
so that we can solve the problem of language class exam of the employees.
Along with the deepening of economic globalization and the vigorous development of
tourism industry the multinational hotel group covers more than half of global hotel .
Transnational expansion is the inevitable choice of hotel enterprise to seek greater
development ,global expansion has become the new century hotel enterprise important
tourism economic phenomenon .Traditional research in the field of international
expansion of hotel enterprise based on the basis of economic and management ,and
based on the research of geography foundation is weak. Hotel enterprise traditional
expansion mean that break through the border of a country or region into another country
or region development this is like a strong geographic spatial properties .Hotel
international expansion has became a trend the expansion of the hotel will produce a lot
of problem .So , find the ice can better to solve these problems for hotel development in
host counties bring more profit and business opportunities.
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